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The Greatest!


"tengok ni adilah buat cake utk mak long for Mother's Day"
"hmm, haa siapa yg buat?"
"adilahhh yg buat. tengok ni, harith, nadiah semua wish mummy Happy Mother's Day kat facebook. korang tkda pun buat"
"hah? Ma, buat apa facebook. kterang wish depan depan"
"tak nak, mama nk facebook jugak!"
"uhh, mama bukan friend adik"
"nnt mama add semua, semua kena approve lepas tu wish mama kat facebook"
"ooookay mama"

truthfully, mama dah add pun kat facebook cuma tkapprove je :B hahaha

and i swear, mine better than yours :D

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The Daily Life

It's been a week since i started my holidays and the only schoolmate i've seen is Diey. and that was from afar. she was walking with her friends and i stood still while waving frantically haha. i seriously miss everyone and plus, this should be certified : i actually haven't hung out with any one of my friends for a damn week while i'm at home.

Is that good news or not?

Anyway, I have an ulcer in my mouth and it hurts like hell. it magically appeared a few days ago and its bugging me. I tried putting salt on it, TWICE and it has done nothing to it. and decided to put ice but the ice got stuck to my lips. dammit, sakit lah sial. Can't even smile and when i told this to my mum, the promoter at a shop actually laughed

"Maaaaa, uda tkboleh senyum"
"Ada ulcerrrr"
"Apa kena mengena? Mama suruh uda beli air"

Heh, maybe there's another reason she laughed but still (!!)

Never thought the day would come where I actually post about my ulcer. Heh, amusing.

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