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Bye 2011

Last post for 2011! I can't believe I only have this much ----> posts (33 including this one) for 2011. What happened to blogging? I donch have many many time to belog. Sadd, really.

I guess I get busier and it gets harder to start a blog post.

Anyw, have you guys (whoever is reading this) ever watched Epic Meal Time? It's disgusting. It's fattening. It's crap. But sometimes at the same time, looks tempting to eat. But mostly it's just disgusting. And most of it, the main ingredient is Becon or Pork. So .. eh. I watched it because my cousin showed it to me and being a normal guy he is, he gets tempted to eat some of it. BOYS.

How can something so big fit so much in their stomach? And ni bukan satu je video dierang okay!

So nigahiga did a parody of Epic Meal Time haha

Hahah thanks to my little sister, I found nigahiga. His videos are so funny. So if you really need a good laugh, watch his videos!

And after watching nigahiga's version of Epic Meal Time, the real Epic Meal Time is not that scary anymore haha.

OH AND YES, lets give 2012 a big warm welcome shall we? I'm finally 20! Before this I use to think that sucks, but now I can't wait to be a little more older :D

So tolong lah rakan-rakan, jadi lebih bertanggungjawab dan lebih mature. Jangan buat benda-benda bodoh lepas tu kasi lagi alasan-alasan bodoh. Kita kan dah 20 :)
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Mid-Term Break


Yes, I am back blogging at Bukit Jelutong. Yezzuh! So anyways, my family and I just got back from Vietnam. And it was so-so. Not exactly exciting. Nothing fun actually. Unless you just like to shop. But other than that, eh.

I mean, Cu Chi Tunnel was something. I even had a chance to fire a gun which was awesome. Mula mula cm takut sbb the gun recoils so I was afraid if I shoot so hard, the momentum would be so big, the gun would recoil and I would be thrown back. Haha so many calculation was going through my head that time. Tapi bila dah tembak, tknk berhenti. Dude, might as well gimme a machine gun, I can handle it :B haha

But that was it. We went down the tunnel which after that scream thigh cramps because we had to bend down to go through it and when it was too tiring, we just crawled our way out. Also very tiring. Damn Vietnam people are so small and skinny.

And the rest of the trip was shops, shops and more shops. My mum suggested Mekong River but her friend told her not to, and she would explain why when we get back. Which multiplies the creepiness in that never-been-heard story.

The upside of the trip was I found a USD10 Aldo shoe. Bought it because its too cheap. Bought a full DVD set of Scrubs. Which I will bring along with me back to Dungun for the next torturing 13 weeks of not coming home. Anddd, my sister and I got ourselves a traditional Vietnam clothes! Yayy.

I'm still upset I only get two days at home for my holiday. Last Friday I met up with Fahmi ♥ Yayy, dia dtg Shah Alam :D and we went out with Jaa and Farisha :B and for tomorrow I'm still not sure how I'm gonna spend my day while the day after, I'll be on my way back to Dungun because I have class on Saturday AND Sunday. *Screams*

Not getting any assignments done this holiday, fo' sho.
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Hey Life

Its currently 2:55AM and I've just finished my Process Chemistry's tutorial. As usual, bila class tkstart pukul 8 boleh tidur lmbt lmbt and right now I just feel like pouring some things off my mind. But where do I start?

First, my classes are a mess. I am constantly lost in both Chemistry subjects; which is bad. I just took 2 days off from my classes and now, I'm totally lost. Thats 2 days I'm never getting back and making me think twice (or maybe not thinking of it ever would make it better) before I skip any classes.

Two, my Organic Chemistry lecturer keeps cancelling our classes! She canceled 3 weeks of lectures. Seriously. If its English, I don't give any hoots.

Three, I kinda just a little wee bit hate my English classes.

Four, not actually homesick, but I can't wait for next week so that I can hop on the plane and get my ass back in Shah Alam. And yes, it would be pretty hilarious if I did literally 'hop-on the plane'. Will try to do that. Will update on that next week. Haha

Five, whenever I'm at Dungun, I really still do miss my Pilah friends. This place is great, no doubt. Its just that, I would really enjoy it better when they're around ;/ :''/ I would pick up the phone, dial up Nadhrah and Wa and talk to them non-stop. AND DUA DUA CELCOM WHICH IS ANNOYING. Haih, I just really miss you guys :'(

That's about it. For now.
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Why I ♥ My Friends ;)

Yes, this is a bit overdue. But, I took pictures and said "Cepat cepat, nk masuk blog ni!" hahaha who says that anymore? (I do). Whaat? I like keeping memories aloiveee haha Lame.

So yes! The other day, I was not suppose to leave my beloved Dungun (as if), but I had to, cause I couldn't possibly do any work without my Chemistry textbook considering I have both Organic Chemistry and Process Chemistry this sem. Joyful.

So, I went back. Told Fahmi and he kept saying "Oh rindu mama eh?" "Bukann, nk amik buku lah" "Oh, fhm fhm. Rindu baba kan?" hahaha. And I got really lucky! Why? Because Raa decided to cook dinner for us for the second time! YAY!

Have a look at our 2 cooks :

Ann & Raa ;)

I swear Sha wasn't just posing. Nice cooking experience eh Sha?

Foods cooked by our favourite future Chef, Nur Sarah :')

Foods on mah plate

Raa's meatballs was d'bomb. And mashed potatoes. *thumbs up*

I say food and good company is really the best combination of all time. But, too bad, most of our friends couldn't be there. For girls it was just Me, Ann, Raa, Sha and Diey. Boys outnumbered us again as usual, so naming them right now is a challenge. Jaa and Farisha dropped by. Met Danial too!! LAMA GILA TKJUMPA? and they even put Syakir on Skype while us girls are washing the dishes ;)

Yay, looking forward till the next time Raa put on a dinner again for us! :)

p/s: The pictures are not Picasso level, yes. Didn't had a proper camera haha this or nothing mann.
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The Usual.

Yeap, I don't think I can find this kind of actions anywhere near I live haha

Haha, they make buying an iPod / iPad the greatest investment evaaahhh. Haha cool siod. I want that voice changer thingy app!
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Its Been A Long Time

Yesterday, I went out with Jaa. It was not an outing, I guess it was just me, tagging along with her doing her final touch ups for her final project. She's just THAT busy until the only way we could keep up is while she's doing her work. And there's nothing wrong with it, I actually feel glad she still remembers me even when she's busy.

Hehe, I actually promised my sister I would pick her up after class so that we could go to a cafe near our place to use their Wi-Fi haha tp Jaa pulak ajak, so my sister tagged along with us. Somehow, it waaaasss, sleepy. Jaa dragged us to Subang -> Setiawangsa -> Subang and back to KL. hehe my sister and I slept the whole car ride haha

And finally, after a few persuasion, we sat down, had something to eat and we actually talked to Jaa. Haiyaaa, such a busy woman lah you. And yes, I miss her v v much. Rindu lah dia as a whole. Lama tk lepak.

Other than that, I miss Lana. and Danial. and maybe Harisudin, also Syaqeel. Oh, Majid. But mostly Lana.

And if I was gonna type out 'LOL' it would be for this and anything equivalent that would be as funny as this :

P/S : Ann, kau jealous tk aku still tk mention kau?
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Rambang Mata!

As a result of my trip to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale :

I wish I can go there again and buy more too bad its already the last day :'(

All the books (23 of 'em, mine) is at the price RM184. How cheap is that?!?! Buku kecik ke besar, tebal ke nipis, hardcover or paperback, semua RM8. How can you not go crazy? And my dad bought a biography of Michael Jackson, and I don't get why.

So my books + my sister's + my dad's = RM507 and we get like 50+ books. HOOOOMG.

Seriously worth it (Y) and its so good to see theres still a lot of book lovers in Malaysia because I read somewhere Malaysian read on average only 2 books a year! Maybe they should held more of this type of events with cheaper books to increase the number hehe.

Hoho, I'm still excited with the books my dad paid for hehe and now I can't choose which one to read firstt! :B

p/s : They have adooorable stamps like "Big Wolf Approved!" with a paw and "I give this book a 5 tails up!" with 5 wolfs and their tails up. Can't seem to get enough! ♥ ♥ ♥
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After watching a movie with my family, i finally faced my laptop and check on the usual updates. First nmpk status wawa ckp bulan lawa. okay, boleh pass lagi. Bukak Twitter, semuaaa update pasal bulan. So, i just had to go check it out.

Tried looking out my window, but, that didn't work out. Ran downstairs, switched off the alarm and immediately looked at the sky. Astagfirullahalazim. It was not even 5 second when I looked at the sky and i ran back inside to call my sister, i just had to share this with her :)

Called my dad too and he was just as amazed as us. My dad made a few phone calls to tell our uncle an aunty and even forced one of his staff to stop driving and look at the moon haha.

Benda tak selalu jadi, tp ni lah kebesaran Allah. If you can witness this, you're just lucky :)

p/s: i dunno how they manage to get a picture of the moon. Tried loads of time and result : FAILED.
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Don't Go There!

Alhamdulillah, I successfully managed to survive another sem. Starting of the sem was easy (considering I 'ran' away and went to Italy hihi). Middle of the sem was entertaining and end of the sem (YES, FINALS) was horrible. Truly, truly, horrible.

So yes, I'm here to recap about my papers. It alll started with

Code for English for UiTM students. Bel Bel Bel. Yes, thank God, made it out of the hall safe and sound. Kira boleh jawab lagi lah kan :)

Code for Agama for UiTM students. Gelabah gila essay tksempat buat. Our simple conclusion about our ustad is 'Lagi panjang tulis, lagi banyak markah' which was proven when Myea did a full 3 page on one essay (BY HAND) and she got ten over ten. Wherttt. k so time final tu mmg nk tercabut tangan, gelabah pandang kanan kiri tngk essay aku sama panjang tk mcm dierang? haha

Is just Physics. I did well for this sem for Physics. Carry mark pun boleh hidup lagi, belajar bagai nk rak, jumpa lecturer semua, disscussion semua lah. Sumpah tktipu. Sampai tkleh tidur the night before sbb fikir nk paper Physics esok tu. Sampai masuk mimpi haa, over sgt tu. Bangun awal pagi tu, nak belajar sbb nervous sgt lah pasal Physics ni. And I studied sooo hard, I swear I did (boleh lah kot, ada lah ilmu di dada. InsyaAllah tkrepeat kot?) Time tu je lah fikir cmtu kan. Bfre masuk dewan Azmil kept saying "Aku tknk repeat, aku tknk repeat" bila dah hntr je paper, Azmil pusing belakang "Calon repeat (points to himself)" FUUUUU----- the paper was hard as shit. I swear, you've never seen questions like this, mmg sgt susah, satu class frust. Khairin dah "kalau aku tau nk repeat serupa tkpyh belajar smlm, hbskn semua cerita Harry Potter" hahahaha but seriously :| that was the worst set of questions for Physics. Target next sem calon repeat paling ramai lah ye. Idk lah

Chemistry was shocking. Boleh jwb tu mmg boleh jwb tp ada lah soalan yg pelik pelik yg pusing canne pun dpt formula yg sgt ajaib. Okay keluar dewan, hati yg sempurna bincang sikit sikit until Faeez came up to me and said "SOALAN SEBIJIK OCT 2009!" and bila check FUUU------ !@#$%^&*() apa yg krng nmpk kat past year Oct 2009, ha ye lah tu. Tktukar ayat, tktukar susunan, they didn't even bother to change the number figures! It was lucky for those yg buat lah past year tu kan, tp seriously? How can you repeat the same set of questions for finals? Kita buat latihan lps tu expect soalan mcm tu keluar exactly waktu finals. Serupa menghadap benda tu je dr awal sem, buat apa susah belajar benda yg tkkeluar? -_____________-'

It wass, surprisingly answerable. Not really my favourite subject, carry mark pun tah pa ha pe jee. Buat bnyk kali pun bnyk jugak lah soalan. So mmg satu class target nk C je hahaha siod. Tp I was really surprised I could answer that paper. tp kira ada gak aa yg syok sendiri kan, tah main tulis je coding kt paper tu

Maths was our class' favourite subject. Last sem I had the best Physics lecturer ever. This sem it was the best Maths lecturer EVER EVER EVER. Madam Aishah was always helping, her teaching techniques is simple yet very easy to understand. We had 54 quizzes and 3 tests, which was all very helpful. Nothing she did was a waste. So bila dah sedar kan Physics mcm tkda harapan je, we all turned to Maths to help us fix our pointer. Cm setengah subject tu target takat lulus je, Maths boleh kejar A tu. So dengan rasa yakin, masuk dewan, dgn semua formula dlm kepala otak, tinggal nk curah je semua tu, buat lah finals. IT WAS SUPER HARD?!?!?! Ya Allah, serious, bfre this buat Maths boleh gelak gelak jwb mcm tu je, ni cm boleh tarik rambut! Satu class pun dah naik frust, Izwan dah mula membebel bebel apa tah, but semua org, sebulat suara, tkda sorang pun ckp senang. Seriousss!! Punah harapan nk betulkan pointer. Kecewa.

I don't know whats up with this sem, but its so unlucky. Boleh buat, yes I know I can do it, tp masuk finals we were so unlucky, no kid. Jgn ckp tkbelajar, cause I did, so hard. Tau lah tkpandai mana, tp mmg tktipu mmg belajar sgt sgt. Its so stressful. I don't know what to expect for my results, seriously :| Doa doa doa banyak banyak banyak banyak sgt lecturer murah hati kasi markah :(
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Pfftt, pfftt, pfftt, study week? More like "Afiqah-takes-the-whole-week-off-and-play-Plants-Vs-Zombies week" I like the sound of the second one better. + i just bought cattails and they're awesooomeee + these zombies don't have a chance! HAAA

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Doing This Again!

Hi, whats up. Its 16th of September right now (Malaysia time and Selamat Hari Malaysia!!) and I'm currently in my study week right now, which would only means, MY FINALS IS NEXT WEEK, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!?! Feels like I just posted this like a few days ago -__-' Hot damnnn two finals in a year, how much can a person take?

I just finished my Test III Maths like 2 days ago. It was terrifying. Did my sin graph wrong! I saw Aini's graph was a bit different than mine, but why didn't I change it?! Why did it ever crossed my mind that I was right? Dammit Afiqah, you know you can't win with these kids, obviously they're right. Du'uh. Well, that kind of thought costs me *sigh*

See, my finals is next week and I'm still not feeling any pre-examination jitters. Thats like really, really bad. Like today, I just had the whole day off. Mcm dah set dlm kepala dah pun tknk belajar. And I'm really taking it slow for my finals.

Whatever it is, I'm just looking forward to the day I'm back in Bukit Jelutong.

Still, still, I am still gonna work hard for my finals (but thats starts in a few days hehe, maybe after CTU paper hihi), gotta set the mood and stuff. And I'm gonna work my ass off to get the best results I can get. From past experience first sem would be the best sem to get the highest pointer, even if one my lecturers said "Awak tkpyh lah nk target tinggi tinggi sgt first sem ni. Semua org tau engineering ni subject susah susah" wak luuuu. Belajar apa apa pun semua susah lah kakkk, tksemestinya tkpyh target tinggi tinggi, mana nk dpt motivation kalau mcm tu kn.

So, please please please pray for me and wish me the best of luck ;)

And to kill myself even more, here's a lil' something something.

An awesome sneak peak of How I Met Your Mother season 7!! Cool kan dance moves dia?! And the song and the ending "One Two Three *bvvvttt*" haha bunyi mcm Firdaus punya -- OKKAAYYY.

This will be on air on 19th of September, the first day of my finals!!! Guess I have to miss another awesome preview (cursing, cursing and more cursing). Tkpa, so gonna catch up on this not to mention season 3 Glee and Parenthood! My end of sem break is gonna be pretty hehe

Kbye, and again, wish me luck for my finals :)
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On The Bright Side

A New Element added to the Periodic Table...
Name: Girl
Symbol: Gl
Atomic Weight: Don't even dare 2 ask!

Physical Properties: Boils at anytime,can freeze at anytime,melts if handled with love & care,very bitter if Mishandled

Chemical Properties:
Very Reactive, Highly Unstable,
Possess strong affinity 4 Gold,Platinum,Diamond & Other precious Metals

Money reducing agent,
Volatile when left alone.

Mostly found in front of mirror

"Okay okay semua jangan force over area! Ni baru test one Physics!" (Hint : Pressure = Force / Area)

If ever someone gets excited in class, everyone will chimes in "uuu, excited state!" (Hint : Electron energy)

Try being in a class full of smart ass students who dreams of being a chemical engineer. #nerdjokes
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Forget Not


First love in school
One side love
Silent mode mobile
Bus stand commedies
Canteen foods taste
Escape from seminar
Birthday treats for friends
Last minutes preparation for next day exam
Over night study until dome
Exam mark problem
Teacher-family function

My classmate posted this on our class group. Kalau aku 19 pun still rindu sekolah, dia 18 lagi lah kan? I miss everything, of course. From going late to school -> claypots -> waiting for parents tepi tangga kt bwh tu. All I can say is, I'm glad I had my best years in school, don't you? :)
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How I Feel

Sometimes I can't believe it, I'm moving past this feeling

I really can't believe on how much I've clinged to you for such a long time. Closing this chapter, definitely opening a new one :)

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In Reality,

This is true, y'know :/
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Mi Amor!


This is the most amazing shop I've ever stepped into. The most breath taking shop and I love every inch, every corner and everything about that shop!

It has two of my favourite things :

books! (duhhh)


On the floor it has footsteps that leads you directly to the canal behind the shop which is really really awesome. But I wish I took a picture of the canal from inside of the shop :( Was too excited with all the books around me.

OH, and it also had loads and LOADS of old records!!

Tolong lah krng, jgn tipu ckp ni bukan kedai paling cool dlm dunia. IT EVEN HAS A GONDOLA FILLED WITH BOOKS IN IT!!!


The owner is super duper friendly and is even nice enough to let us play with his cats :') macho gilaaa kucing diaaa

Hehe aku dah dpt kucing comel comel ni mana boleh tahan do :B

Tengok, dah kasi gegar pun duk lek je lagi atas kotak tu haa. Haih, I wanna go here again and never leave :(

Okay dah two post about my favourite things in Venice. Tkda dah soalan "knp kau suka sgt Venice tu?" I think I have made myself v v clear Y I LAP VENICE SO MUCH!

omg, I LOVE VENICE x3 !
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(swearing words) x 10000

I'm so mad right now. Keeping myself busy for a month in UiTM literally had me in their cave. In general, I didn't know anything about whats going on outside the gates of UiTM. Especially about the Bersih rally. Tu general stuff. Nak update social life pun payah. The only times I get updated for good is when I have time to log in my Twitter. Tu social life. Nak update my personal interest lagiiii susah. Like this for one :



Gonna blow up every UiTM because I blame them!!

p/s : BTW, gotta love 2:14 - 2:17 haha Fab is so adorable and Julian certainly picked up some new singing expressions (!!!) haih, tolong lah dtg Malaysia!
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Newest Interest

So lately, for my trip to Italy, I picked up a new thing to be amazed about : Murano Glass. It all started in Venice ... (please let there be an imaginary cloud on your head where suddenly you see the images of what I'm trying to describe here)

Venice has got to be the most wonderful place ever. The most beautiful place everrrr. I've only heard about Venice somewhere in our history where Venice is one of the greatest trading places bla bla bla. But never took any interest in it. Now, I'm a whole new person that loves Venice as much as I love tiger and lions and cats and The Strokes and books and rings and bags and watches and (the list goes on)

Okay, so we arrived there, an island without roads, no moving vehicle on ground, just on water (AHHHMAAZZZIINNNGG) and a maze-like town. Noticed a lot of Murano Glass sign everywhere especially on window shops and made jokes with my dad "Ba, Murano dah bankrupt, tk buat kereta dah, jual gelas je!" har-har, humor me, I know its not THAT funny T_T

Then we had pizza. And as we were walking back to our hotel, my mum noticed a shop which, to me, looked like any other shop with the sign Murano Glass on it haha. I entered and said "woww, ni lawa lah ni ma" Quite a few times. and then the owner said to me "I did this all by myself" "(uh huh, I'm sure you did) Oh realllly?" "Yess, would you like to see my workshop?" and took me at the back of his shop.

His workshop was the best part ever.

He has tons of jars of glasses on his shelf. Many types, many colours, many patterns, many whole lot of variety! I even said to him "can I touch everything?" haha and he laughed -.-' DUDE, I'M SERIOUS. haha called my sister to share my joy!

omg, I LOVE VENICE x2 !
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The Greatest!


"tengok ni adilah buat cake utk mak long for Mother's Day"
"hmm, haa siapa yg buat?"
"adilahhh yg buat. tengok ni, harith, nadiah semua wish mummy Happy Mother's Day kat facebook. korang tkda pun buat"
"hah? Ma, buat apa facebook. kterang wish depan depan"
"tak nak, mama nk facebook jugak!"
"uhh, mama bukan friend adik"
"nnt mama add semua, semua kena approve lepas tu wish mama kat facebook"
"ooookay mama"

truthfully, mama dah add pun kat facebook cuma tkapprove je :B hahaha

and i swear, mine better than yours :D

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The Daily Life

It's been a week since i started my holidays and the only schoolmate i've seen is Diey. and that was from afar. she was walking with her friends and i stood still while waving frantically haha. i seriously miss everyone and plus, this should be certified : i actually haven't hung out with any one of my friends for a damn week while i'm at home.

Is that good news or not?

Anyway, I have an ulcer in my mouth and it hurts like hell. it magically appeared a few days ago and its bugging me. I tried putting salt on it, TWICE and it has done nothing to it. and decided to put ice but the ice got stuck to my lips. dammit, sakit lah sial. Can't even smile and when i told this to my mum, the promoter at a shop actually laughed

"Maaaaa, uda tkboleh senyum"
"Ada ulcerrrr"
"Apa kena mengena? Mama suruh uda beli air"

Heh, maybe there's another reason she laughed but still (!!)

Never thought the day would come where I actually post about my ulcer. Heh, amusing.
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Gotta Love This

Jeju Island, South Korea / Corea del Sud

Starry night? What do you think? / Notte stellata? Cosa ne pensate?

Rivers of sand on border between Libya, Egypt and Sudan

Rio Paraná, Argentina

Great Barrier Reef / Grande Barriera Corallina, Australia

Juan de Nova Island, Madagascar

and the last one is seriously my favourite. the sea actually looks like a jellyfish which is you gotta admit, weird but also the most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my life. and i advice you guys to click on his flickr link (of his last picture) and see it full size. MasyaAllah

now i feel like changing my career path, i want to be an Astronaut! I'm serious! :| i mean, this dude has got to be the luckiest person to witness all this creation of Allah. i mean, i look at the pictures and i go (breathless) then if i were to see it with my own eyes?! i will never get tired of it.

I followed @astro_paolo because he was featured in Twitter's video. krng pernah tngk tk the second time twitter changed their login page then ada video kat bwh login box tu? and Paolo was featured. he talked to the camera lps tu dia pegang camera tu and he showed his surrounding, which was outer space which is VERY COOL

so if you guys really need to be reminded of all this wonderful creation by Allah, you should really follow him on twitter! @astro_paolo follow him, FOLLOW HIM!

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Done With This Chapter

I can't believe it's already four months and its the end of my 2nd semester! Okay, its actually Graduation Goggles with me (pls watch HIMYM haha) I mean, can't wait for the end of the sem but in the end, its sad, really.

I hate studying in Kuala Pilah and i can't wait to go to a better campus, i swear. It's so small and nothing good ever happens in there. Nak buat big events pun cm "uhh nk buat mana? Anjung? muat ke?" yes, seriously.

The few things i appreciate throughout my whole 2nd sem is:

1) My Physics lecturer is the.best.Physics.lecturer.EVER. and now thanks to her, my Physics is better than ever
2) Nasi Ayam and Kenyal-kenyal. Nasi Ayam paling sedap dlm dunia and Kenyal-kenyal is actually seafood tofu, sedappp!
3) My friends
4) My best friends and by that i mean Nadhrah, Wa, Widad, Ayu, Faeez and Hafiz

So, there's not much to like about Beting (OR Parit Tinggi) but, i will really really really miss number 4 :''''( literally spent the whole 4 months with them. LITERALLY. Ayu was a rare case because she was in a different class but the other 5? haha we breathe the same air all the time

I'll miss being in the same class as them, putting tables together with them so we can have lunch with all 6 of us together, studying and arguing about Maths solution, betting on test marks to see who gets to treat who for lunch, walking back from class, birthday celebrations, outings, everyythinggg.

Wish Muin would have stayed longer cause then i would appreciate him better? haha but a few months with him was also great cause he was with us the whole time too.

But, yeah, those are the few things I'll miss from my 2 semester at Kuala Pilah and I have to say 2nd sem is definitely better than my first ;) Wish all of us luck and pray for us! :B
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Hop On Plane, C'mon !!

if you guys would notice (maybe you would) or remember (maybe you won't) i tweeted about this event a year ago! i specifically said i was gonna catch a plane to California just because The Strokes was playing one of the headlines and they haven't performed in ages! maybe they did in Lollapalooza, but this was even bigger.

look at the line-up. its one of the best line-up i've ever seen. like seriously?! they have Kings of Leon, Cold War Kids, Flogging Molly (!!), Arcade Fire, Mumford & Sons, The Kills, Erykah Badu, Scissors Sisters, Cage the Elephant, Duran Duran, Ratatat (!!!), Neon Trees, Jack's Mannequin, The Strokes (!!!!!!). and some others i won't bother mentioning because the ones i mentioned is already worth the flight ticket, festival ticket (for all 3 days!) and all other expenses.

i mean, yes, i think its worth the money, but only if i have money to spend hahaha. but seriously, i looked up on this shit like a bad ass. i mean you can rent a tent, you can camp there, car camping whatever. they are really putting this out. can Malaysia do this? o.o i'm rooting for it haha

but you know, my biggest thanks to Gum 5 and Youtube for streaming this festival online. #CoachellaLive was d'bomb. and i'll say it again D'BOMB. watched it for the whole 3 days, and got excited infront of the laptop and people can go "whurddd" if they saw me. haha tp malang ye, sungguh sungguh malang sbb when The Strokes was performing i was already back in Beting and the connection was a bit sloww :'( but my favourite was Kings Of Leon and Arcade Fire. Aweesomee gilaaaaa

and haha i'm really sorry for people who followed me on twitter for spamming your timeline with #TheStrokes and #CoachellaLive. i was getting really obsessed when The Strokes performed. and i still wish i could marry Julian

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Its Already Time?!


I cannot believe my final exam starts in a few days. LIKE SERIOUSLY?!


haih, apart from finals that are coming up (OMG, FINALS!) i'm really not doing a good job concentrating on it. tau gelabah je lebih tp still tkleh nk react towards that gelabah-ness. terbodoh je selalu. what i'm trying to point out here is, i have a lot on my mind. and i think the amount of concern i put it in is equal to my finals (btw, exaggerate, its not equal to my finals. should be less)(btw, OMG FINALS!!)

but still, i keep replaying my mistakes over and over again in my head. its haunting me like mad and i could just feel this heavy load on my shoulders. crap crap crap

anyw, wish me luck and pray for my finals (OMG FINALS!!!) i really need to score this sem badly. p/s : i wish he could wish me luck sincerely, he has always been my drive to do better :'(
You know that. but neah, i don't think he will, not in this condition.

ANDDD YES, i always post videos ;)

As Told By Ginger has always been one the best cartoons on Nickelodeon. And i love the intro, so i'm sharing this hehe

Someone once told me the grass is much greener
On the other side

From where I'm standing
My grass is green

haha i miss this. A lot.
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Andddd Swallow!

i think i heard this song way back from Ilya's room (trust me, it was wayy wayyy back to form 4 or form 5)
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Yes, Still

I wish I'm still seventeen
I wish it was still 2009
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Perempuan Bangang

Cepat cepat ckp sorang sorang dpn screen "HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY NADHRAH!"

kau tengok betapa special nya kau ni nk celebrate birthday kau pun amik masa 3 hari 2 malam. melampau babe!
how did we celebrate her 19th birthday? Pergi allll the way to Melaka
weih, nk cerita pasal pergi Melaka mmg best (Y)
well, minus all the troubles we had along the way but it was totally worth it
spent a total 60+ hours with Nadhrah, Wa, Nolly, Faeez, Hafiz and Muslim

but c'mon, this post is all about my favourite roommate :)

Nadhrah, eventhough aku baru jee kenal kau cm last sem, it felt like forever.
Bond dgn kau ni mmg senang je. sbb apa? kau ni bnyk gila cerita aku boleh dengar haha
Nadhrah's life is soo different from mine.
tu yg mcm interested gila nk dengar semua
awal awal kenal pun cm selalu tidur lambat sbb borak dgn dia ni and by the end of the week, basically dah tau semua benda lah pasal dia
and she would know most of the things about me too, of course :}
sebab tu rasa mcm dah lama kenal dia haha

what i really like about her is, what i give her is what she'll give me back.
not in terms of money or food or anything (well, that too actually haha)
But, I'll lend her my ears and she will never fail to lend me hers (too cliché, i know)
I tried to be a good friend to her and she proved that she's one too
She's literally the second person to see me cried
First was Farisha and that was hard core crying!
Tp dgn Nadhrah ni cover aa sikit kan. maluu hehe

Tp serious shit tk tipu, words can't describe how wonderful it is to meet and get to know a person like this in such short notice
And I'm really really really thankful for that

"Afiqah.Canne nk eja Maggi?"
"Maggi?! M-A-G-G-I (apa minah ni?)"
"Oh tkde N eh?"

serious aa wei, i just have to write this! sorry Nadhrah! :B

ANYWY, i hope you enjoyed your birthday.
So happy I could be a part of it, means a lot to me nnt bila kau cerita kat org lain (and i know you will) nama aku kau akan sebut :')

sayang kau minah!
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Bahasa Ew


"dan bukan kah Islam mengajar kita utk berserdeharna. tk perlu nya spelling over the top ni"

Hahahaha kalau lah aku boleh join dia buat video ni, aku dah tambah pelbagai jenis rencah ni. Recently, I saw someone wrote this "itch me...." meaning bukan dia gatal ke apa k, maksud dia "ITS ME...." seriously? SERIOUSLY?

btw, lotsa lotsa kudos for this dude in this video! he said just enough ;)
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Magical ;)

Basicly, i just love Disney. Everything, everything! i can't list them out properly! But, mostly, we all grow up with Disney movies am I right? and I've watched all Disney Princesses movies and i like em all!

So cuti cuti cuti. buat apa je kan? duk dpn laptop bukak sana, bukak sini. bak kata Haris "lubuk internet mana you tk pergi lagi afiqaahhh?" haha, surprisingly, bnyk lagi Haris. So i was checking out OMG Facts and i (singing tone) foooouuunnnd thissss

All the Disney princesses are thought to be teenagers.

Snow White - 14 years old
Cinderella - 16-19; an age is not specified, but getting married at a young age was common during her time and she was still living with her stepmother and two unmarried stepsisters at the time.
Aurora - 16; the curse on her stated that she would prick her finger at this age.
Ariel - 16; at the beginning of the film her father is holding a celebration for her 16th birthday.
Belle - 17-21; her age is also not specified, but she lives at home with her father and the Beast is known to be 21, since his cursed rose only blooms until his 21st birthday.
Mulan - 16; young Chinese women were sent to matchmakers around this age.
Jasmine - almost 18; in the movie she is to be married by her 18th birthday.
Pocahontas - 17ish; in reality, Pocahontas was only 12 when she was said to have met John Smith. The filmmakers made her older to allow for a romantic connection; however, she can’t be too old considering the film’s sequel and the fact that the real Pocahontas only lived until the age of 21.
Tiana - 19; the film opens in 1912 with Tiana at age five, 14 years later, she is a 19-year-old waitress.
Rapunzel - 18; her 18th birthday occurs during the film.

Mula mula baca 'who the hellsssss is Tiana?' hehe mind me, i didn't finish watching Princess and The Frog. penat, tertidur halfway :(

I know I've already posted this on FB, but i can't help it!

"whether you're 6 or 60" Aaaaaaaa i can't get enough of this. cm wowww lawa nya! 7:10 i loikeee and
plng suka part bola jatuh jatuh tuuu :( and and 8:46 tu daun ke apa? idk lah and lastly how the projected fireworks sambung dgn the real ones. awesomeee! haih reality? boooriingg
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Top Pot

"Dah makan belum?"
"Bel - "
"Eh, salah soalan ni, jap jap. haa, dah makan dah?"
"Siod - "
"Eh jap jap, lagi tepat. Dah makan kan?"

"Kau tgh makan ke?"
"Manada tgh makan"
"Hahaha first time aku silap"

-________-' dia mmg ingt aku makan literally 24/7 ke?!?!

BTW, i was reading this (Click) and i was thinking "hmm mmg no 3, 5, 6 tu mmg lah slalu guna time bfre/tgh gaduh" and no 1 tu mmg dah slalu sgt dah Fahmi tu dgr. "k k, FINE!". Ayat standard habiss

One last thing, video bwh ni sumpah kena tngk k, comel gila pak cik ni menariiii. rasa mcm nk menari dgn dia pun ada haha so adorable pls :}

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Raise Yo Hand If You're 19 on 2011!

Hehe, lepas dah satu update rindu pulak nk blog. Haha. So this post mai dgr cerita Widad jadi murtabak asam -__-' haha

It was Widad's birthday on the 13th January. Happy birthday Widadddd :D *hugs* plan nk kena kan malam tu jugak tp ada org tu lama sgt on the phone (ehem, yours truly) hehe. so tak jadi. last last kena kan hari Jumaat sbb class hbs awal that day :B

Dah lah boleh pulak tertinggal tepung atas katil kn. so we bought another one at One Stop. our first mistake was, Me Nadhrah Faeez and Hafiz had our lunch early. patut keluar makan dgn Widad. so yeah, still, lepas class we still accompanied Widad and Wa to lunch. and pakat pakat, okay tunggu kat carpark Melang br kena kn Widad

So dah sampai je Melang Faeez terus dtg kat kereta and "Happy Birthdaaaayyy Widaddd" pap, pecah satu telur atas kepala. Hafiz dtg melompat lompat pap, lagi satu. I got excited, pap, satu lagi atas kepala Widad. hehe. yg mencapai tepung Wa dgn Nadhrah dulu lah so mula lah semua as campak campak semua benda

last last, bukan Widad sorang je kena, semua kena. Hafiz keluar kan asam jawa and sapu kat muka semua org. perghh dia pegang muka aku sapu mmg terbaik punyaaa. lebih kurang semua lah kena tepung telur and asam kan. nk try pecah kn telur atas kepala Faeez, nk rosakkn rambut dia, but he was too tall. and bila sampai kat dia, tang tu pulak lah tiba tiba telur tu punya susah nk pecah. dtg dekat dgn Faeez sikit je dia tolak tangan lepas tu amik muka aku habis aa tepung semua. siod -___-'


yang paling tk boleh bla, we did all this while people are having classes all around us. haha entah lah dierang sedar ke tidak kan.

so that was it. habis dah kena kan Widad.

BUT OH WAIT, tepung ada bnyk lagi leftover nk buat apa? kasi je lah Faeez and Hafiz simpan dulu. Wrong move dudes.

Widad dah safely masuk NST 5, Me Wa and Nadhrah was walking towards our house when suddenly Wa was like "EH EH EH EH!" tk sempat nk tngk apa jadi tiba tiba boleh rasa tepung bnyk gila berterbangan kat sebelah. Hafiz ambush lagi siiiiiallll hahaha and he totally got away sbb cm tksempat nk react HEH

scene of crime. tepung tk hilang even after hujan. hehe nasib tk kena saman

asam jawa. eww pls. Hafiz punya kerja lah ni

siapa lagi nk kena lepas ni? Hmmmm, Nadhrah next k. birthday dia March hehe. semua dah target birthday Nadhrah *evil laughs*

sebagai penutup post, the other day I followed Faeez to One Stop sbb dia nk photostat student card dia. so i looked at the copy and cm katai katai dia aa "fuyooo, gangster hbs aa muka kau Faeez" when i noticed his IC and cm "EH FAEEZ! BIRTHDAY KAU 2ND APRIL?" and he snatched the paper so quickly and Faeez was like "mampussss (slang dia hahaha) wei, jgn bgtau dierang Afiqah" Wrong move dude.

I turned to the rest of them "wei krng tau tak, birthday Faeez 2nd April?! mmg sempat aa nk kena sblm habis sem hehe" and right now, Faeez and Nadhrah is being haunted till their birthday. "abang Aprilll" hahaha funny shizzz

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