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As you guys are well noted (I hope you are), I have workshop every Saturday morning. Which is a drag. I love my weekends. But what to do #studentlife

So for the past 6 workshops, I've been in the Welding Workshop. We had three projects which is Gas Welding, Arc Welding and MIG Welding. Gas welding was super duper hard. Because it was our first workshop that time, I thought it was basic but then, when we did Arc and MIG. perghhh, easy as pie. Easier than pie! I don't know why pie, but yeah, pie! So when you're done with Gas Welding, the rest of your days in the Welding workshop is a breeze.

Gas Welding is when we have to adjust ourselves with fiiiyaaahh! Both acetylene and oxygen combined you get a fire sword!! Tadaaa :

cool en? But terribly hard T_T Eventually I took Izwan's leftover cause he's a pro. K thanks :D

So this week, seeing its our 7th workshop session, my classmates and I moved on from welding to machines! We've heard from group C that it's a bit tiring and stuff so I braced myself for it. And to found out that its true. We finished workshop at 12pm today. I had my nap, woke up, had lunch and trying to relax now (5pm) but I'm still pumped out and I wanna sleep till tomorrow!

For my group its Lathe Machine this week and eventho it's not as dangerous as welding projects (during welding, you could get burnt, electrocuted, melt your finger, burn your jacket, 'play' with fire sparks, get your eyes over exposed and etc.) but its soo tiring.

You could do welding if you're comfortable doing it while sitting down, but not with machines. We had to stand up all the time. And dealing with machines, you have to be very detail, and you have to loosen and tighten the steel nut which is damn tight. Even Faiz can't loosen the nut -_- and mamat tu ckp "sbb tu org suruh pumping" and dia bukak cm tolak tangan sikit *pap* PERGHH!!

This is our project for Lathe Machine. We have to shape it. We did it from left to right so dari gemuk kena shape dia jadi kurus. It's still not done. Esok kena membunga dia and buat yg gemuk tu ada shaping nozzle sikit.

But machines is definitely less boring than welding and I can't wait for Milling Machine sbb buat in group and 1 group only one report yay!!

Sorry, but my classmates can't resist this! Haha Faeez apahal sial lompat tinggi sangat!!

P/s : I love people who still blog hihi. The numbers are decreasing ;(
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Better Not Go To Waste

Our seat during the dialog for Tim Rektor HEA. HOH. Tu lah, keluar lagi pukul 9 padahal majlis start pukul 8! Kena duk atas lepas tu it was only the 6 of us so bila org bwh pandang atas mmg cnfirm nmpk muka kterang je lah. Dah lah buat scene time Aini nk tanya soalan hahaha

I say this dialog is better than yesterday's. PJI. Boooring. tkda kena mengena langsung Engineering dgn keusahawan -__-'

Yg tkleh tahan nya duk directly dgn Ketua Pelajar kterang Ohs Mais God. Handsome nyaaa. Haish, tkleh jadi ni.

Some updates,
Hihi, finally a calm Saturday at campus this week. Workshop is cancelled! Yayyy! And got cuti Maulud Rasul some more on Sunday :') Could really use the Sunday to revise my Calculus cause we're gonna hv our second test on Wednesday and I would really like to maintain my rank in class (ehem, no 3. TAKE THAT GENIUS ASSES), InsyaAllah haha and study more on my Process Chemistry and conquer that subject too haha hopefully.

And surprisingly, tak balik rumah this time. Normally, dapat cuti satu hari je pun cepat je beli ticket nk balik. Afiq "Aih Afiqah tk balik? Biasa dpt cuti satu hari je pun dah balik. Tkpyh cuti, weekend biasa pun sibuk nk balik" Asal Afiq? nk hantar aku balik Shah Alam ke? But yes, I'm surprised myself too because initially I've prepared myself mentally 'Balik akhir bulan 3, balik akhir bulan 3' so I guess the mind over matter thing worked - big time.

So hopefully my first full weekend for this sem on campus won't go to waste so tomorrow maybe I'll be checking out my friends who entered Chess Competition (seriously, I don't have anything better to do) anddd, Beachwalk on Saturday dimana Teluk Gadung dpn kampus ni tidak dibazirkan dan dipenuhkan dgn pelajar pelajar yg terperangkap di kampus hujung minggu. And lastly, a theater on Saturday night. And Sunday full on blast with my studies :)

Have a nice weekend everyone, mine has already started! :D

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