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Perempuan Bangang

Cepat cepat ckp sorang sorang dpn screen "HAPPY 19TH BIRTHDAY NADHRAH!"

kau tengok betapa special nya kau ni nk celebrate birthday kau pun amik masa 3 hari 2 malam. melampau babe!
how did we celebrate her 19th birthday? Pergi allll the way to Melaka
weih, nk cerita pasal pergi Melaka mmg best (Y)
well, minus all the troubles we had along the way but it was totally worth it
spent a total 60+ hours with Nadhrah, Wa, Nolly, Faeez, Hafiz and Muslim

but c'mon, this post is all about my favourite roommate :)

Nadhrah, eventhough aku baru jee kenal kau cm last sem, it felt like forever.
Bond dgn kau ni mmg senang je. sbb apa? kau ni bnyk gila cerita aku boleh dengar haha
Nadhrah's life is soo different from mine.
tu yg mcm interested gila nk dengar semua
awal awal kenal pun cm selalu tidur lambat sbb borak dgn dia ni and by the end of the week, basically dah tau semua benda lah pasal dia
and she would know most of the things about me too, of course :}
sebab tu rasa mcm dah lama kenal dia haha

what i really like about her is, what i give her is what she'll give me back.
not in terms of money or food or anything (well, that too actually haha)
But, I'll lend her my ears and she will never fail to lend me hers (too cliché, i know)
I tried to be a good friend to her and she proved that she's one too
She's literally the second person to see me cried
First was Farisha and that was hard core crying!
Tp dgn Nadhrah ni cover aa sikit kan. maluu hehe

Tp serious shit tk tipu, words can't describe how wonderful it is to meet and get to know a person like this in such short notice
And I'm really really really thankful for that

"Afiqah.Canne nk eja Maggi?"
"Maggi?! M-A-G-G-I (apa minah ni?)"
"Oh tkde N eh?"

serious aa wei, i just have to write this! sorry Nadhrah! :B

ANYWY, i hope you enjoyed your birthday.
So happy I could be a part of it, means a lot to me nnt bila kau cerita kat org lain (and i know you will) nama aku kau akan sebut :')

sayang kau minah!

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