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What Do You Do?!

Trials is starting tomorrow and believe it or not,i still don't have any nervous feelings about it.crap crap.must be something wrong with me.tp lepas dah baca twitter/blog smue org menggelabah,it does effect me somehow,but still not yet to make me open up a damn book.its 1232AM,i'm online and i don't have anyone to talk to.i usually would study up till the crack of dawn,and usually i have my online buddies with me (i.e. Aswad!).tp dia tkonlinee.kenapa?kenapa?sebabbb,trials esok ^! and so,i don't have any motivation to study and i don't like studying w/out music or anyone to talk to.benciii!

i am totally screwed up for Maths tomorrow.baru Maths je!and it's one of the easiest subjects.oh well.
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Hey,Its Alana's Birthday!

alana,you are a one hella special friend,no kid.
eventhough we've been friends for 13 years,im still considering whether she's normal or not,weird or not.and my guess?
definitely weird.
lana,smua benda yg kau buat,mesti aku tanya kenapa.sebab?aku still tkfhm kau,and tkkan fhm.hahaha.
anyway,anything else doesn't matter as much as the fact that you're my best friend and i'll love you always,mummy :)
i owe you BIG time for all the helping hands you gave me and the awesome times we've had together.
syg kau gila gila andd have a great 17th birthday :D

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All The Way From North

wowww,so different my babies
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*pasang alarm polis*


ok la,nk post everywhere.facebook,twitter,mys,msn,anywhere!
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I Talk To Myself A Lot

i just cleared both my Hotmail and Yahoo inbox.Yahoo was easy,most of the emails was from Facebook or Twitter.so i just scroll through it once and deleted everything.easy as pie (teringat cerita Mickey Mouse)

buuttt,Hotmail was not a pleasure.i really have to go through it one by one.literally,all through 300 messages.and mcm baru seminggu (ok,not really.its 2 weeks,but wtv).well,the messages from Myspace was deleted while the others are all from my mum and dad.my mum sent me dozens of emails about my phone bill,which of course i choose to ignore and as usual,my dad would be sending funny emails or something religious <3 and sometimes,it fun to read all of it,but malas.

and the reason i have the urge to check my inbox?i have nothing better to do right now.

tomorrow,i'll be going to school x( extra classes for Add Maths and Physics.what a bore.but i guess i'll come,since i'm no good in either both subjects.and after thattt .. i don't exactly have any other plans.i am not in the mood to drown my head in my books,but reality is calling me every minute.and so i guess i'll be heading to the library :(

i knoww,kenapa tkstay rumah je study?kena ke pergi library?well,yes,i can't study at home,too many distractions.and other places too,my friends' house or anywhere,mesti tkboleh concentrate.damnn,i wish i have photographic memory.

gahh,boringnyaa.it doesn't feel like the holidays.tkpe tkpe,lg 3 bulan jeee.then i'll have my true break.

p/s : point of post : NOTHING
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How Can I Say No?

ok,baru hbs baca buku ni.mmg best gila babi (Y) its not often for Sophie Kinsella to write a tearful story,but this is a 99x thumbs up.sumpah best gilaa!

no,i don't follow Marian Keyes.buttt,she won an award with this book,so i guess reading it won't hurt.kan Ma?you'll be paying for it later when i want ittt *kening

and finally,omggg,Cecelia Ahern is gonna release her book on 1st of October!and i have to get my hands on it,one year i waited for her new book!tapiiiii,kena resist baca smpai SPM ;( but i don't caree.it's gonna be a great book and well,her books never failed to make me cry,and yes,i love these kind of books <3
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Lets Pray For A Good Month Ahead


let's not waste this one chance we get every year to pray and do extra good deeds more than we always do.
niat ikhlas kerana Allah S.W.T., and buat lah sebanyak mana solat/perkara sunat yg sebolehnya.
rugi lepas peluang mcm ni :)
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2 Down,18 More To Go

oh yeahhh :D i did my Tassawur paper and it was okay.still no high hopes.but i'm just hoping it'll be better than my Diagnostics.anyway,look at this

EWatsonxon the bright side.. I have an MSN which you guys can add, and sometimes send in emails EmmaWatsonsMSNForFans@hotmail.co.uk

jom laa add dia and tanya khabar Alex Watsons *kening.mana tauu ada jodohh haha.

oh wait,jap.dia post tweet baru:

EWatsonxYes guys, I do have MSN.. But I don't give it out. Sorry. xx

haha too bad so sad.dah lmbt aa.i'm a devoted stalker.

anywayy,i just feel like i want to share something funny.

sapa yg osbessed and bukak FB 24hours mesti dah pernah baca kat notes Diey.but,why share with just FB users?share with the whole world laaa :) haha

what Ann said "mana krng dpt idea nk ckp benda benda canni ha?" eh,creative.tkleh nk buat apa dah laa 8) haha
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I Wish To Have Another Day Like This :)

Today is one of the best days,ever.

Potluck in our class was seriously good.best gila (Y) list of foods :

Me - Mocha Brownies (i don't eat mocha,that's why i bring it to school haha)
Lana - Nuggets,fries and sausages
Ilya - Macaroni
Jaa - Nasi briyani and chocolates
Farisha - Olio or something close to it haha
Azim - Buttercake
Hasif - Lasagna
Hazwani - Chacos,jellies
Ahlami - Chocolate moist cake,starbucks
Majid - Junk foods

*sapa yg tkmasuk tu sorry.terlupa

yg lain semua bawak perut je.haha.Ahlami mmg paling devoted aa (Y).dia dtg lmbt sbb bli Starbucks for anyone who ordered and dia bli one whole cake dkt Secret Recipe.Azim's buttercake was seriously mouth-watering.he baked it himself until 2AM.yg tu mmg tkdeny aa sedap gila ok!Farisha's olio pun best.smue org serang.and Jaa's nasi briyani pun sedappp.

so after the 4th period,Bujur couldn't take it any longer,took a fork and instantly makan olio.dia mcm makan olio,then macaroni,then olio blk,then macaroni.and he keeps on shouting "salty!pedas!salty!pedas!" hahaha.Ahlami even brought his DSLR + tripod stand (Y) so the camera was passed around and i'm pretty sure everyone's face is in the camera.

waktu Azim bukak cake dia,everyone rounded up and mcm tksbr gila nk tunggu Fithri potong.hands was already reaching out and screams of "hoi!tunggu aa hbs potong!" was in the air.haha

it was definitely class bonding,and it was seriously fun (Y) and everyone's tummy was totally full.tu pun Ahlami's cake tkmkn lagi.the boys pushed the middle tables aside,initially,we were supposed to take pictures for the school leavers but,mcm tkde sapa gerak je -.- then Mrs Afizah entered the class and ignoring the terrible mess,we still did Add Maths.

during recess,everyone was chilling,due to the heavy stomachs and only a few went out.after recess,sambung lagii dgn cake Ahlami.sumpah,mcm tkboleh berhenti makan!the cake was uber love.the chocolate mmg va va voom sial.Daniel smpai makan kat pisau dia smue :O Aswad and Ahlami stayed in class for the 6th and 7th period so,we played with the camera smpaiii lah 8th period.then balik (Y)

so,i stayed back at Alana's place,got ready and waited for Ahlami to pick us up to go to Ikea.and omgg,Ahlami bwk Porsche dia sialll!sumpah cool gilaa!Buj and Syakir was already in the car.masuk masuk kereta je Buj terus jerit "THIS IS MY WORLD" masuk masuk je dah pelik kenapa dgn mamat ni.but thenn,Metallica's songs was blasting through the speakers,so that explains haha.picked Aswad up and we went to Ikea.

can't tell who already arrived cause everyone was scattered.but,there was Me Lana Ahlami Bujur Aswad Syakir Jaa Majid Farisha Zaki Izzud Haziq and Daniel.sat at 3 different tables.but the third table was only Aswad and Haziq.Ann came around 4 something because i persuaded her badly.haha

after that,one group went to karaoke (Majid tkkn ketinggalan),Aswad had a hard time trying to figure out a way to get to his tuition while Me Lana Ann Jaa Izzud Ahlami Buj and Syakir walked to this one IT shop.i swear to God,the boys definitely have a way to walk really fast,hide and appear behind us all of a sudden,esp Buj -.- haha after that,we went to Baskin Robin and bought Choc Chip Cookie Dough.omg,layan gila sialll :D

then,we walked back to the car.menang Shotgun *kening* and shouted some Metallica songs in the car.and Buj,i would like to be in a car with you and some loud musics,but i wouldn't let you drive it,seriously.mengila gila dia ketuk belakang kerusi.hahaha.stopped by at OU and bought some sushi for Ann's auntie and Ahlami sent Me and Lana back.shouted our goodbyes and from there,the day ends.

and i would never,forget this day.ever.class bonding,meatballs and daim cake in one day?mann,that's rare.
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Food Fiesta!

and so,today,Ahlami declared that tomorrow,the whole class shall bring some form of edible food.nothing expired (this is pointed out directly to Ahlami himself).we'll have our own potluck session (Y) bagus,save la duit makan esok.hahaha

then after school,pergi makan ikea pulak.wah wah wah,my tummy will scream in joy.literally.i craved for meatball and daim cake for weeks.at first it was a plan between me and Lana only.ended up inviting Majid, Ahlami and Bujur.and Majid will bring along Farid, Izzud and Syaqeel -.- haha serupa ajak satu kelas je (Y)

and thenn,me and Lana will grab Choc Chip Cookie Dough at Baskin Robin.sumpah layan gila esok!
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What You Read,Is Most Likely What You'll Get


*whisper*cikguu,lapar gila
ha,ok ok.Afiqahhh,duduk la.jom bincang soalan
tkcikgu,ni sumpah,lapar gila cikguu!
sabar,sabar.lagi 50 min je nk rehat
ha k.cikgu,saya tkdpt kertas pun!
ha,ye ke?tunggu dulu.pergi duduk dulu Afiqah.share kertas dgn Azureen
alaaa,saya tknk cikgu *whisper*saya tksuka share
nk buat mcm mana?nnt cikgu kasi la kertas
cikguu.lapar gilaaaaa :O
Afiqah,awak duduk la dulu *pushes me to azureen* Azureen,share kertas kamu dgn Afiqah.dia lapar ni.
?? -.-


*looks at me*
pemadam!nk pemadam!
what do you sayyy? *insert mischievous smile*
*looks at him* NAK NAK NAK!
such a spoil child hahaha


dalam dunia ni,susu apa yg terbaik?
susu ibu!
tkboleh ustazah,susu ibu ada melamin


*grabs the puncher* i feel like punching someone today *punch punch punch*
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Favourite Spot

my room is a bloody mess.i could build a fort with it around my bed.serious!
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anyway,last Tuesday,best gila makan dlm kelas :D macam,ramai gila ok org bawak makanan.well,i brought Kartika Sari's brownies.sumpah best gila makan sbb Lana bwk susu (Y).Lana brought Chacos while Ahlami brought Mooncake flavour Green Tea (it's a bit weird,tp Farisha suka) and an expired sandwich.seriouss,dia ingtkn Mayo tu ok lagi.he didn't even eat his own sandwich!he asked Aswad and Buj to taste it.hahaha.ok,moving on,Daniel brought brownies too.Jaa,her usual,rice and some chicken/fish.whichever.haha that day dia suap Azrel!haha.well,i remembered someone else bringing something else,but i can't remember who or what.haha

so,during the 5th period,i just can't stand it anymore.kena makan,so everyone took out their so-call late breakfast and eat.the food was all passed around the whole class so everyone had a taste of everything.what i like about my class?well,food is always one of the reasons.haha,and as always,the providers would be the same people.it's either Me Lana Jaa Daniel Farid Ahlami or maybe Kar Kei.and normally the main/first/primary/initial person that would come and ask us for food is always Majid haha

and thenn after school,teman Ann pergi balai polisss!gila jakun aa.especially Ana.dia kalau nk ukur muka tebal tu mmg kalah tembok Cina tu.mcm,me,at least,bila nk tngkp gambar ada la tengok ada org pndng tk,ni dia "ala,biar la dia pandang.cepat sikit afiqah" hahaha.lawak gila.so the trip to balai was okk.gila aa nmpk cool siot officers dia pakai full uniform.mcm nk try gak.

after that,we went to Mobil and stop by at Makbul.Firdaus picked us up anddd i got shotgun!sorry ana :p a lesson learn for everyone.i will always win/demand for shotgun.haha.and then ada one time tu ada nmpk budak f4 jalan.Dayana bukak tingkap and i stupidly followed her and with this instant reaction,terjerit pulak kat budak tuu.ya Allah,sumpah malu siot.nnt org fikir poyo aa pulak kan -.-' so,i blame Dayana for making me roll down the windows and shouted,hehe.

jadi,natijahnya,pada tarikh 11 Ogosto,it was a definitely a good day.good food and great entertainment (e.g. making fun of Firdaus)?i vote for great :)
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Logic Would Tell You That .. ??

do you always see what i see in everyone?i mean,seriously.

hidup ni,cakap je la apa apa,tapi jangan sampai org hina kita

haa,lepas dah pandang ayat ni lama lama dah boleh fhm dah.ok,my first thought when i heard my dad said this was : salah siapa ni?org lain yg hina kita,dia la yg bangang,ye tak?

but no."hidup ni cakap je la apa apa" see that?watch what you're saying.whatever that comes out from your mouth,would be heard,observed,evaluated by most likely say,everyone?it's not wrong for you to speak out,say what you think is right,criticize something,your prerogative,human rights,remember?but,don't ever follow whoever or whatever you're talking about.

say this la,if you know you're right,you stand up until the last bit la kan?ni tidak,baru defend diri tengah jalan,dah kena cakap blkg sikit,kecut.apa ni?in one point,if you really are proven you're wrong,take it as a lesson.that's when you take out your white underwear,stick it on a stick and wave it up high,saying you're defeated.jgn la bila kau dah sedar kau dah salah tu,kepala kau,nk bakar pun tklebur,nk pijak pun tkpecah,still mcm tu je,keras kepala.blaja la sikit pls.

lagi satu pulak,kutuk,ha ye kutuk.you're not satisfied with someone.maybe dengki ke apa,i wouldn't know.lepas la smue benda.tkingt dunia lepas.siap masuk bab agama lagi.tengok sebulan lepas tu dia pun sama.pe cita?i get it if you're mad,you let it all go.but have you ever heard "think before you say"?pause yourself from all the rage,mirror yourself first.ckp tu ckp ni,tp last last dia pun buat.what does this prove?aku pun tktau la.

lepas tu lagi,say you're in this one club,committee ke apa.senang,country la kan.tkpuas hati.you don't like how it goes,how it's progressing or how it's not improving.buat pecah kepala fikir apa nk buat.so nk buat apa?lari laa.dah tksuka,benci,nk buat apa lg kn?buat sakit hati je pandang masalah sama.hello?fix it.you don't like how it's managing,you don't like the stupid decisions they make,buat apa lagi?betul kan la kalau kau rasa kau betul ye tk?

i heard people saying nk lari dari Malaysia bila dah hbs blaja.pergi tempat lain lg berbaloi.well,you don't like the government is it?you don't like the schools is it?you don't like how it's so outdated is it?change it.seriously,do.what for they call us "the leader of the next generation"?it's for us to make changes.good,better,wiser changes.

why?because we've seen how the past looks like,history books and you can hear Grandpa tell stories about how they used to get only 5 cents a day to school.our brain has developed more,therefore,we could think better.tell me,during our Grandpa/Grandma's generation.do they have good school?no,probably no school at all.after that,our dad/mum's generation.they have at least a proper school.and now,look at us,we have better schools.what does this shows?we're moving on.

but,what do you see?people who thinks they are much better,decided to run away instead of taking on the legacy of making our place a better place.pernah fikir mcm tu tk?you don't like it at all and you think the next generation would die with it,so run away?what the?struggle yourself in and make changes laa.blaja luar negara is a way for you to move yourself,tapi kalau tknk dtg blk tu dah lain cerita la pulak.i've never appreciated when someone says "what for you come back to Malaysia?you don't get high pays,so it's better when you just stay there." eei

so yes,what i'm talking about is just generally.lumrah hidup,lumrah manusia.even if you think you're already saint,dah pakai tudung,dah complete smyg ke dah khatam alQuran ke apa,think again,there's always a way to improve yourself,improve the society,improve everything.
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Tired Of Them? Never.

Izzud's bbq was great and Ann's surprise party was a thumbs up.looking at the same faces over and over again is never boring.
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9th Of August

love you much and hope you'll have a great birthday!
and bear in mind Ann,aku yg first wish kau (according to my watch) ok? haha
ily penannnn :D

your greatest friend ever xx

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The Only One Standing

my dad called from Bandung and asked if wanted anything.

Me : BA!uda nk jeans!
Along : Baaaa,blikn kain tudung boleh baa?Baba pergi Pasar Baru *bla bla bla*
Adik : Ba!adik nk bajuuu
Along : Ha,baba kt mana?uda nk apa apa lagi tk?
Me : nak handbaggggg :D
Baba : nk handbag mcm mana?
Me : ala nk yg mcm bla blabla
Along : Ba!along pun nakk!
Baba : ha,k k.angah nk apa?
Angah : hmm Ba.bli kn angah tshirt je ke apa la
Baba : fuhh,nasib baik Baba ada anak laki sorang

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School Ain't That Bad

School today was surprisingly good.after 8 months of being in that particular class (our class),Jaa finally made a move on decorating the back board.haha.yes,starting mmg la bersemangat cat kelas smue,siap buat logo lg blkg kelas.honestly,i like my class.lawa jugak laa.gray wall and rich red for the boards?i think it's pretty.

but,the boards are sadly,empty.haha.cikgu mcm dah berjuta kali bising suruh fill up all the boards.kelas pun mcm kapal pecah je.bersepah gila.perempuan pun malas nk sapu kelas.yang sapu biasanya Izzud dgn Daniel je (Y) so,thanks to Jaa,today she bought stuffs to fill up the boards behind us.she even made up 2 new sections : Health Care (bwh tu tulis : Are You Fit Enough To Be In 5 Gama?) and Celebrity something.

somehow,her fresh idea brings joy to the Gamas.everyone was excited for the Celebrity section where we'll put up pictures of our favourite celebrities.tktau laa cikgu approve ke tak,tp seriously,sapa kisah?selama ni,8 bulan cikgu bising board kosong,skrg dah fill tkkn nk marah kann?haha.Irfan dah ready nk bwk gambar Slipknot -.-' (let's hope it's not behind me,Slipknot freaks me out)

so we hung out at the back of the class during recess while watching Jaa put up the stuff on the board (yes,mmg Jaa sorang je buat,lain smue duduk tengok je haha) while Me Aswad Syaqeel Ilman talked and try to spell out words (trust me,kalau Aswad dah pegang buku pelik pelik,mula la dia suruh kterang main teka teka ni kan :O dgn kamus pun boleh!)

after recess,there was this one ceramah.it was good,but boring.i mean it was really,really good.but its too long.pasal satu benda je ckp lama gila :O so,my whole row (except for Jaa) slept for a few minutes,but it seems the girls behind us and boys beside us smue sedar and kena jugak tease -.-' and after dah bngn,rasa fresh and bnyk gila benda ckp dgn Ann.

anyway,what i'll really be missing when i leave school would be the crowd i'm hanging with now.i love my classmates and i love my friends.bila dah keluar sekolah bila lagi nk jmpe everyday without any particular reason?tau bila dtg sklh je mesti jmpe dierang.so,kalau jmpe kawan kat sklh mmg happy sgt sgt :')

eventho dtg sklh tkblaja sgt,but at least it was worth my 8 hours to see them :')
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Ana Is Always Talking CRAP

Ana,don't deny the truth,please.
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pernah tngk cerita Spontan kat Astro Warna tk?well,kena subscribe,tp wtv.kena tngk.lawak gila siall.lawak gila babi :')

sapa kata comedy Malaysia mcm bodoh?tngk la ni(Y)(Y)(Y)

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