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Good to know!

Have you guys read this somewhere? I really like this one because we should always be thankful and remind ourselves that everything in this world is either a blessing or a blessing in disguise. And nothing other than that :)


What is it with my housemates and I this week?! So we had Fluid class on Sunday at 8AM and guess what time we woke up? 8AM!! Smart right? Then we had Hydrocarbon class this morning at 10AM and guess again. We woke up at 10.15AM!! I repeat, HOLIDAY MOOODDDD.

Haha, we skipped Fluid class on Sunday because ugh, ngantuk nya. But despite waking up 15mins late for class, we still got our asses off our beds and went to class today. Arrived for class at 11AM and thank God madam 'Uyun is the nicest lecturer ever hahaha

And when we got to class, madam was handing out our previous test!! (The best lecturer because; she marks our papers so fast!) I was sick to the pit of my stomach when I took my paper and avoided looking at my marks until I sat down. I really had a bad feeling about this test and was just hoping I could get half of the total marks. And guess what, I got a B!!!! Excited macam hapee je, but still!

This shows that.. (okay here, we have only 1 possible reason and that is) I can tembak very well!!! hahaha tembak in here means I can bantai my answers very well!! This should really go under my list of hidden talents hahahaa

I swear I don't know how I got half of the marks I get. Tngk paper cm "EH! Ni betul?!" "Eh, ni dapat markah!" Hahahaha, yes, that was me. And, opss, my bad, there was a few namings (5, in fact) and I miss that question because it was next to the word 'Draw' and 'Name' was never there.. Alhamdulillah!!

Sorry, it's actually not that good to get a B, but, this is the outcome when you expect the worst. So, always think of the worst case scenario instead! Hahaha
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Hi Hi Hullo.

So!!!!!!! Tomorrow (Monday), Terengganu is having another holiday for Nuzul Al-Quran! :) Yeayyyyyy!! Tp ada test hari Jumaat lepas... DAMMIT! DID THEY PURPOSELY PLAN THE HOLIDAY SO THAT WE CAN'T GO HOME?!?!

Anyway, about my Hydrocarbon test. Hydrocarbon is the continuation of Organic Chemistry. It's the Chemistry part where you study Alkane, Alkene, Alcohol, Carboxylic Acid (remembuh Spm? No? .. Okay.) And now we have Alkyne, Ketone, Aldehyde, Beneze, Ester. K, sorry for boring you.

So I love it, I mean, whoever is in love in Chemistry would surely love these lah kan. It's pure Chemistry. Tp.. belajar seronok, nak hafal mechanism sakit. So I guess I got a little confident for the test and ended up being ashamed. hahaha Hafal bnyk sgt mechanism Benzene tp yg keluar banyak Alkyne how? Naming pun satu pun tarak. Haiyamapelai.

Spot me!! ..... You can't? :(
Two weeks until my raya holiday kicks in. A few days ago, I had a slight mental breakdown. Something ticked me off completely and after a few hours later I cried just a little bit (Dr. Sonia). It was merely crying but the tears were there hahaha. I guess after something happened, I got really stressed off and that totally pushed me off the edge. And I realized ... I'm homesick.

NUUUUU, this cannot be happening. Admitting you're homesick is already weakening. To experience it (!!) is just... 

I had to spend my first day puasa here at Dungun and my friends who are lucky enough to go home and fast with their family are all like "Kesian nya kau Afiqahh, jgn sedih k" No, no. I'm not sad. Really. What is the difference of fasting with your family at the end of Ramadhan or the middle of Ramadhan or the 20th day of Ramadhan? I don't see the difference. So I have no trouble having to spend time with my family only the last few days of Ramadhan.

I'm stressed here, sure. But it's only study-stress kinda things. It's the kind of stress I like to be in. But experiencing a different kind of stress at home is no fun. So, I'm glad to stay here for as long as I want (until I'm homesick). And now, the feeling is here, homesick.

Sick, sick, sick and sick as ever. And what's worse is, I'm already in holiday gear. I can't seem to shake it off. I have at least one more week ++ of class and to study and I'm already in holiday mood?!?! I can't face my books anymore, I can't leave my bed (yesterday, I slept at 11.30pm!!!!!!!!), I don't have anything to do past 10pm and God, I just wanna go homeee.

Please come fast 15th August!!!

Eh geram betul aku dgn Faeez ni

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