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Its Been A Long Time

Yesterday, I went out with Jaa. It was not an outing, I guess it was just me, tagging along with her doing her final touch ups for her final project. She's just THAT busy until the only way we could keep up is while she's doing her work. And there's nothing wrong with it, I actually feel glad she still remembers me even when she's busy.

Hehe, I actually promised my sister I would pick her up after class so that we could go to a cafe near our place to use their Wi-Fi haha tp Jaa pulak ajak, so my sister tagged along with us. Somehow, it waaaasss, sleepy. Jaa dragged us to Subang -> Setiawangsa -> Subang and back to KL. hehe my sister and I slept the whole car ride haha

And finally, after a few persuasion, we sat down, had something to eat and we actually talked to Jaa. Haiyaaa, such a busy woman lah you. And yes, I miss her v v much. Rindu lah dia as a whole. Lama tk lepak.

Other than that, I miss Lana. and Danial. and maybe Harisudin, also Syaqeel. Oh, Majid. But mostly Lana.

And if I was gonna type out 'LOL' it would be for this and anything equivalent that would be as funny as this :

P/S : Ann, kau jealous tk aku still tk mention kau?
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Rambang Mata!

As a result of my trip to Big Bad Wolf Book Sale :

I wish I can go there again and buy more too bad its already the last day :'(

All the books (23 of 'em, mine) is at the price RM184. How cheap is that?!?! Buku kecik ke besar, tebal ke nipis, hardcover or paperback, semua RM8. How can you not go crazy? And my dad bought a biography of Michael Jackson, and I don't get why.

So my books + my sister's + my dad's = RM507 and we get like 50+ books. HOOOOMG.

Seriously worth it (Y) and its so good to see theres still a lot of book lovers in Malaysia because I read somewhere Malaysian read on average only 2 books a year! Maybe they should held more of this type of events with cheaper books to increase the number hehe.

Hoho, I'm still excited with the books my dad paid for hehe and now I can't choose which one to read firstt! :B

p/s : They have adooorable stamps like "Big Wolf Approved!" with a paw and "I give this book a 5 tails up!" with 5 wolfs and their tails up. Can't seem to get enough! ♥ ♥ ♥
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After watching a movie with my family, i finally faced my laptop and check on the usual updates. First nmpk status wawa ckp bulan lawa. okay, boleh pass lagi. Bukak Twitter, semuaaa update pasal bulan. So, i just had to go check it out.

Tried looking out my window, but, that didn't work out. Ran downstairs, switched off the alarm and immediately looked at the sky. Astagfirullahalazim. It was not even 5 second when I looked at the sky and i ran back inside to call my sister, i just had to share this with her :)

Called my dad too and he was just as amazed as us. My dad made a few phone calls to tell our uncle an aunty and even forced one of his staff to stop driving and look at the moon haha.

Benda tak selalu jadi, tp ni lah kebesaran Allah. If you can witness this, you're just lucky :)

p/s: i dunno how they manage to get a picture of the moon. Tried loads of time and result : FAILED.
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Don't Go There!

Alhamdulillah, I successfully managed to survive another sem. Starting of the sem was easy (considering I 'ran' away and went to Italy hihi). Middle of the sem was entertaining and end of the sem (YES, FINALS) was horrible. Truly, truly, horrible.

So yes, I'm here to recap about my papers. It alll started with

Code for English for UiTM students. Bel Bel Bel. Yes, thank God, made it out of the hall safe and sound. Kira boleh jawab lagi lah kan :)

Code for Agama for UiTM students. Gelabah gila essay tksempat buat. Our simple conclusion about our ustad is 'Lagi panjang tulis, lagi banyak markah' which was proven when Myea did a full 3 page on one essay (BY HAND) and she got ten over ten. Wherttt. k so time final tu mmg nk tercabut tangan, gelabah pandang kanan kiri tngk essay aku sama panjang tk mcm dierang? haha

Is just Physics. I did well for this sem for Physics. Carry mark pun boleh hidup lagi, belajar bagai nk rak, jumpa lecturer semua, disscussion semua lah. Sumpah tktipu. Sampai tkleh tidur the night before sbb fikir nk paper Physics esok tu. Sampai masuk mimpi haa, over sgt tu. Bangun awal pagi tu, nak belajar sbb nervous sgt lah pasal Physics ni. And I studied sooo hard, I swear I did (boleh lah kot, ada lah ilmu di dada. InsyaAllah tkrepeat kot?) Time tu je lah fikir cmtu kan. Bfre masuk dewan Azmil kept saying "Aku tknk repeat, aku tknk repeat" bila dah hntr je paper, Azmil pusing belakang "Calon repeat (points to himself)" FUUUUU----- the paper was hard as shit. I swear, you've never seen questions like this, mmg sgt susah, satu class frust. Khairin dah "kalau aku tau nk repeat serupa tkpyh belajar smlm, hbskn semua cerita Harry Potter" hahahaha but seriously :| that was the worst set of questions for Physics. Target next sem calon repeat paling ramai lah ye. Idk lah

Chemistry was shocking. Boleh jwb tu mmg boleh jwb tp ada lah soalan yg pelik pelik yg pusing canne pun dpt formula yg sgt ajaib. Okay keluar dewan, hati yg sempurna bincang sikit sikit until Faeez came up to me and said "SOALAN SEBIJIK OCT 2009!" and bila check FUUU------ !@#$%^&*() apa yg krng nmpk kat past year Oct 2009, ha ye lah tu. Tktukar ayat, tktukar susunan, they didn't even bother to change the number figures! It was lucky for those yg buat lah past year tu kan, tp seriously? How can you repeat the same set of questions for finals? Kita buat latihan lps tu expect soalan mcm tu keluar exactly waktu finals. Serupa menghadap benda tu je dr awal sem, buat apa susah belajar benda yg tkkeluar? -_____________-'

It wass, surprisingly answerable. Not really my favourite subject, carry mark pun tah pa ha pe jee. Buat bnyk kali pun bnyk jugak lah soalan. So mmg satu class target nk C je hahaha siod. Tp I was really surprised I could answer that paper. tp kira ada gak aa yg syok sendiri kan, tah main tulis je coding kt paper tu

Maths was our class' favourite subject. Last sem I had the best Physics lecturer ever. This sem it was the best Maths lecturer EVER EVER EVER. Madam Aishah was always helping, her teaching techniques is simple yet very easy to understand. We had 54 quizzes and 3 tests, which was all very helpful. Nothing she did was a waste. So bila dah sedar kan Physics mcm tkda harapan je, we all turned to Maths to help us fix our pointer. Cm setengah subject tu target takat lulus je, Maths boleh kejar A tu. So dengan rasa yakin, masuk dewan, dgn semua formula dlm kepala otak, tinggal nk curah je semua tu, buat lah finals. IT WAS SUPER HARD?!?!?! Ya Allah, serious, bfre this buat Maths boleh gelak gelak jwb mcm tu je, ni cm boleh tarik rambut! Satu class pun dah naik frust, Izwan dah mula membebel bebel apa tah, but semua org, sebulat suara, tkda sorang pun ckp senang. Seriousss!! Punah harapan nk betulkan pointer. Kecewa.

I don't know whats up with this sem, but its so unlucky. Boleh buat, yes I know I can do it, tp masuk finals we were so unlucky, no kid. Jgn ckp tkbelajar, cause I did, so hard. Tau lah tkpandai mana, tp mmg tktipu mmg belajar sgt sgt. Its so stressful. I don't know what to expect for my results, seriously :| Doa doa doa banyak banyak banyak banyak sgt lecturer murah hati kasi markah :(

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