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Bid Farewell, Adieu, Goodbye!

I can't believe 2010 is coming to an end! and Thank God, I'm super duper relieved it's ending!

2010 has been one of my worst year ever. i repeat, WORST.YEAR.EVER. even until the end, even on the last night before NY. macaaamm palaaatt. I've never felt so rejected, never felt so stupid, never felt more clumsy, heartless, careless and whatever bad traits there is for me.

But then again, I have never ever seen my family happier than ever (Alhamdulillah), I would never met these beautiful people and I would have never ever made the sweetest memory ever with my roommates, housemates and classmates ♥

You know what they say, you win some, you lose some. But for me, I have never felt so lost this year. Tengok lah blog post kat tepi pun sgt sgt kurang -----> hahahaha

Gain : some of the most amazing people in such short notice and I (almost!) lost my bestfriend. Gila 2010 was effin challenging for both of us. masuk masuk Jan 2010 gaduh, sampai Dec 2010 pun gaduh jugak. gaduh stock smpai menangis. TKPERCAYA?! sumpah penat :'( But, kawan smpai mati kan? InsyaAllah. so semua boleh settle baik punya (Y) and I'm proud of us :D

Early 2010 felt like the longest time of my life. I have never been so impatient with my life, trust me. Tunggu result SPM keluar, tunggu result UPU keluar, tunggu rayuan UPU keluar. Tp lepas masuk UiTM, sumpah tkde masa langsung, sedar sedar dah habis satu sem :'(

Seriously, 2010, not my best year. So I'm literally aching to type the number after 2010! Come onnn, next post! :B
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"now clap!" hahahaha hot damnn, i need to learn this song from Daniel Radcliffe ♥

and this is soo funny. hahahaha i have to watch Inception (!!)
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Can Ya Feel The Heat?!

I'm so freaking out right now. The other day, Wa called me up and said "aku tkboleh lah Iqa (yes, she gets away by calling me Iqa), setiap kali aku bukak Facebook aku tngk reminder sebelah kanan tu je aku cuak"

I didn't notice it until she said it! WHAT THE HELL. tk pernah pandang pun sebelah kanan tu birthdays, events or whatever. tp since dia ckp, bukak bukak FB je mesti pandang benda tu! nice move lah Wa thenks!

To some people, first sem results are just, whatever. But I'm unlike those people. My first sem results is gonna effect my next sem like crazily. Do I go to second sem or jump up to the next first sem?! Aaaaaaa stress stress :@ susah betul jadi budak kurang pandai ni. haiyaaaaa

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