A Week of Fun

Farisha's sister's wedding was yesterday and it was absolutely fun :D

Farisha asked me to be the usher.and while i was at it,Mr Zulsyazwan (HAHA) called me and said this: "afiqah.kau duduk sebelah aku nanti" "kenapa?" "tu (points at abe),nnt duduk sblh ra.aku tkde partner ni" " -.-' haha,ok" and the whole night,he was being nice to me.it was completely unnessescary,i swear.like for instant,i was being noisy to everyone about how hungry i am and when the waiter came he said "bang,kasi dia nasi lebih sikit,dia lapar ni bang" annnd BAM,bapak aa,banyak gila dia letak.

after dinner was over,we stayed for awhile and we took a lot,and i mean a LOT of pictures.chewan also taught me some stupid hand signs while taking pictures haha.

by 12AM,my sister picked me up and send chewan home.after that we went to Jaa's place so that she can pack her stuffs and come sleepover at my placeee.sampai je rumah,we talked abit,changed our clothes and slept.

i seriously can't wait for tomorrow's party.they call it the Biru's Victory Party.while i say,it's just a party where all Form 5's gather around for maybe,the last time.


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