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"dan bukan kah Islam mengajar kita utk berserdeharna. tk perlu nya spelling over the top ni"

Hahahaha kalau lah aku boleh join dia buat video ni, aku dah tambah pelbagai jenis rencah ni. Recently, I saw someone wrote this "itch me...." meaning bukan dia gatal ke apa k, maksud dia "ITS ME...." seriously? SERIOUSLY?

btw, lotsa lotsa kudos for this dude in this video! he said just enough ;)
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Magical ;)

Basicly, i just love Disney. Everything, everything! i can't list them out properly! But, mostly, we all grow up with Disney movies am I right? and I've watched all Disney Princesses movies and i like em all!

So cuti cuti cuti. buat apa je kan? duk dpn laptop bukak sana, bukak sini. bak kata Haris "lubuk internet mana you tk pergi lagi afiqaahhh?" haha, surprisingly, bnyk lagi Haris. So i was checking out OMG Facts and i (singing tone) foooouuunnnd thissss

All the Disney princesses are thought to be teenagers.

Snow White - 14 years old
Cinderella - 16-19; an age is not specified, but getting married at a young age was common during her time and she was still living with her stepmother and two unmarried stepsisters at the time.
Aurora - 16; the curse on her stated that she would prick her finger at this age.
Ariel - 16; at the beginning of the film her father is holding a celebration for her 16th birthday.
Belle - 17-21; her age is also not specified, but she lives at home with her father and the Beast is known to be 21, since his cursed rose only blooms until his 21st birthday.
Mulan - 16; young Chinese women were sent to matchmakers around this age.
Jasmine - almost 18; in the movie she is to be married by her 18th birthday.
Pocahontas - 17ish; in reality, Pocahontas was only 12 when she was said to have met John Smith. The filmmakers made her older to allow for a romantic connection; however, she can’t be too old considering the film’s sequel and the fact that the real Pocahontas only lived until the age of 21.
Tiana - 19; the film opens in 1912 with Tiana at age five, 14 years later, she is a 19-year-old waitress.
Rapunzel - 18; her 18th birthday occurs during the film.

Mula mula baca 'who the hellsssss is Tiana?' hehe mind me, i didn't finish watching Princess and The Frog. penat, tertidur halfway :(

I know I've already posted this on FB, but i can't help it!

"whether you're 6 or 60" Aaaaaaaa i can't get enough of this. cm wowww lawa nya! 7:10 i loikeee and
plng suka part bola jatuh jatuh tuuu :( and and 8:46 tu daun ke apa? idk lah and lastly how the projected fireworks sambung dgn the real ones. awesomeee! haih reality? boooriingg

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