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What Overrides?

Anyone Abang
"E,Abang.salah tu.A,Abang baru betul"

"Eh Abang!"
"A,Abang.haa betul betul.apa kau nak?"

Nenek Abang
"Angah,kau makan berapa pinggan? O.O"
"Nek,Angah makan pinggan satu je.tp dia dah tambah 2 kali"

*on the phone* Me Abang
"ni siapa?Abang ke?"
"tak.ni Michael Jackson"

Abang Harith would be one of the most (insert word) person I've ever met.nk ckp random,I'm random.Ana lagi random.nk cakap sarcastic,Ann sarcastic O.O so tktau la.Creative in being sarcastic?yeah,that maybe it.Anyway,Abang is getting married!wohooo,tksabar.suka sgt wedding wedding ni :') and i hope i can see my cousins again :') rindu pulak everyone on my mum's side O.O (terkejut) (again,terkejut) (jap!lagi LAGI terkejut) okay.rasa smua dah fhm kan bab terkejut ni?well,i just don't like some things going on my mum's side.thats it.tapi,rindu la jugak <3

Thanks to my sister's blog! ;)

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last Sunday,we went for Jik's wedding.i arrived there late.3.30pm kot baru smpai.everyone was there since 2pm + haha.sampai sampai je tgh tngkp gambar dgn pengantin O.O mmg timing betul datang haha mind you,Jaa arrived after i came and Abe was after Jaa.lagi lambat haha so lepas dah makan smua (Majid join makan skali.dia makan 2 kali *muka tktau malu* ), Majid was aching to karaoke -.-' mamat ni boleh tahan sial,mana mana pun boleh karaoke.and,after hearing his own brother singing,semangat dia lagi berkobar kobar :') fuish

so sebagai rakan rakan yg berdedikasi,kterang pun support la Majid.he got delayed loads of time.kesian jugak mamat tu.haha until finally,Atin's dad pulled him up and asked him to choose a song.before that,pengantin nyanyi lagu yg Sandarkan Pada Kenangan and kterang smua atas tu dah happy nyanyi nyanyi skali.then when it was finally Majid's turn,he sang Kau Ilhamku

after some of us left,the bride decided to throw the bouquet :') semua semangat pergi belakang nk tangkap haha

and yg peliknya,budak laki pun smua happy lompat gaduh dgn perempuan nk tangkap -.-' haha Majid dpt tangkap once, Jaa twice haha

when it was time for me and Jaa to leave,Atin's dad insisted on Atin so that she'll sing The Greatest Love of All.and obviously,Atin paksa kterang smua naik skali -.- so,we were all convinced that no one would be there to watch us,sbb ramai org dah balik that time so,naik je la.nothing to lose pun kan?haha so me Atin Jaa Waa Sha and Ann went up there and sang.Jaa dgn Atin -> (Y) menjerit tkingat punya haha and bila dah habis je,pandang bawah WOAH a few people susun kerusi and jadi audience woooooooo.hahahaha malu gila :$

lepas tu the boys Majid Syaqeel Bob and Abe went up to sing one more song.haha lawak gila.

so lepas dah habis,one more time,me and Jaa had to leave and Atin's dad came to us "no no,i paid the karaoke until 6.30pm.you guys have to stay!have fun!pick some songs!" hahaha so yeah,we stayed for a few more songs :p

hahaha kesian pengantin.kterang pulak over -.- hehe

after that,we just had to leave.haha waktu nk balik tu pun Majid sibuk pilih lagu lagi -.- Bob sent me Jaa and Abe off guna kereta Majid (muka Majid waktu Bob mintak kereta O.O hahaha Majid -.-') rasa mcm lama gila tknaik kereta Majid.pelik sikit sbb bukan dia yg drive haha

anyway,in whatever event,it always seems like our group of friends would be the last to leave the place haha ni serious tktipu,tunggu org dah habis pun tknk balik lagi.bila dah angkat meja baru la angkat kaki nk balik hahaha
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so,it was a usual Twitter day for me until :

Katy Perry tweeted this.i'm a big fan of Katy Perry.repeat,BIG FAN.suka gila dia.so pretty k :') suka muka dia,suara dia,lagu dia everything :') so bila dia post ni,kena la nk menyibuk kan? WOAHHHH tngk la :

OHMAIGOD.creepy gila!hahahaha this dude/girl (whatever) makes Lady Gaga looked pretty normal i tell ya.and if Lady Gaga looks normal beside this person,we would look v v boring,trust me -.- and now,i know i don't wanna miss Grammy,just in case Katy Perry really win and well,this would be her speech (muka terkejut)

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The One and Only :')

On the 25th January was ..

(okay,tkpernah dengar 'happy turning bla bla' hehe)
sorry tkboleh celebrate on the day itself.house arrest!
one day nnt okay okay :B

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Machine of Destruction

yesterday,planned lunch with the usuals (Y) i came to Taman Tun quite early,mcm biasalah kan.went over to Ann's place and suddenly dia ajak tengok Tooth Fairy.so okay (Y) the movie was at 1.40pm,smpai OU je 1.20pm then msg Syaqeel terus suruh dia tngk movie skali.i tell you,that guy,gila babs cepat O.O 1.20pm dia baru bangun,dia mandi,jalan pergi OU smua,dia dah smpai kterang still tgh beratur beli ticket.hahaha flasher eh eh!The Flash!hahaha

Tooth Fairy was okay.Dwayne Johnson biasa lah.the typical sport person pakai baju comel comel haha tp Syaqeel suka gila joke yg "meet the Hammer brothers" -.-' haha

later on met up with Ilya and Lana.lepas tu call Ana and dia ckp dia dah kat Sushi Zanmai.went there and ingat cm tkramai org,tapi surprise surprise!ada Diey Waa Sha Ana Firdaus Atin Bob and Odeng + me Ann Ilya Syaqeel :') Khidhir was there too,tp he was with his sistah.Lana and Fiza left sbb dierang tkplan pun nk makan sana

there was obviously more talking than eating.i just took whatever there is on the table and drank Odeng's drink haha,dia minum sikit je,aku minum lagi banyak haha Atin kept on calling Firdaus 'lalat' and Firdaus kept calling Odeng 'Anuar Zain' and Odeng asyik asyik ckp "Anuar Zain? mana ada.aku ni Brad Pitt tanpa misai kot" ehem,righttttt *eye rolling*and the only one that keeps on eating is Ilya.serious,dia tkberhenti.suka betul dia Japanese food ni haha

all in all,it was a good day for me.suka lah jumpa ramai ramai :') thanks Ana
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I Can Be Proved Wrong

i was going through blogs today,and so it seems,hari ni ramai jugak org update.and one of them is Syakir.i didn't know where he get the ideas from his lastest post.tell me,Google ke Wikipedia ke atau dari buku kau amik?haha.ok ok,joking.but it opened my eyes O.O <- see?besar tak?

I've learned - that no matter how good a friend is, they're going to hurt you every once in a while and you must forgive them for that

we all know all of this.we've experienced this.going through my friend's action who is actually really really important to me.but all i could think of is my principle.of how i could not let go of my ego,all built up to defend myself.i know what's right and i know what's wrong,but after years of friendship,am i still that stupid to just let it all go?

what i've been telling myself is,i'm not stupid.what she did was against everything.until,

I've learned - that sometimes you have to put the individual ahead of their actions

and i actually recall,she does means something to me.even if everything is not the same.i know i should tell her that i still care for her.what she did was wrong?yes.but i couldn't give up on her.she's my friend and she's been there when i cried,when i need to talk to someone.

whatever it is,i have been holding on to this principles for such a long time.but now i know,sometimes,the individual is more important than what i think is right.stop saying i don't miss her.I do.

i knew this all along.we all has this 'thing' in our head.you know,the one that keeps on telling us things but we chose to ignore it?me?i just needed someone to point out the obvious to me.
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Sayang lah Semua

15th January 2010

21st January 2010

sorry no proper post lately :( even this one is not right hmmm *strokes chin*
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How Can I Not?

gilaaaaa,korang tkrasa mcm the right side of my blog is sooo little ke?mcm,inventory dia nothing.new year new stuff mann.okay,tkde kena mengena?anyways,

Ana Firdaus Me
Anaaa,lawa gila jam Ana!
kan kan?strap dia ni ada bnyk colour,ada merah ni,biru,purple and hitam
asal kau pakai merah?baju kau smua biru,boleh match :')
... sbb aku rasa sexy la pakai merah!kau tkrasa turn on ke aku pakai merah ni?!
sikit aa (kiss ass)

aku kat sana aku cm makan ayam and cheese bnyk gila tau tk!
oh,patut la kau healthy semacam
of coursee aaaaa
oh wei,ada sos at chin kau
mana? *wipes*
tak tak,belakang sikit,second chin kau
-______________-' babiiiiiiiii aaa kau!
but i like thattt.hahaha

kau tau tk,hadiah yg Aswad kasi kau tu,Aswad balut kan,aku ada buat ribbon
laa,kau ke yg wrap?
tak tak,Aswad la yg wrap,tp aku ada buat ribbon
then,mana ribbon tu?
buruk,so tkjadi letak haha

s'okay baby,at least you tried to make a ribbon.hahaha,its the thoughts that count hahaha :')
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Rugrats : All Grown Up

yesterday,yesterday,yesterday!me and Atin accompanied Ana to Segi for her registration(!) the eff man!rasa mcm Ana dah all grown up!mcm OMG Ana dah la yg kterang rasa plng muda,merajuk nk mcm umur 4 tahun je -___- (<- first time guna!) hahaha tp serious aa rasa cm,we really do have to move on kan?anyway,Ana will be at Subang's Segi taking Photography O:

while Ana will be doing her thang at college(!!!) I,on the other hand,will be doing the same old effing routine k.rasa mcm nk ikut Ana je,tp duit ayah kita tkbnyk k :B lg pun tkde nya impian nk masuk IPTS ni.no no no.so after following Ana to register,she dropped me off at OU.social life?have to go on.haha

so met with Fiza and Nat first,gila Nat,last year mcm tkjumpa langsung k O: then waktu keluar Vincci,bumped into Aswad.mamat ni lagi.everytime keluar pun jumpa dia -.-' hehe he was having lunch with one of his colleague,so cm biar lah dia.met with Lana,and it totally felt like a thousands of years.ckp none stop man,NON-STOP haha

then lepas dah jln jln membebel dgn Lana smua Aswad msg-ed me to go to Toys R Us at 6.20pm cause he's done with his break by that time.soo we went there.lama jugak la lepak sana,smpai Fiza frust haha O: nasib la Lana bwk adik dia k.main bola,layan adik dia lari lari smua.haha and before i left,dapat la jugak ckp dgn Aswad while he was arranging the toys haha

andd after that,my sister picked me up.point of post 1) Ana dah start college, 2) tkpuas bising kat Lana -.-' haha.hope to see her tomorrow then :B
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The Life After *drumroll*

planned breakfast with Jaa (Y) ada tweet Ana for breakfast,tp tkterfikir nk msg dia pulak -.- bodoh,i admit.but it ended up not so breakfast-y because 1) i arrived there late.our breakfasts are like 7 or 8AM.i was like idk,3 hours late?haha 2) i already had breakfast at home.go figure 3) they didnt ordered food!hahaha pelik,breakfast tkde makanan,air je!haha

arrived at Quali and there was only Jaa Haris and Aswad.before pergi Europe jumpa Jaa dgn Aswad,dah balik pun nmpk dua muka ni lagi haha.called Ann up and asked her to join us.gila lama tknmpk Ann!okay,4 people is already ticked from my virtual to-meet list.went to Jasema to get English textbook and Konserto Terakhir.tp dua dua dh habis.masaaaalah,ada pinjaman!kenapa kena beli kat Jasema?English textbook pulak tu yg habis.tklogic langsung (tkpuas hati) haha

went to school and met Raidah and PG there.paid for my lost books instead,get the Sasteramas and sadly,counselor tkde.rasa mcm nk bunuh diri :x anyway,Sasteramas didn't really get that much of a good review.gambar sikit + tkclear.Pn Noraikha no more dah this year ;( s'okay.dah tksekolah sana dah haha.then Ann Raidah and PG went home O:

from school we moved on to DSH.Izzud was hospitalized again :( he looked bad.kesian dia.tangan dia mcm teruk gila O: Aswad and Haris obvly had fun playing with the bed remote control -.-' and i joined in the end.haha.Haris was really concentrating on Wildchild while all i do is say "oh my God,lapar nya :S " and after a while we finally decided to go down to the cafe after waiting so long for the other group to come.

ordered food and after a while sitting down tiba tiba,i saw Odeng by my side.terkejut gila,then Firdaus came and sat infront of me.gila lama tak jumpa Firdaus k! :') then Aswad waved to someone behind me and bila pusing,OHMAIGOD nmpk Ana and Kamar walking towards us.that was the most pleasant surprise i had all year long! (baru 6 hari tp bunyi best kn mcm tu :B) LAMA GILA TKJUMPA ANA.AFTER CHMSTRY PAPER 3 TKNMPK BATANG HIDUNG.gila excited terus bangun and lompat peluk smua and ckp "omggg,lama gila tknmpk,kau apa cerita?!"

with food and great company,we keep ourselves updated and all.eh gila 2nd group tu geng Sigma.kterang pun at first smua Gama (Y) haha coincidence gila.ada one part tu Kamar was sitting on Izzud's wheeling chair and Jaa pushed him.dengan momentum yg cukup ye,Jaa pushed him and let the wheeling chair go and Kamar bumped straight into the wall.hahaha lawak gila!i heard everyone laughed and bila pandang je Kamar dah melekat kat dinding.hahahaha

after lunch,everyone decided to go to OU since Aswad has to go to work at 5PM and Odeng and Kamar will be joining him.so after saying our goodbyes and take cares to Izzud,the 2nd group went there by Firdaus' car while we got there by cab.

arrived OU and Aswad went back home to change and all.went to BK because Kamar wanted to eat.first time nmpk Kamar smoke O: siap kena marah dgn Ana lagi.kena smoke bwh meja hahaha lawak k tu :B Aswad came back again,this time with Bob.gila tu pun dah berzaman tknmpk (Y) like Ana tweeted, "mcm study group pulak" haha true that mannnn.

Aswad Bob Kamar Odeng left for work and the rest of us roamed OU.dropped by F21 to see Azrie in action.muka mamat tu mengantuk gila O: saw Diey some more at Dorothy Perkins and we followed Jaa around in her mission to buy wedges.haha had good laughs there.sumpah lawak gila.lepak dgn Ana + Firdaus + Haris = you don't breath when you're laughing.haa mcm tu aa.lawak gila k dierang.

so around 6+ Ana sudah mau balik.dia kata dia dah homesick dah hahaha and you know whats the saddest thing i heard today? from Ana "dah aa.aku jumpa krng dah this month.next jumpa next month la k" haha ni serious rasa cm 'alaaaa,lamanya :(' lama gila next jumpa Ana!we all know that la k haha. OH OH tau takk,kterang jumpa Shahrul!gila lama sialll :') rindu smua org(!)

then Firdaus sent Ana home,me Jaa Haris walked a little bit more and we all went home (Y) this was great because it seemed so so so soo long since i last hung out with them :D ye la dulu,everyone was my 24/7.i see them everyday of my life :') felt relieved to know that we could still update each other kan?but then,Ana is right

till the next time (:
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2010 is finally here :')

thanks for everything 2009,i had great fun.t'was the best year of my life,could be the last but hey,last time i thought 2006 was the best year,then again,2009 came up.so,i hope 20?? would be better than 2009.just the thought of it excites me.i mean form 5,the best k.kalau ada better mmg OhMyGod la kan.best gila babs (Y)

anyway,school starts next week,adik kena beli baju dia esok.thank God dah tkpyh cuci kasut sklh lagi dah.hahaha.enjoy school everyone :') esp form 5s sbb rasa mcm boleh buat anything kt sklh tu since you're the oldest students there now (totally ignoring the form 6s)

okay okay,let's hope for a better year JOM JOM


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