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Get Your Laughing Gas Ready,We'll Be Needing Them

Ilya : God,you're so lame la teacher
Mr Nathan : *looks at Ilya with -.-' face*
Ann :
teacher,do you know what lame is?
Mr Nathan :
yes i do.i'm looking at her right now.i see her every Thursday and Saturday

as to how i celebrated my day one of freedom is by,skipping school of course (Y).me,lana and ilya watched I Love You,Man.damnn,the movie was soo funny and i'm still smiling everytime i recall about the movie.haha,REDUNKULOUS! hahaha.after the movie,we ate Tako Tao and i owe ilya one because my dare embarassed her.she got rejected by azrel infront of everyone.hahahaha.

after a while walking here and there,we got ourselves Baskin Robin and there was this one boy about 5-6 years old.he was soo freaking cute.we observed him closely until his sister (i think,or whoever) noticed and laughed at us.after ilya left and we finished our ice cream,they were getting ready to leave until me and fiza pursuaded lana to ask his mom for a picture with that boy.and,lana,with nothing else on her mind expect for hugging that boy,immediately got up and asked his mum.hahaha.and obvly,we get to take a picture with him.COMELLLL.

so after finishing my errands,we went back to lana's place and after i prayed,we played our 2nd all time favourite game (1st would be Risk,mana boleh kalahhh,classic tu (Y) ), Monopoly!we could all feel the tension rising.especially everytime fiza have to pay lana or everytime none of us said a word cause we're all trying to set a good deal.it was super duper fun,mmg main smpai jantung boleh gugur sbb tknk berhenti tempat lana nnt kne bayar 10 million.mana nk korek duit?!in the end,lana won with a total 83 million and of course you can hear her laugh with full satisfaction.

by 5.30pm,while i'm waiting for my mum to pick me up,we hung out at lana's room and ended up with our own karaoke session,and mann,with me and lana singing to lana's comb with priceless expression and having lana as the backup singer is totally funny.we laughed like stupid hyenas and ended our day with me running down the stairs with alana carrying my bag (because my mum arrived and she need to pee,so i had to run to her ASAP).

and tomorrow,i need to spend my day at the library so that i can finish my Add Math's course work.what a drag
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnd heeeellllooo, FREEDOM (for the next few weeks).

anyway,Physics paper 3 was surprisingly answerable (if there even such a word).i answered every question!soo tgh bangga ni. *tepuk tangan*

i am definitely looking forward for my 2 weeks break.i can't wait for my Cherating trip with Ilya,Lana and Fiza :D also,for Ilya's exciting trip to Petrosains.hehe,she's so excited to go to Petrosains ever since she found out that the entry fees for us is only RM7.and also her never ending adventure with LRT trains.haha and what i really really want is a big outing among us girls and some kind of a small event where we can just hang out and catch up with each other especially budak budak asrama :')

but,if only we have the time to do all of that.i still need to catch up on my left out studies,i want to spend at least one day at my house just to relax and jadi gemuk depan TV (Y),i still have tuitions so,the amount of time hanging out is reduced a bit just to fit everything in.

and i'm kinda looking forward for my dad's side Family Day at PD.woahh,my holidays are filled with plans and i'm definitely looking forward to it (Y)
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Physic Was 'd Bomb'!

Physics paper 2 was typical.no hope of getting even a D8 was included into the paper.for paper 2,i slept for 1 1/2 hours and i dreamed,TWICE.pelik gila.one was about my kittens turning to humans (lana dgr and dia ckp "Ya Allah!Setan betul!" haha) and the other one was about one of my classmate bought food to school.hmm,yummy.and so,because i slept too long for paper 2,i didn't bother answering section B and C.so bye 40 marks.

hey,there's still paper 3 tomorrow.goodluck for that!
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Hey,let's get out of here,FAST
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Unexpected Adventure (Y)

so,yesterday,Me,Lana and Ilya was all set to go to Perpustakaan Negara.we were all excited to go there,excuse us cause Jakun would be the perfect word to describe our excitement.went there with the Lora Mobile (Alana's mum) and we even got lost and stuff.when we finally arrived there we were walking towards the library until Ilya screamed "LIBRARY TUTUPLAH!".me and Lana looked up and saw the board that says "ISNIN DAN CUTI UMUM : TUTUP"

we panicked for a while,to find that Lana's mum was already on the move.Lana tried calling by waving her hand out to her mum and thankfully,her mum noticed her.me and Ilya laughed when we entered the car,sbb cm,bodoh sgt haha.then Lana's mum told us we could go to something run by the British.so,we just agreed and when we finally got there,we decided the place was too awkward for us.it was filled with foreigners and there was no table.its more like a lounge than a library.

so,we decided to leave and Lana's mum took us to KLCC and she suggested we should study at Kinokuniya's café.haha.daripada nk blaja kat library pergi café Kinokuniya pulak.finally,Lana's mum left us and we went there by ourselfs.when we arrived at the café,it was soooo hot.the food was not worth the price and mmg tksedap lngsng!we tried to study,but it was too hot,it made us uncomfortable.and,again,we decided to leave the place while we were brainstorming as where we should go next,Alana suggested that we should catch a movie.and .. we agreed.HAHA

so,we watched Angels & Demons straightaway and lepas 18!woohoo.the movie was good.its making me think a LOT.macam,smpai skrg pun,i'm still thinking.and let me voice out something,i've just realized that Patrick is not an Illuminati.he just made it all up so people would think the Illuminati is back while he just wanted to be the next Pope!Damn.

then after that we walked around KLCC,sumpah lawak gila masuk Topshop,Alana buat slang English + Kelantan dia and bunyi mcm pure gila!haha,i feel like my stomach could burst right that second!and finally,by around 5,we left KLCC again with the Lora Mobile.yesterday was totally unexpected,last last tkblaja lngsng,and it was definitely fun.haih,sedap betul hidup org tkde exam ni HAHA

as for today,i skipped school and spent the whole day at the Library.haa,baru la blaja tu (Y) haha
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Why laa Like This?

i thought my computer was lagging -.-' haha
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Note To Self : STUDY

my weekend was .. blah.i didnt even study a thing!supposed to go to the library today,but noo,its was already late,so cm wasting time if i still go there.i have an extra 2 days free,because i don't have any paper tomorrow and Tuesday.soo,thumbs up to that (Y).planned to go to library tomorrow,but TTDI library is close on Monday so,me and lana planned to go tooo perpustakaan negara hooyeah (Y)(Y)(Y).so,a reminder to self : STUDY AND JANGAN MAIN MAIN AAAAA.

hah!dream on haha
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Sink Into Me

Taking Back Sunday - "Sink Into Me"
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Snap Is The Name Of The Game

Me : God,i feel so lame!
Danesh : What??why?
Me : cause i do this *snaps finger,imitates a gun and points at him* THAT'S WHY
Danesh : well,stop doing it.
Me : i can'ttt,it's soo bloody addictive *snaps* *snaps* *snaps*

Ilya : kau jawab brapa soalan afiqah?
Me : 8
Ilya : uish,banyak nya
*and i thought 8 tu sikit ok,its out of 25 questions for God's sake*
Me : ha?kau jawab brapa soalan?
Ilya : 4 sudeyhhh.high five sikit!
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It's Not Like You've Never Enjoyed It

Reminder : I'm not talking to anyone through this post

We,talk bad about our friends most of the time,especially when you're pissed out.and,it's not that i don't know,people talk about me too,and i talk about them.everything is just going round and round.so,why am i still friends,maybe best friends with all of them?because when i'm pissed or mad,or anything,mcm whatever la kan but when i'm having a great time with them,when i know they're always there for me,that covers all the bad shit.so here's the thing,when i'm angry at them and i feel like shouting shits,i'll just try to remember all the good things that are worth remembering rather than the ones that's keeping my pain alive.

so they're my bestfriends and sometimes they do insult me or make fun of me or hurt me or whatever.but they're worth all the trouble just because i want them to be by my side.they're still my friend because all the trouble i went through with them are worth it.heck,i've never believe this : "good things in life are free".you want love?your payment would be heartbreak.you want friendship?your payment would be minor/major fights.but,hey i'm willing to pay.you?

when you talk about life,don't mention about how dissapointed you are in your life,instead,try recalling all the good times you have and try to convince yourself not to suicide.same goes to all the people around you.especially family:)

Damn,spreading love is a good thing.so what now?hug your computer/laptop because i'm sure everyone's(the people that you love,of course) photo is in your Picture file.
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Slap My Wrist With That Sweet Consequence

ooomg,our Diagnostics just started today.you know what i think?so far,this has got to be the hardest BM paper i've ever taken.tangan cram tkingt dunia,tkpyh ckp.nak kena rest tangan,tkboleh tulis smpai next year ni.hehehehe,IYE LA SGT!
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Slow Down and THINK

ok,so the week passed by with lots of memorable events.KH club's activities was successful.including the RobotKit competition and cooking competition.

for cooking competition,me,Aswad and Raihan got to be the judges!best gila ok,see them cooking and you get to eat it.sedappp.

Pn Nik Azizon was really really satisfied with the form 4's and their sales :D she felt really proud with their big hit and all the fortune.everything went smoothly and not being in class for another whole week paid off,finally :D

the week ended with our Tassawur paper on Friday.it was okay.on Thursday,i can't study a thing.i tried stealing a few moments in the Bengkel KH to study for Tassawur and going to the Library after school,but i can't memorize everything properly.

i was getting major headaches.and i don't get headaches,i swear.hello?i used to sleep at 4.30AM and wake up at 6AM everyday,and i still don't get headaches.skrg ttbe dpt.now you can guess how exhausted i am.im not physically tired,im just mentally tired.i can't focus and my head is really really dizzy. so cm ye aa.

anyway,enjoy this video :D

this was while doing Biru's Banner.i was too bored that time,i just had to entertain myself.haha
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"The Universe Loves To Prove Me Wrong"

just when i thought i finally get to relax a bit this week,i was proven wrong from the minute i walked on the school grounds (ok,exaggerate).i've just found out that KH club is doing a LOT of major things for Minggu Akademik which is due THIS WEEK. (gila) in three days in a row and we only got to know it today and everything has to be ready by Wednesday.

more bad news?i have Tassawur paper THIS THURSDAY. (gila) and i haven't studied a THING!with all the KH activities within this week and to cram everything in my head by this thursday,man,its impossible!

and to think this week would be less hectic than last week,i was wrong.this week,its hectic-er,i swear!its only monday and i'm already getting minor headaches.i tried studying Tassawur just now but it all seems impossible.but,no matter,i'll keep studying!i really really don't want to fail Tassawur,and i don't want to cheat,either.and so,God help me!
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Messy,Messy May

it's already freakin' May guys!do you guys notice how fast time moves by?

anyway,the party was OK.it was funny considering you're surrounded with these guys (refer to picture).

back to the topic.April was soo fast,i can't even remember how it entered my life.we're having our Diagnostics in 1 week time.since my school is so clever to start all the Acara Sebelum Sukan a week before our Intervention,pause everything that has got to do with Sports Day for our exam and having us to cram all our time for the preparation of Sports Day,and take the next week to actually slow things down (if we can) and followed by Diagnostics.GILA :O

i still haven't brush up my Add Maths for God's sake.not to mention my Sejarah is getting worse.Physics is waaay out of my chart and the rest is just .. blah.

so,we're all aware May is full of examinations (except,maybe for those kawad people,good luck anyway guys ;) ) and let's pray my Sejarah/Physics paper is not handed out empty this time.
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A Week of Fun

Farisha's sister's wedding was yesterday and it was absolutely fun :D

Farisha asked me to be the usher.and while i was at it,Mr Zulsyazwan (HAHA) called me and said this: "afiqah.kau duduk sebelah aku nanti" "kenapa?" "tu (points at abe),nnt duduk sblh ra.aku tkde partner ni" " -.-' haha,ok" and the whole night,he was being nice to me.it was completely unnessescary,i swear.like for instant,i was being noisy to everyone about how hungry i am and when the waiter came he said "bang,kasi dia nasi lebih sikit,dia lapar ni bang" annnd BAM,bapak aa,banyak gila dia letak.

after dinner was over,we stayed for awhile and we took a lot,and i mean a LOT of pictures.chewan also taught me some stupid hand signs while taking pictures haha.

by 12AM,my sister picked me up and send chewan home.after that we went to Jaa's place so that she can pack her stuffs and come sleepover at my placeee.sampai je rumah,we talked abit,changed our clothes and slept.

i seriously can't wait for tomorrow's party.they call it the Biru's Victory Party.while i say,it's just a party where all Form 5's gather around for maybe,the last time.

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