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wow,this week was intense!everything in my head was jam-pack!my dad was admitted to the hospital (he's okay now,thank God,dah boleh balik),tuition is all i do.mama tanya balik pukul brapa je mesti jwb "ha,lepas tuition la ma" "ma,uda ada tuition la ptg" and library is where i go everyday (minus Monday,library tutup ye :B)

anyw,boring la ckp pasal belajar

last Saturday,after Physics class,i had Addmaths at 17,Lorong Abang Haji Openg 4.pergi la rompak ye rumah tu.nnt kalau nk bukak tuition centre and short of chairs/meja boleh la amik situ.hehe,sorry cikgu.so anyway,during tuition je smua org dah macam "jom lunch,jom lunch" so habis tuition je siapa mangsa?mesti la my baby k :') so Firdaus pun bwk me and Ana pergi OU.and Firdaus decided nk makan Nandos woaahh best.Firdaus makan berpeluh peluh,no kid.haha had a good time with both of them,cakap cakap and all.tngk Diva buat yg "Nothing more than rm21!" tu tempting gila siall.fulus tiada k!

k,done with one chapter.lepas tu,the latest Wednesday,me and Ana went to the library and again,decided to invite Firdaus out for lunch.he can't decide to choose between lunch with us or the boys.last last,Ana keluar ayat pancing bagus punya (Y) (over the phone) "Firdauss,amik kterang!" "*Firdaus mumbles something*" "aku tknk kwn dgn kau!" "haa ye la ye la,aku amik krng" hahahahaha Ana and her powers (Y) suka sgt!haha this time,i choose lunch.Johnny's la tmpt plng bagus makan nk kenyang and save duit.sumpah murah gila okay.there was me Ana Firdaus Aswad and Izzud.makan smua makan nasi and air sorang satu,Izzud dgn nasi tambah lagi okay.tp total smua rm47.best gila tngk bill okay!so cheap.me and Ana siap boleh beli Famous Amos lagi (tp lepas tu terus pokai :p) haha

as for today,pergi tuition hari ni Majid hantar kan.haha lawak aa,marah marah Majid then ttbe suruh hntr pergi tuition :') kena la hantar kan Majid?you have to kiss my ass now.kenapa marah Majid?sbb dia tipu

Me : *going for Tassawur class*
Azzaim : bye afiqah
Me : ha k,bye *looks around*
Majid : *waved*
Me : wei Majid,aku nk tanya kau smthng boleh?
Majid : *took a step back and amik bag cover muka* ha?apa?
Farid : habis aa Majid,Afiqah nk marah tu
Me : apahal kau pakai baju warna biru?kau bukan kena pecat ke? *muka paling straight dlm dunia*
Majid : *peeking over the bag* haa?weeiii Afiqahhh,aku tkkena pecat punnnnn
Farid : haa marah aa dia Afiqah (batu api siod -.- haha)
Me : *looks at Majid* bla aa kau *laughs*
Majid : haha sorry aa Afiqahhh

tkboleh la,kena gelak la kalau nk marah dierang :') lawak gila part dia angkat beg nk cover muka tu.dia ingt aku nk tumbuk dia ke apa? -.- haha dia tipu dia kena pecat ok!penat je aku kesiankan dia for 4 days!tkpernah kena tipu smpai canni ok!i mean,Aswad gets me everyday,tp mcm,Majid?!MAJID?! -.-' hahahaha

p/s : Firdaus dah pro aa skrg drive :') dulu pussy,skrg dah tk,kan Firdaus?hahaha
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Sharing Is Caring

i tweeted :

and look who replied:

Prem from Flyfm.HAHA,random gila okay! (jakun)

p/s : '.. the fuck' is something you can hear from Farisha.haha
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The Declaration(!)

since Raya is officially over (seriously,today's the last day,check calendar cepat),there'll be no more distractions.i hope.no more fun gatherings,only meet ups to check about how much we know about our studies.to test each other out.it's just gonna be the form 5s and the truckloads of exercises.this is not the typical 'Ayat Standard' anymore.this is the real deal and 30 more days is short for any of us.a bit more time to revise here and there,but it's time for the preparations.

and no,i'm not gonna freak out or stress or anything,but,just to make the air in my head clear,i have no more time.brush up everything i have left and just get on going.so people,i shouldn't be making anymore time for anything else,cause anything that should matter right now is our studies.SPM is a huge thing and so is my future.ok,cuak sikit.so i'll just leave it here and all the best to everyone.

andddd,i'm out.have fun studying guys :')

p/s : but still,i'm on with Twitter.hoorah for micro blogging!
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Till Then,

sorry rumah Ana ada gambar lepak bwh pokok je tu pun ada kterang 6 je (Me Kamar Odeng Izzud Majid Ann) haha :P


tngk blkg kterang tu dining room dia.cool gila ok,ada pintu yg lipat lipat tu,so cm,boleh lipat pintu tu and garden dia kat situ!so cm cool gila waktu makan tngk garden dia!

see?blkg tu tmpt mkn :B cool kan?!

Odeng tkhabis habis nk pegang benda tu ok -.-

and waktu ni Majid annoying gila ok.smua org dah ready,dia tunduk,ttbe dia bangun and jerit "HA,JUMPA PUN" haha bengong,saje je nk block -.-


see?dah ckp dah.i'm the best supporter there is :')

dah penat main Wii

Bujur lari keluar ok and cm "afiqahhh,aku tkde gambar lagi dgn kauuu" haha,so sweet :')

and as for today,pergi rumah mak Majid at Bukit Tunku somewhere in KL.t'was fun,makanan dia Va Va Voom okaaayy.sedap gila.Odeng cm makan 6/7 round -.-

"aku makan tkkenyang kenyang ni"
"tkbaca Bismillah kot"
"dah.Nauzubillah pun aku dah sebut"


**more pictures at Facebook on Hani and Ahlami's album

p/s : omggg,best nya dpt lepak dgn dia for 2 days straight.dia senyum cair gila okayy!handsomeeeee! (no Majid,ni bukan kau.jgn prasan okay :p)
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Superb Saturday

ok,hari ni plan pergi rumah Ana,Bob and Ilya.so pagi tu get ready la yada yada yada.so mama was going to Taman Tun (told ya my family goes there everyday) and cm ikut mama terus.she dropped me at the library because Majid is picking me up there.mamat tu yg semangat message "cepat doo" padahal aku tunggu situ 20 minit ok -.-'

and waktu tunggu situ,tksedar lngsng yg Gen dah ada kat community.i mean,i saw a blue Honda Jazz coming,but i didn't know it was Gen.kalau tau dah masuk dah kereta dia,dpt sikit aircond.so finally,Majid came and first thing jerit is obvly "LAMA GILA KORANG" and after yoi move to the back,i get the front seat,then convoy dgn Gen.in Majid's car there was Me Yoi Shiraq and Farid while in Gen's car there was Odeng Hani Kamar Sha and Daniel.tksangka boleh muat 4 org kat blkg ok!never underestimate the Jazz haha

went to Daniel's place and lepas tu terus gerak Sg Buloh.omggg,rumah Ana besar gila okk!cool gila!Kamar tkhabis habis "ni rumah ke resort?rumah ke resort?" haha.then after a while at Ana's place,gerak rumah Bob pulak,still at Sg Buloh (satu kampung ok).rumah Bob pun cooolll!mcm,tktau aa mcm mana nk describe tp cool gila!mcm,omg,cool gila!haha

waktu nk pergi rumah Bob tu,Izzud,Jaa and Lana has no place to squeeze in.there was Me Majid Yoi Shiraq Farid Gen Odeng Hani Sha Kamar Daniel Firdaus Ann Khidhir and Bob and there was only 3 cars.kereta Majid dah aa mcm tua gila -.- so mcm naik ramai ramai mmg slow gila aa kan (sorry Majid) hehe so smua main naik je.I squeeze infront with Lana and blkg tu main masuk je.then kereta Firdaus pun main sumbat je org haha.

arrived at Bob's safely and we were there quite for a while.makan,ckp ckp,the boys dgn gym equipment Bob and all + pictures.so lama aa rumah Bob.me and Shiraq amik smua candy haha.masuk smua dlm pocket baju melayu dia,lepas tu every 5 minutes "wei nk fruit plus" haha

so around 4++ we all left Bob's place (Lana and Izzud naik Gen while Jaa dgn Firdaus.so Majid's car was back to just the 5 of us) and initially,the plan was Majid will drop me off at Ilya's place while he'll attend the rest of the open houses tp last last,aku ikut dia -.- haha awkward jugak aa.went to Sg Penchala for Azzim's open house (jgn tanya,tkkenal) and after that to Fikri's open house.tu cm boleh aa.ada la Zaki Ahlami Syakir Flab and all.so boleh la (Y)

and after Fikri's open house,Kamar asked Majid to send him home,so nasib duduk depan,tkpyh squeeze lg kat blkg (Y) haha.and dlm kereta Yoi/Kamar mcm "first pergi resort,lepas tu chalet (rumah bob) lepas tu pergi wedding (rumah Fikri.kemah besar ok dia pasang!)!.rumah Azzim R&R hahaha" haha siod.and so dropped Farid off,then Kamar and Majid dropped me off at Ilya's place.

smpai rumah Ilya dah ada dah org tgh makan makan.so skip evening.night timeee.a lot of people was at Ilya's place.best gila smua org menghadap Wii.i jumped and cheered a lot when the boys played Boxing.wohoo,berpeluh ok cheer,serupa mcm main (Y) and mann,you guys should see how sweating Firdaus was main boxing ok.took pictures here and there and waktu kat rumah Ilya energetic sioddd,rasa mcm boleh jln everywhere,ckp bnyk bnyk and such haha.

Ilya's place was d'bomb,makanan sedap gilaaa and cm ramai jugak org,so mcm layan.Khairul was even there too.and biasa lah,kalau jmpa je gaduh.tk sah kalau tkgaduh -.- haha.so we left Ilya's place around 9.40+PM and now,here i am.sleeping over at Jaa's place (including Lana and Ann) and blogging,like there's no tomorrow.

so esok last!rumah Majid dkt KL.BRING IT ON!hehe

p/s : plan pergi 3 rumah je,tp naik dgn Majid dia bwk jln jln pulak haha.thanks Majid :B
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Ayat Standard

Mr Koo : How are you?
Me : hmm,okay
Mr Koo : you know what i like when i'm talking to her?her expressions.
Me : *buat muka 'apa ckgu nii'*
Mr Koo : hahaha,see thattt?

haha,yes,i use facial expressions a lot especially when i'm talking to the boys in my class.seboleh bolehnya nk tunjuk muka menyampah kat dierang.tp kalau buat kat Aswad mesti dia ckp "kau jgn nk buat muka dgn aku ha!" "*pandang dia and inserts eye rolling*"

anyway,open houses are lining up.serious bnyk gila.mcm every week,tksabar nk tunggu weekend sbb nk g rumah org.mind you,i love going to people's house.i love observing the interior designs and such.

so,a month passed by,not a single weekend without going to a friend's house.dari first week raya.and now,for the fourth week (this Saturday and Sunday) we have Ana's house,Bob's and Ilya's for Saturday.and to wrap this all up,Majid's on Sunday.

lepas tu next week dah hbs dah.no more open housessss.dah tkde alasan dah tknk blaja weekend ni. *geleng kepala* sedar la sikittt.ayooo.anyway,ayat standard? "ni last last.sumpah ni last" haha last la sgt.dr dulu ckp "ok ok,ni last gathering,pasni boleh concentrate dah kat SPM" tkjugak.hahaha

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Worry Don't!

haha thanks krng dtg eventho jauh rumah :B maklum lah,underage,transport is always a problem kan?haha thanks again Majid sbb drivekan balik (open house sendiri dtg lmbt ok!haha)

anyw,jgn risau lah kalau buat open house org tkdtg,ajak la dierang ni smua ye.dgr open house je or any gathering,terus "ye?jom pergi wei" and terus plan the whole day -.- haha master ok my classmates.satu hari tu,6 open houses boleh pergi.they will never bail a house.haha.so kalau dah buat open house tu kalau ajak budak budak atas ni,mesti datang punya laa.haha

thanks guys.best betul jadi classmate krng haha.thanks Ann,Ana and even Budu too :')
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Disney Productions

hmm,i did mention quite a number of times already,i still watch cartoon.lame as it sounds,i do admit,i am infamously,lame.HAHA.ok aa,serious aa.haha.so i love,super duper love Disney movies.and some of these,are my top favorites :

Wall-E comel gila k!a bit slow here and there,tp overall,touched sikit tngk movie ni :')

Meet The Robinsons pun best!best gila!i don't favor much the part yg the villain finally took control,tau tk,yg part this-is-what-happen-when-the-hat-takes-control?haa,that one.seram sikit.tp ending dia touching sgt :'')

Finding Nemo,tkkn lupa.smpai skrg i keep on repeating the phrase "just keep swimming,what do we do?just keep swimming" haha comel je Dory.the biggest kudos for this movie

Monsters Inc ni pulak mmg family favorite aa (Y) suka sgt sgt,suka gila gila,sedih sgt sgt.eventho there's no news for the 2nd movie yet,i still have hopes for it.ni mmg tknk berhenti tunggu.the movie is too good to be true (Y)(Y)(Y)

haaaa,nk tau all-time favorite movie?Hercules.best gila!dah la Hercules tu handsome,best betul tngk.suka gila ok movie ni.esp waktu dia shiny and kononnya dia boleh return to heaven :') tp dah lama tktngk!

tp kalau nk tau,my most favorite Disney movie would be The Incredibles la.everytime dpt tngk movie ni,mmg melekat kat tv.tengok sampaii habis,until some of the lines,i've already memorize,no joke!suka gila gila!i just have a 'thing' with superpowers!suka tngk!esp random powers mcm Jack Jack haha soo cool "THAT WAS TOTALLY WICKED!" hahaha,comel je :B

now,when i heard about another sequel movie is coming out,i'm just so happy!tksabar gila nk tngk!they even predicted it might be the biggest movie for 2010!jeng jeng jeng!

Toy Story 3!hmmm,rindu tkterkata :') 2010 baby!dah tngk trailer and tksabar nk tngk movie dia!wohooo!

p/s : Car was stupid,that was a disappointment and Up,tksempat nk tngk :'( smua org ckp best :(((( nk tngkkk!

p/ss : Disney Princess movies pun best!suka gila Mermaid,Beauty and The Beast,Aladdin,Sleeping Beauty dgn Cinderella ("Cindarelly Cindarelly!" haha so cute!).ok,suka semua la basicly!tp Snow White boring and buruk.haha sorry Snowy :B tp Snow White dlm cerita Shrek 3 rock ok!haha
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Les Awesome

i just left this out of yesterday.teringat pulak bila baca bvlog sha.anyw,after schl yesterday,me and Lana,it was our usual Wednesday weekly routine,went to the library straight after school.and biasa la,duduk surau nk dekat 1 jam,baring,tdo kejap (well,not Lana) haha.

and so,well,nothing particular happened at library.
grabbed a seat at Bob and Khidhir's table.cina cina SMKBUD tu annoying gila ok.ni dah tkkisah la post kat public.bukan racist,tp cm serious aa,perangai tkboleh nk jaga.bising gila!

and after a few hours doing AddMaths and Chemistry,it was finally time to leave.Jeng Jeng Jeng

we were all standing outside of the library.tktau la kenapa.smua mcm diri je,ckp ckp.ttbe nmpk Firdaus tgh nk jln kat kereta dia.said bye to Lana when i suddenly saw Firdaus running.and dlm otak fikir satu je,sumpah,satu je! "aku nk duduk depan(!)" and suddenly,i was running after him.

i saw the others walking slowly,so carefree k.haha and while running towards the car,i knew Firdaus will lock the car if i don't reach there on time.so lari full speed aa ni.when i finally reached the car,Firdaus mcm "ala!wei,cepat masuk,cepat cepat!
" and by the time the others reached the car,he locked it.there was obviously loud bangings on the window and Firdaus tried to drive away but Syakir was sitting on the hood -.- haha

at first,i was not even sure why i followed Firdaus.i didn't even know they was going to eat.tau nk duduk depan je.HAHA.now you know how determined i am to get the front seat.

me and Firdaus was already comfortable in the front seat when the others squeezed in at the back.Khidhir on top of Syakir,Sha on top of Ana and Waa on top of Dayana.nasib la Sha dgn Waa ringan kan,tp Khidhir tktau la.haha.then jokes was thrown around in the car.jokes bodoh bodoh Firdaus tkkn lepas la kan.then Sha shouted "Afiqah lek je kat d
epan do!" and Khidhir mcm "mmg la,bersungguh sungguh lari!she deserves it" hahahaha

went to Mohsin and Ana finally took the stand to not talk to Firdaus.haha funny shit.and all the time i was like "AYOO Firdaus,Ana dah emo dgn kau!padan muka" Ana siap tukar tempat dgn Khidhir lagi bila Firdaus duduk sebelah dia :') so proud of Ana.i wouldn't last long when i do that to Firdaus esp bila keluar ayat dia yg "alolololo,merajuk,hodohnya" HAHA tp this time,Firdaus finally caved in and said sorry to Ana countlessly.so funny!

there was this one time,we were all eating away (lapar tkingt dunia) when Ana looked up and shouted "OMG OMG OMG!WEI!JATUH WEI!JATUH!" everyone looked up and i thought a kid fell down the hill and some car was driving fast towards him (i know,wild imagination) and i looked around for a sign of a kid when i finally noticed
Ana was looking at some thrash bin rolling down the hill.hahahahaha lawak gila ok!we were all laughing sbb reaction Ana lawak gila.and so,everyone assumed it was the wind,when after 10 minutes or so,when i looked up,i saw 3 kids trying to push the trash bin up the hill again and i laughed like crazy.haha,so it was the kids who pushed the trash bin down.lawak gila :') haha.dah la ni yg trash bin yg DBKL yg besar tu,and the kids was sooo small okay!haha

so,we hung out at Mohsin and by 6.15pm we had to leave cause me Ana and Ilya have tuition at 6.30pm.Ana won't go to tuition with Firdaus,so she followed Ilya.i had to got with Firdaus cause we left all out stuffs in his car.haha Ana emo terbaik punya la (Y) haha

and bila smpai tution,kterang cm excited gila bgtau Mr Cheen Ana merajuk dgn Firdaus.then cikgu tanya la asal and when we told him what Firdaus said to Ana dia gelak gila ok!gila yg mcm tkberhenti hahaha.then dia ckp nnt dia nk kena kan Firdaus :') haha

eventho lepak dgn dierang not even a merely 1 and 1/2 hours,i already have my laughing supply for the whole week :') *Ana in the background saying "Sweet sangat!" haha

p/s : Ana shifts from Ruiz to Majid so faassstttt!haha
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today,i went to school.i didn't regret about it so much.who would have thought it would end up good?haha

lets start of with something out of the ordinary that happened today.for instance,Gama '09 today,just broke a new record.9 ORG JE DTG SKLH HARI NI BRO.gila!

well,my class is just so used to the phrase "Gama live do.ramai org eh dlm kelas dierang" "kelas Gama je yg penuh setiap hari kan?" hari ni,9 ORG JE?hahahaha,kalah kan Sigma ok!Sigma 10 org dtg,Gama 9!tp Beta champion aa hari tu,5 je,whaddap?haha

tp mmg serious pelik sikit.i'm used to the noises and all the shouting,sarcasm and running around from the boys.hari ni,haha pelik.

the reason why Gama always have the most attendance pun sebab ada cikgu ke tkde,kterang still blaja dlm kelas.some of them also have their own 'study group' session outside of the class (yes,weird,but true.they like the wind from outside).and we always have Hakim around to ask about Physics and Add Maths.so,it's just up to you nk blaja ke tak.kalau tkblaja mmg la rasa rugi dtg sklh.sama je mcm g library,it's up to you nk blaja ke borak kan?

so,Pn Siaw,never misses her class.and even with 8 people in the class (Hazwani lari pergi library),we manage to make enough noise to make her pause,sit down and say "this is very important y'knowww" haha.she even signed Haris' bag and put a heart around her name!Awww :')

so in the end,Ahlami took out his camera and tangkap la gambar.the best picture would be :

koraaang,pls la ckp rambut dia mcm Astroboy kan kan kan?!HAHAHA *jgn lupa gelak pls.hahahaha

the 8 people who came today :') budak budak yg suka pergi sekolah.haha +Hazwani.such a weird crowd,i admit.haha
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Another Day

so hari ni (!),our classmates decided to visit our late friend's house : Arwah Farah Hani.before this they went to her house like loads of time already,but sadly i couldn't make it.so this time,sanggup potong waktu tuition Physics sbb nk singgah rumah Arwah.most of it was our classmates,tp ada la Sarah,Syeda,Farina,Bob and Kamar.haa Budu pun ada.

so after tuition Physics naik la cab pergi KD.ok,cab driver tu baik gila ok.haha tkde la baik.lawak sebenarnya.tkde la lawak jugak sebenarnya,tp dia layan kterang tipu dia mcm (Y) haha

first dia tanya umur,Lana,always being herself,was the quick one to answer and,to lie.terus jawab "ha yg ni 26,23,28 dgn yg ni 30 *points at Farisha*" hahaha so cab driver tu pun layan je la kterang.mengarut smua ckp nk kahwin next week and kahwin kat parking lot je.kenapa? "sebab kita ni,bukan la org berada.nk byr cab ni pun tksure ada duit ke tak" HAHA.mamat tu pun gelak and layan jee.siap amik no dia lagi sbb nk suruh pick up lagi waktu balik nnt.haha

kan dah ckp.asal ada gambar Majid je,mesti blur. *click to enlarge* nasib baik la Majid .. (refer previous post) HAHA

k,ni comel gila k.smue nk buat timer.brapa bnyk tah camera atas kereta.even Uncle dgn Auntie pun lari kat kterang smue.haha

wohoo.ada org match :')

Bob sentiasa dgn aksi aksi kurang sopan dia -.-'

ok,tkfhm lngsng ok apa Aswad ckp dgn family dia -.-

so balik tu pun call lagi cab tu.so dia pick up lagi.kali ni kantoi.dia nmpk kterang keluar kn angpau.

Cab Driver Lana Jaa Me
Ha,tu!dpt duit raya lagi tkkn la dah kerja!
Eh bang,kalau muka dah comel lote mcm ni kena la kasi duit raya!

*nmpk org naik motor*
ha bang,dulu saya naik ni bang
oh ye ke?rempit la dulu
ha,smua saya boleh buat wheelie smua
kterang dulu gangster kat sklh bang
iye ke?
ha betul,dulu kterang angkat tangan sikit je smua org takut,takut kena lempang!
ha'ah.skrg angkat tngn nk hulur salam je
dah insaf sikit la skrg?
uishh,tkkn sikit.bnyk la bang!

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Ma,I'm All Grown Up!

Graduation Night was superb :) best gila! (Y)

i'm just gonna describe some parts.dah lmbt buat post ni feel dah tkde dah haha

when they were about to announce the winner for the awards,Ana looks at us and said " *betulkn tudung* wei ok tk?aku nk naik atas amik hadiah ni " HAHA.Eijas pulak " wei ok tk muka surprised aku *buat muka* " hahaha bodoh gila ok

obviously,they didn't win.Aswad gets to be on the stage tho.tktau malu k.dgr nama Hakim (he was not there) dia mcm automatically terus bngn pergi amikkn utk Hakim haha.Jaa went up too for Athirah.Gama menang 3 awards k :') tp 2 org tkdtg aa haha.

Odeng won for Most Comical.before his name was announced Aswad mcm " aku rasa Odeng menang aa ni " and when his name was announced,we all stood up and clapped like crazy *shouting was inserted,of courzzze*.Most Artistic was well .. predicted.smue org mcm dah start whisper " Gama Gama,bangun tau nnt " so Haris was called up and a lot of people stood up and clapped for him.and so,you know our drill.kalau dah tepuk + menjerit mcm org gila,kena la bersemangat kan?and so,i clapped until my right pinkie finger is bruised.serious tktipu,lebam.sakit gila.bila mcm sedar dah blue-black.bila smpai rumah dah purple.i think it was because when i clapped,my pinkie hits my ring constantly,so result : lebam.sakit.

so,Eijas and Ana.dah tkmenang.apa comment? " aku rasa kalau ada award yg plng handsome,aku menang aa *stares at us tensely* " " Ana Ana!Ana menang plng cute " " betul tu,sep sikit Ana " me and Aswad looked at each other and mula la buat muka.hahaha.kawan ni,betullah.jokes plng bodoh keluar kat mulut dierang.skin jokes dah dari form1 dah puas.skrg dah move on.haha

p/s : tkbwk camera ok mlm ni.everyone was already used to my camera,ramai gila tnya "afiqah,mana camera?" so pakai camera Lana je la k babies?tp gambar smua shaky,so mcm tkclear.asal muka Majid je tkclear,asal muka Majid ada je,mesti tkclear.nasib handsome.opss.HAHAHAHA
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Bila Org Tua Tua Tgh Ckp,Jgn Menyampuk!

Me, Haris, Al-Azim

Omg!Haris!u tau tk!nnt Avatar keluar movie!
haaaaa!memula i tngk trailer dia *explains trailer*
tu la pasal!i pun mcm excited gila tngk trailer dia!
mesti best kan?
besttt!dia buat the whole 3 books in one movie
i suka gila ep yg dia pergi Spirit world and one spirit yg curi muka tu
i suka gila yg Katara pretend jadi spirit tu!
*bla bla bla* (mula describe episodes smua)
oh,i suka yg patung tu bergerak pastu serang dierang
yg mana?
ala,patung tu attack dierang
apa kau merepek ni?
eh u ni,u ckp pasal Wendy Wu ke apa?
ok,i rasa Wendy Wu kot
u ni,tktau jgn sibuk la
entah,sibuk pulak

i suka ok tngk Phineas and Ferb
haha yeah,i suka waktu Ferb ckp,smua org diam
eh,adik i ckp Ying Yang Yo best
ha!best best,sbb art dia mcm ..
uh *abouts to interrupt*
shhh *puts finger on lips* hahahaha
:( kk


p/s : sorry.big fans of cartoons.nasib Haris ada.ada geng.hehe
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Faces of Evil

do you guys know what my phone have gone through all this while?random wallpapers.it all started with this dude :
ok,bila Eijas buat mcm ni normal la kan.dah nama pun Eijas.so dia jadikn gambar dia wallpaper,screen saver and even the damn start-up screen.lepas tu dia ni pun nmpk :

at first Bujur gelak.then he pointed the camera towards him and vĂ³ila!he was the new wallpaper.but then he discovered screen saver gambar Eijas,dia pun tukar gambar dia jadi screen saver and start-up screen.and as we go down my phone history :

next in line was Farid,who thought it was funny to give me a heartattack by putting this picture on my wallpaper.bukak phone mcm terkejut gila ok!but Farid didn't last long.the next day after his picture was taken,we went to the library.jumpa la pulak ...

Acap and Raa.ok,ni tksedar langsung ok.again terkejut.Acap,jgn bagi aku tngk muka kau mcm tu pls.and him,as my wallpaper.

ni kerja Firdaus.dia tngkp gambar cincin Ann and letak as wallpaper.tktau la kenapa.dia benci Acap kot?ok,gambar cincin Ann ni mcm lama la jugak sebagai wallpaper.until :

Farid found out.first ingt nk pinjam phone "afiqah,tngk phone kejap" lepas tu bila dpt balik Syaqeel ckp "wei afiqah,phone kau ada virus" ingt betul ok -.-' sbb dulu memory card mmg kena masuk virus.haha.lepas tu ignore la Syaqeel.balik tu bila nk tngk phone ayooo,Alana bersubahat ok :( tapi lepas Farid sedar mata dia kena block dgn "MY MAXIS".so dia pun tukar again dengan ...

gambar poyo ni.and then,the phone was passed around.pass pass pass ttbe dpt pulak gambar monyet ni :

Majid.tkhbs hbs buat muka tu -.-' and now,currently,my phone's wallpaper is Majid's picture.it's been 2 days now.bila bukak phone most of the time mesti ckp "Ya Allah" hahahaha.tp screen saver dgn start up screen still Bujur aa.haha

btw,nk tngk cara Majid tngkp gambar tk?

hehehehe,tngkp sendiri wooo :B

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