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Pfftt, pfftt, pfftt, study week? More like "Afiqah-takes-the-whole-week-off-and-play-Plants-Vs-Zombies week" I like the sound of the second one better. + i just bought cattails and they're awesooomeee + these zombies don't have a chance! HAAA

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Doing This Again!

Hi, whats up. Its 16th of September right now (Malaysia time and Selamat Hari Malaysia!!) and I'm currently in my study week right now, which would only means, MY FINALS IS NEXT WEEK, CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!?!?!?! Feels like I just posted this like a few days ago -__-' Hot damnnn two finals in a year, how much can a person take?

I just finished my Test III Maths like 2 days ago. It was terrifying. Did my sin graph wrong! I saw Aini's graph was a bit different than mine, but why didn't I change it?! Why did it ever crossed my mind that I was right? Dammit Afiqah, you know you can't win with these kids, obviously they're right. Du'uh. Well, that kind of thought costs me *sigh*

See, my finals is next week and I'm still not feeling any pre-examination jitters. Thats like really, really bad. Like today, I just had the whole day off. Mcm dah set dlm kepala dah pun tknk belajar. And I'm really taking it slow for my finals.

Whatever it is, I'm just looking forward to the day I'm back in Bukit Jelutong.

Still, still, I am still gonna work hard for my finals (but thats starts in a few days hehe, maybe after CTU paper hihi), gotta set the mood and stuff. And I'm gonna work my ass off to get the best results I can get. From past experience first sem would be the best sem to get the highest pointer, even if one my lecturers said "Awak tkpyh lah nk target tinggi tinggi sgt first sem ni. Semua org tau engineering ni subject susah susah" wak luuuu. Belajar apa apa pun semua susah lah kakkk, tksemestinya tkpyh target tinggi tinggi, mana nk dpt motivation kalau mcm tu kn.

So, please please please pray for me and wish me the best of luck ;)

And to kill myself even more, here's a lil' something something.

An awesome sneak peak of How I Met Your Mother season 7!! Cool kan dance moves dia?! And the song and the ending "One Two Three *bvvvttt*" haha bunyi mcm Firdaus punya -- OKKAAYYY.

This will be on air on 19th of September, the first day of my finals!!! Guess I have to miss another awesome preview (cursing, cursing and more cursing). Tkpa, so gonna catch up on this not to mention season 3 Glee and Parenthood! My end of sem break is gonna be pretty hehe

Kbye, and again, wish me luck for my finals :)
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On The Bright Side

A New Element added to the Periodic Table...
Name: Girl
Symbol: Gl
Atomic Weight: Don't even dare 2 ask!

Physical Properties: Boils at anytime,can freeze at anytime,melts if handled with love & care,very bitter if Mishandled

Chemical Properties:
Very Reactive, Highly Unstable,
Possess strong affinity 4 Gold,Platinum,Diamond & Other precious Metals

Money reducing agent,
Volatile when left alone.

Mostly found in front of mirror

"Okay okay semua jangan force over area! Ni baru test one Physics!" (Hint : Pressure = Force / Area)

If ever someone gets excited in class, everyone will chimes in "uuu, excited state!" (Hint : Electron energy)

Try being in a class full of smart ass students who dreams of being a chemical engineer. #nerdjokes

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