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i'm always racing against time.everywhere i go,i have to check the time.every minute,i'll be wishing i'm somewhere else.and every more minute passed,i'll be wishing i'm at home,sleeping away so that all my aches will go away.i mean,sure,tak main bola baling,kalau nk compare dgn dierang (kaki Farisha still creeps me out,btw) mmg aku kalah aa.i mean,i'm used to be used to this,all this body aches and stuff.now i'm just trying to blend in again with all of this.

On Tuesdays,i usually don't stay up this late.i mean,imagine, Tuesdays,my agenda would be : from Bukit Jelutong to TTDI,then TTDI to BU/Sunway Damansara,then BU/Sunway Damansara to KD.last last baru KD to Bukit Jelutong.arrive home at 10.15 PM,never earlier,maybe later.sampai rumah,tak mandi,tak makan,tidur terus sbb penat :( buttt tonight,i have to send in my English Folio to Alana.what a drag.tahun ni punya kerja banyak gila!

but,honestly,i just don't want to complain.i just wanna let some part of me out.why all this while i've been sighing to myself.i mean,i chose this life.i decided i want to stay in TTDI (and honestly,my family too can't stay away from TTDI.we still go there every weekend for our errands A.K.A. laundry or pasar).and for that,no complains here.just,tired.its ok,just a few more months and i'm done.

btw,March is over.fast.ssooo fast.but fun sbb cm fast kan.i hope April will be like this too.yeeehaw!

"cikgu,last year tkpakai pun buku karangan!asal this year guna?"
"mengarut Afiqah ni,nampak sangat kamu tkpernah buat kerja tahun lepas.guna la buku karangan!"
"(Damn,tktau pun)"

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it's Sunday

i think this video is cute.Damn,i want a colourful house and a lawn mower to match it too!
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Trippin' Thursday

we have Mr Nathan's class today. Ana's house is still empty,much to my enjoyment. Ann cooked Maggie cause she's starving and we all had a bowl of it. thanks Ann (Y). so Mr Nathan msged "I b late" and we laugh cause we think the msg is funny.then he started teaching about IUPAC

Mr Nathan,Us
"oh,do you know that IUPAC is a Malaysian?"

"oh serious?"
"yeah!u've never heard of it?Malaysian pun terer tau!"
"uish!gila cool!"
*continues teaching and suddenly*
"u guys never heard of IUPAC?"
"ayo,u smue muka blur,IUPAC means International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry!"
"iye la!"

*talks on the phone*
"cikgu,tu mesti student perempuan kan?"
"yeah.u tau tak dia sklh mane?"
"sekolah (states something)"
"tkpernah dgr punnn"
"tkpernah?ada kat KL or somewhere"
"oh ok"
"...,lagi,u smue muka blur lg.u tktau ke sekolah tu sekolah laki?!" *starts laughing*
"laaaa!cikgu,mane kterang tau!"
"iye la,nama pun (school's name).mesti la sekolah laki!"

"so form 4 tuition nnt rumah Eli yea?"
"i think Farid and Khidir no need to join la.it's already pack.then later,no where to sit"
(this is ANA) "its okay,sit on mama" *pats on her lap*

"(apa tah dia ckp)mcm org putih"
"ckgu u tkboleh putih,u hitam" *sbb dia indian*
"eh,i bukan hitam,i nigga!" *lepas tu buat action dgn tangan and ckp "wassup wassup?"

i swear,today's Chemistry class was nothing like the other.haha
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Wacky Wednesday

started with a morning in school.when me and ana planned to go to Ann's after school.during recess

Ana : kterang nk g library pasni
Me : Oh yeah?library mane?
Ana : komuniti.kterang tkde cikgu,so nk lari sana.kan ra?
*ra noods*
Me : Oh?!gila best do

when schools ends

Ann : wei,kakak aku dah smpai.mane ana ni?
Me : eh!dia kata td dia nk g komuniti!
Ann : ha?kau biar betul
Me : iyeee,dia kata dia dgn ra lepas rehat fly pergi library komuniti
Ann : canne ni?blk dulu la

ann's house (msg)

Ana : aku dah smpai rumah
Ann : asal tkckp?kakak kita tunggu kot
Ana : eh,sorry.kterang tipu afiqah kterang g library komuniti,tktau pulak dia percaya

at Quali

Ann : afiqah,aku dare kau tanya abg ni ada tak kopi jantan
Me : ok,kalau aku buat?
Ann : aku belanja barli ais kau
Me : Damn,ok. *looks at the waiter* Abg,ada kopi jantan tak?
Waiter : um,(calls out to his friend) ada kopi jantan tak?! oh, ada :)
*laughing out loud*
Ra : eh,kalau ada kopi jantan,ada kopi betina tak?
Me : entah,tanya la abg ni
Ra : bang,ada kopi betina tak?
Waiter : eh, KACIP FATIMAH la dik (dgn penuh semangat)
Ra : ohhhhh
*me and ann continues laughing*

Mr Cheen's

*eating loacker*
Ana : ala,dah mkn bnyk bnyk chocolate ni,tkde air
Ann : jom call cikgu suruh bli!
Me : ha,jom jom

(ni dah tkingt sapa ckp apa dah)
: eh jom surprise cikgu!
: ha,kene sorok beg!
: kasut kne bwk masuk dlm!
: switch off aircond and kipas!
: tulis msg kat board
(WRITTEN : sorry teacher,kterang ada hal.kne balik.we'll come back at 8)
: ok,menyorok

Me : cikgu dah dtg!
*smue lari berkeliaran*
Me : tipu,nk tngk reaction korang

Ra : *giggles* tkde :)

Me : Ilya,kau nk tipu tkjadi siod -.-'

Me : tipu aa
: uish uish,smue diam!

*dgr cikgu tolak kerusi tepi*
Mr Cheen : aik?
*opens the first door and*
Mr Cheen : hey! get out laaaa

Mr Cheen : you remember? S.O.R. and P.O.R.?
Me : sor por sor por.rasa cm ckp cina
Mr Cheen : eh,mmg cina.tu maksud dia crazy woman
: oh serious?
Mr Cheen : yeah, sor means stupid
Ilya : eh babi -.-'

Mr Cheen : mane u tinggal?
Me : me? bukit jelutong
Mr Cheen : O:
Me : oh,kau tau tak,Areena pernah cerita kwn dia jln from tmn tun to manjalara ikut tol smue.2 jam jln
Ann : biar betul
Ilya : entah kau percaya ke?
Me : mane aku tau,dah dia ckp!
Mr Cheen : eh,u tau tk,dulu kat China smue budak jln pergi sklh 3-4 hours.and they're like on 6 or 7 years old.ni u guys,nk jln pergi Devi's Corner bli mineral pun call i.

Me : My mum is gonna pick me up today,so i cant stay for f4 class
Mr Cheen : oh u duk jauh bagus la. *hold his hands to ears* abanggg,hantar pergi tuition.ha,cari la boyfriend!
Mr Cheen : betul la! *mocks a girls voice* bang bang!
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Stressed Out

i am too focused on my Physics,Chemistry,AddMaths and History until i totally forgot about Tassawur and Agama and im wayyyy off track in both of 'em.damnnn.

anyways,school reopens today and well,Pn Siaw was really in a bad mood.and finally got the class quiet for a few seconds.which is..creepy.

ok,i still got my Agama assignment and English folio to be done.

i have my Chemistry F4 and F5 homework too.

and not to mention my never lasting AddMaths homework.

i need to keep studying History on my own.goodluck on that.

and my BM Karangan is still untouchable. and my English paperwork (english bnyk kerja!)

Physics need to be polish.

and Tassawur? pandai pandai la kau.
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Fast Forward and Don't Rewind

whatever shit it is,its not always our fault.

i seriously cant wait to rap this all up.i dont want to trouble my dad anymore :(
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Picture Perfect :)

My best definition of a picture perfect is:
The day when i was looking for a table at Shakey's and when i turn around,i see my friends with their arms out while shouting "SURPRISE".in my head,i hear that 'click' shutter-sound and from that minute on,i know,that particular image will never disappear in my head.
up until now,i still can recall that scene in my head :)

p/s:tktau,ttbe teringat hr tu.sentimental sikit hahahaha
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My Sister's Keeper

this has got to be the one of the greatest book i've ever read.

i baru habis baca buku ni,and i mcm,nangis 4 baldi pun tkhabis lagi :'( sedih gila

the ending is so unpredictable and yes,as Haris would say to me before,death is something you can never predict even though that person is dying.and well,sedih gila gila laaa.you want a good book to read?

this is highly recommended.
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HEY!everyone's happy

Dear Raihan,Happy 17th birthday :)
sure,the little surprise birthday song was a small plan,but we didnt think that the whole canteen (the boys' section) would sing along with us,but it was nice of them.
wellll,hope you appreciate it and since kau tkpernah miss nk kasi aku hadiah,i will get you one,tunggu duit masuk poket je la dulu k?haha
anyway,have a great birthday babe ;)


to my dearest cousin,HANEY,
congrats for your 7A's in SPM.
mintak Pak Itam hadiah best best tau!hehe


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We Strike Again!

school was,school.ilya,farisha and athirah was absent,so theres me,lana and jaa.after recess,it was IT/Seni.the Art students went down to bengkel and do whatever they do down there while the IT students stayed in class because Pn Nurlyza have a meeting or so.

i slept during recess by arranging chairs and i,well,tidur la.after recess i can hear my dammit classmates nudges me with "afiqah,bangunnn" "BANGUN AFIQAH,DAH HABIS REHAT" and i replied with "hmmm" "TAKNAK BANGUN,NANTI LA!" and finally i can hear Fit saying "do you realize you're the only girl in class?" i sat up straight look around and "well,apparently,now i do" and i streched and read My Sister's Keeper for a good half and hour.

after that,i can see Izzud and Daniel sweeping the class and i walked back to my table with heavy heads.i felt dizzy and tried to do my AddMaths and Chemistry work.Alana is MIA and i sat silently at the back of the class while watching the boys getting amazed with Clean and Clear -.-" pelik gak haha

oh yeah,one of the guys in my class found this stick and while we're sitting in big groups talking suddenly Buj came over with the stick and started shouting to it "APA KAU NAK IRFAN?" (if you dont get the joke,Irfan actually resembles a stick,no kid) and he starts to punch the stick while yelling Irfan's name and you can see Alana laughing hysterically next to me.haha
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X-Men is coming out this year! :D
X-Men Origin: Wolverine, May 1st '09

ohhhhh yeah,i am totally looking forward for this one. Night At The Museum 2 : Battle of The Smithsonian, 21st May '09

and yeah,its a family-thing.we watch the last 2 movie like dozens of time together.so,im really looking forward to this one. Ice Age 3 : Dawn of The Dinosaurs, 2nd July '09

eventho movie after movie,it gets worse and worse,but i still love watching Harry Potter on screen. Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince, 16 July '09

and for those dimwits who are still unaware,Transformers is also going to be in the cinemas after 2 long,dreadful years! :D i've waited for this movie ever since the first movie is still showing. Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen, 26 June '09

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I Want My Own Bookstore!

The It Girl Novels :
#2 : Notorious. date of release : June 6, 2006
#3 : Reckless. date of release : Nov 1, 2006
#4 : Unforgettable. date of release : June 1, 2007

you know what,sadly,Notorious is banned in Malaysia.hmm,i wonder what bad,awful,dirty things could be written in there smpai dah kne ban ni.so,as for now,i just have to read the synopsis/book review for Notorious in the internet.bbbboooring.

oh,i wannnnt,this book!

its about a child who is betrayed by her/his(i dont remember) own mother who told the child that she will protect him but,she never did.

Add to booklist wishlist
A novel by Tony Maguire : Don't Tell Mummy

anyway,sadly,i've been waiting for Cecelia Ahern's new book for awhile,but,until now,no news.usually it didn't took her so long to write a new magical book.c'mon Cecelia,i'm waiting,UNPATIENTLY.
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Is March Gonna Be A Mess?

hoooyeah,March is here.and i'm soo looking forward for our mid-term break.and im predicting,i wont study during that 9 days of holiday.bummer.but,that is something certainly,most definitely i am looking forward to.with Kak Ika's Pertunangan anddd my sister's trip with her friends to Bandung.i wanna ask her looooooots of thing :D

oh what joy,what joy.

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