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Haluuuuuuuuuu! How long has it been? 10 years? Hihi, anyway. I went back to Bukit Jelutong last weekend (it's only a week entering the semester hoho) and I was so thankful I went back home because I got to watch these 2 movies with my sister and brother!


The Perks of Being A Wallflower is SOOO GOOD. It's about Charlie, trying to fit into highschool and eventually became friends with Patrick and his step sister, Sam. The story then leads to how their friendship blossomed and opens up to each and every one of their 'obstacles' in life. What I can't stress enough about what I love most about this movie is one : Emma Watsons and two : the choices of songs. GENIUS.


OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD. HOW DO I START WITH LIFE OF PI???????! Okay, it was not really a movie 'I've always wanted to watch', I read at Twitter it was a good movie and the poster had a tiger in it so why not? And my sister's friend recommended that we watch it in 3D because the CGI is that good. To love this movie, you need to love imagining things..

And here are a few shots from my favourite scene: 

This is the scene where one night, Pi and Richard Parker was surrounded by thousands --millions maybe, of jellyfish and suddenly a whale came to the surface and did a big jump. :)

I do not know how to begin retelling this movie in my own thoughts because I do not have any other opinion other than, breath-taking, beautiful, stunning and MashaAllah.

In this movie, it shows you what might have been or could have been happening when you're stranded at the middle of the ocean with nothing else at sight other than more water, the sky and the reflection in the water. And you can't tell if it's true or not 'cause I don't believe each of us has ever been stranded in the middle of the ocean day and night or during a thunderstorm, and how can we know that what it shows is a lie?

I believe the effects of glow in the dark by the jellyfish, I believe the whale that jumps out of the water is glowing, I believe that the school of flying fish really, did fly across the ocean, I believe that banana could float and I believe that a tiger could jump of a boat and swim around it. Why wouldn't I believe or open up to my imagination?

This story, really did take me to another place in the world. A world that I think, being stranded at the ocean is nothing but a beautiful sight and experience. Ang Lee (director) really took on the job and is the most wonderful director with unimaginable things that I couldn't come up with.

I've watched this movie yesterday morning and up till now I'm still thinking about it. Oh God, I'm in love with this movie.... Le Sigh. 

And I'm sorry this is really not that much of a good review because I only focus on the CGIs and stuffs instead of the storyline (WHICH IS ALSO SUPERB!!!). So, please read this review that puts this movie into higher perspective and standard : here.

Both of these movies is an adaptation from a book. Between The Perks of Being A Wallflower and Life of Pi, I would read The Perks of Being A Wallflower because Life of Pi is something I find it hard to imagine. But after watching Life of Pi, I would definitely read the book because I already have the picture in my mind and I could expand it even more ;)

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Post Raya post

I just had one of the best weekends ever at Dungun. Seriously. Why? Wa and Nolly came to visit us here :') Ya Allah, I miss them like crazy. Since my weekend is Friday and Saturday, it has always been a problem for us to visit each other. So on 31st August, they had a public holiday and we're on our weekend break. Perfect isn't it? :D Wa planned this trip since start of the sem so yes, 31st August was something I really look forward to in hopes everyone could come. But the others had their appropriate reason not to join us, so there was only Wa and Nolly. Hihi exxxxxcited.

Sucks that I got sick when I got back to Dungun and it was still bearable during the weekdays, but when I hung out with them, we talked and laughed so much that my throat swelled up and by the second day, I lost my voice, until now. It was so funny when they make jokes and I just had to laugh big but instead this croaky toad laugh came out with "HA! HA! HA! HA!" hahahaha

This was when they arrived at 4.50AM. I slept at 4 AM and woke up 40 mins later to fetch them. Nap is more like the word for it.
At Kuantan :D We watched Premium Rush and hell yes, Joseph Gordon-Levitt   
Day 2

Gambar Hindustan dgn Hafizul gitewww

Overseas bai

Tktau mcm mana Wa boleh bukak mata besau padahal panas gila masa tu.

Ye, bnyk gambar time day 2 tu je sbb Wa terlupa dia bwk camera -___-' haha sengal punya budak.

It was a very familiar heart warming feeling whenever I get to hang out with them. I miss those days at Pilah with them. And when I'm with them, only they understand how I feel about being left out in my studies. Only we understand each other about the pressure of being left behind for a year to get our diplomas. We came from bad SPM results to this. Nothing much to be proud of, but we're thankful for where we are now. I feel most comfortable talking about my studies and my future with them and we will always have each other's back. Alhamdulillah :')

Eventho we were only classmates for a year (less, even) and studied at Pilah together for two semesters only, yet, we're still close like this, going a few extra mile to see and hang out with each other ♥ 

I foresee a lot more of this, InsyaAllah :D
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Good to know!

Have you guys read this somewhere? I really like this one because we should always be thankful and remind ourselves that everything in this world is either a blessing or a blessing in disguise. And nothing other than that :)


What is it with my housemates and I this week?! So we had Fluid class on Sunday at 8AM and guess what time we woke up? 8AM!! Smart right? Then we had Hydrocarbon class this morning at 10AM and guess again. We woke up at 10.15AM!! I repeat, HOLIDAY MOOODDDD.

Haha, we skipped Fluid class on Sunday because ugh, ngantuk nya. But despite waking up 15mins late for class, we still got our asses off our beds and went to class today. Arrived for class at 11AM and thank God madam 'Uyun is the nicest lecturer ever hahaha

And when we got to class, madam was handing out our previous test!! (The best lecturer because; she marks our papers so fast!) I was sick to the pit of my stomach when I took my paper and avoided looking at my marks until I sat down. I really had a bad feeling about this test and was just hoping I could get half of the total marks. And guess what, I got a B!!!! Excited macam hapee je, but still!

This shows that.. (okay here, we have only 1 possible reason and that is) I can tembak very well!!! hahaha tembak in here means I can bantai my answers very well!! This should really go under my list of hidden talents hahahaa

I swear I don't know how I got half of the marks I get. Tngk paper cm "EH! Ni betul?!" "Eh, ni dapat markah!" Hahahaha, yes, that was me. And, opss, my bad, there was a few namings (5, in fact) and I miss that question because it was next to the word 'Draw' and 'Name' was never there.. Alhamdulillah!!

Sorry, it's actually not that good to get a B, but, this is the outcome when you expect the worst. So, always think of the worst case scenario instead! Hahaha
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Hi Hi Hullo.

So!!!!!!! Tomorrow (Monday), Terengganu is having another holiday for Nuzul Al-Quran! :) Yeayyyyyy!! Tp ada test hari Jumaat lepas... DAMMIT! DID THEY PURPOSELY PLAN THE HOLIDAY SO THAT WE CAN'T GO HOME?!?!

Anyway, about my Hydrocarbon test. Hydrocarbon is the continuation of Organic Chemistry. It's the Chemistry part where you study Alkane, Alkene, Alcohol, Carboxylic Acid (remembuh Spm? No? .. Okay.) And now we have Alkyne, Ketone, Aldehyde, Beneze, Ester. K, sorry for boring you.

So I love it, I mean, whoever is in love in Chemistry would surely love these lah kan. It's pure Chemistry. Tp.. belajar seronok, nak hafal mechanism sakit. So I guess I got a little confident for the test and ended up being ashamed. hahaha Hafal bnyk sgt mechanism Benzene tp yg keluar banyak Alkyne how? Naming pun satu pun tarak. Haiyamapelai.

Spot me!! ..... You can't? :(
Two weeks until my raya holiday kicks in. A few days ago, I had a slight mental breakdown. Something ticked me off completely and after a few hours later I cried just a little bit (Dr. Sonia). It was merely crying but the tears were there hahaha. I guess after something happened, I got really stressed off and that totally pushed me off the edge. And I realized ... I'm homesick.

NUUUUU, this cannot be happening. Admitting you're homesick is already weakening. To experience it (!!) is just... 

I had to spend my first day puasa here at Dungun and my friends who are lucky enough to go home and fast with their family are all like "Kesian nya kau Afiqahh, jgn sedih k" No, no. I'm not sad. Really. What is the difference of fasting with your family at the end of Ramadhan or the middle of Ramadhan or the 20th day of Ramadhan? I don't see the difference. So I have no trouble having to spend time with my family only the last few days of Ramadhan.

I'm stressed here, sure. But it's only study-stress kinda things. It's the kind of stress I like to be in. But experiencing a different kind of stress at home is no fun. So, I'm glad to stay here for as long as I want (until I'm homesick). And now, the feeling is here, homesick.

Sick, sick, sick and sick as ever. And what's worse is, I'm already in holiday gear. I can't seem to shake it off. I have at least one more week ++ of class and to study and I'm already in holiday mood?!?! I can't face my books anymore, I can't leave my bed (yesterday, I slept at 11.30pm!!!!!!!!), I don't have anything to do past 10pm and God, I just wanna go homeee.

Please come fast 15th August!!!

Eh geram betul aku dgn Faeez ni

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Let it Rumbleeeeeeeeee

Have you ever experienced this? :

You're the underdog in your class. You're smart, of course, but nothing compared to your classmates. Any question thrown to you, you can't come up with answers. Not even ideas that might lead to answering it. So, you studied hard for an upcoming test and during the test you felt this "Omg, I can answer this I'm finally getting the hang of it!" Obviously, there were still a few questions you couldn't answer but, some or most of it, you could. And it felt reaaaallly reaaaaaaallly goooooooooood. And after the test, everyone was buzzing about, "How was it?" and the smart dudes answered "Susah lah, aku tktau apa aku jawab" How do you feel?

Do you feel that you've beaten and became smarter than those smart asses overnight? OR Do you feel that you felt good during the test just because instead of not answering at all, you finally could(!) but that was not enough. There must be something wrong with yourself.

I felt the mixture of both - a bit of "Serious ah susah?" and "Omg, apa aku buat time test tu doh?" HAHAHA Thank you, Thermodynamics. OKAY, moving onnnnnnn.


Since I'm staying outside of campus, my roommate/classmate brought a car with her. And it was a stick shift car... At first, I was obviously reluctant to drive it. When was the last time I drove a manual car? 2 years ago hahaha but, I gave it a go and proud to say, I could drive a manual car again!!! So happy!! (The first few tries had a few panic moments for me but let's skip ahead...) Lately, I'm so used to a manual car, that when I drove an auto car just now, my left foot was lifted to press on the clutch. Hahahahah, k bajet nk mampus.

Coming here, I'm friends with mostly people from Kuantan, Johor, Terengganu and Kelantan. The only other person from KL bound in my class apart from me is Faeez. So yes, these people drive manual cars all the time and they belittle people who drives auto. Pui! Moh le dtg KL bwk manual kau lepas tu stuck dlm jam kat bukit. Dpt auto je "hm tksedap bwk auto!!" tp bila nk reverse aku gak yg instruct kau stereng tu nk pusing mana.

I see my dad drive Auto and he's a pro driver. The most pro-est driver ever. True story. And my sister next to my dad. And they are 1000x better than you lots. So stop stereotyping people who drives Auto and cakap "Auto? tk best langsung" Memeyyy aa, kau duk mana je, senang bwk manual! Haktuih! *emosi sbb terasa hahahaha tp serious ah, KL + manual = Epic Win.
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Another Week

Done with week 6 of lectures!

The busiest one, so far. I had my test 1 for Fluid Mechanics. It was so-so. Finally getting the hang of Chapter 1, 2, 3(hopefully) and 4. Found out that Fluid is a sub for my calculus this semester (I miss Calculus u_u). Fluid has a lottt of formula and a lotttt of calculation so yeah, I can totally live with that. But I'm so bad at deriving units. Like, terribly bad. Super bad. Really, really bad. So yes, I get the figures right, but not the decimal point. Mesti dia cm lari and kena darab 100? darab 1000? bahagi 100? bahagi 1000? apa yg tk derive? Oh, Litres to Meter cubic. Oh gram to kilograms. Those kind of things :| so tktau lah nnt, syok sendiri buat entah lah unit tu betul ke idok.

On Monday, there was a fruit festival. RM4 for any fruit
you want!! But sadly, no durian :__( 
So my test was on Monday night. Obviously spent my whole Sunday and Monday preparing for the test. After the test, I went back and had a total blackout. Baring, then terus tertidur. Tak tukar baju pun. On Tuesday, I have to study for my Thermo quiz for Wednesday. And for Wednesday night, I had to prepare for my Hydrocarbon presentation and assignment.

Thankfully, I can finally breathe.

This coming Sunday, Terengganu had declared a holiday because they won for SUKMA 2012. I've lived in Terengganu for about a year now and this don't come very often!! Terengganu ni mmg tk suka cuti kot, bnyk cuti kt KL dia tk amik langsung!! So we have to take this opportunity to enjoy and balik rumah!!!!!!! ...... Not.

The one day Terengganu declared a holiday is the week before I have Thermodynamics test. What is this?!?!?!?! Before this tkda test kau tknk pulak cuti?! Dia mcm saja je tngk jadual, 'Oh, budak Chemical ni ada test hari Isnin, mesti tknk balik. K kita cuti minggu ni lah!' Dah kena fikir dua, tiga, empat ribu juta kali. And after a while, thinking it's for the best, I should stay here at Dungun and study my ass off. Haih, I better study and get something in this brain or else rugi je tk balik!! Stress! #studentlife.

Takut nya, Thermodynamics is my killer subject for this sem. Dalam class Madam explain, buat latihan semua, faham. Ye, faham, mesti lah. Angguk kepala, jerit jawapan bagai. Tapi bila buat kerja, 'apa ni doh?' Haihhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Anyways, what do you guys think of this invention? I don't agree with it at all. 2 months and we will lose the book? Bullcrap. I don't want to be keeping empty books in my shelves. I would like to display and read them again and put them in my future library so that my kids can have the same hobby as I do. Open it on Youtube and read the comments that disagree with this invention as I do. This, is what I'm talking about :

Not really a good idea eh?
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Always A Problem


This is the second time I spent my Friday as a non-resident haha. Aini came to our house this morning and entered my room with a very high pitched "AFIIIIIIIIIIIIIQAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!" (because I ignored her call to open the door downstairs so she had to call someone else to open it haha!) and I looked at her with heavy eyes and pulled my blanket to cover my face. When I woke up, she was at my feet, taking a little space of my bed, sleeping. Hahaha sorry Aini. Jangan ganggu waktu beta sedang beradu!

In the evening, we went out to buy a few things. I bought more of my much needed midnight treats (Apollo and a few biscuits) and went for late lunch/early dinner with my housemates. God, sedap nyewwww tomyam tadi tuu. It's at Megi Ketam Bistro. Maybe dia letak perencah Maggi kot dlm tomyam dia sbb ada rasa Maggi sikit haha. Sedap ah.

When I got back, I looked at my purse and noticed there is only one rm10 note and a few rm1 notes. This.. is.. depressing. Took a paper and tried to track my spendings. Wondered where my money went and remembered the time I went home last week and went out without extra pocket money and had to use my allowance. Last month, I only get to save less than a hundred and I guess it's the same for this month. Die liddis.

At the end of the last semester I get to save a quite impressive sum of money and hoping it would last longer in my bank account. But 2 months holidays was too much for my money to handle. Example,

And there were soo much. SUM 41 concert, all the movies and dinners and weddings attended. It's just too much for my small collection of money ;( haha. But it was allllllll so good. Good activities, good companies, good food. How can I resist? So, when I started a new sem, I had no money in my bank account and had to start all over again.

But the thing is, I don't know what went wrong but it looks harder now than ever to save money. Eventho I'm not staying in my campus and have to pay rent, my dad gave extra allowance but damn sonnn. I need to really consider the things I buy to the want or need list.

Semoga murah rezeki, Aaamiiinnn.

p/s : plus I have to save money for future holidays just in case! hehe
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Hello, Is This Thing On?

Yeaaaaaaahh, never thought this day is finally upon us!! .. The day I finally post another post. Mind = fucked.


So anyways, it's already 5 weeks into my current sem and given the fact that I'm staying outside of campus, studying is even harder because I don't have a proper study table which makes my study mood so hard to come. Yes, a proper table with a proper height and a proper chair that supports my back is all supporting details to how I can get my study mood on. But, we'll figure something out. I brought my cute folded table and tried different ways to study comfortably and I might crack something somewhere..

And typical enough, being back to my semester means ranting about studies, assignments, tests, college affairs all the time to someone, everyone (Twitter) and also no one.. (here). Therefore, get ready for truckloads of whining and whatnot. Also, I'm v glad to see these faces again!

These silly but freaking geniuses. God, I'm really intimidated by each one of them, in a good way ;)
And to have bruch/lunch with my classmates again. Eating outside of Kapas Cafe and to face the beach. Yeah, I do have a nice campus!
Oh, just wanted to share this, the other day my English lecturer played with us human bingo. We had to write our classmates' names on a 5x5 table randomly and try to get bingo out of it. Each of us will get to pick someone to cross out and the way we call out the person is to describe him/her. Which is quite amusing to know how much that person knows the other. Weird remarks will forever be funny. And before the first person get to finish their description about the other person, the whole class would already figured it out and scream the name :')

So my name was a few of the last names to be called out (apparently I was not the target on their bingo table haha) and instead of one person giving descriptions about me, my lecturer made my whole class say something about me. And it was so nice of them all. Really a big AWWWW. Of course there was some of these ; "she's fat!!" (Guess who, yes, that was Faeez!!) "naughty!" and others. The good ones was really really reallllyy nice, but I'm to shy to type it here ehehehe, maleww.

Cheers to another good sem ahead xx
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Most Meaningful

For me, being surrounded by books (doesn't matter what genre of book!) is the best feeling ever. Especially used, worn out books.

Currently reading:

Hoping it's a really really good read. I trust all book winners :D

Oh and one more for anyone who loves travelling just as much as me,

I SAW VENICE ON 0:09 AND 0:23 AND AT SOME OTHER SECONDS AND I MISS VENICE SO BADDD :'( I wanna go there again, definitely.
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I Screaaamm for Ice Creaaaaammm!

So, I've been ranting about Fesko a few times before. It's actually short for Festival Kolej and it's super duper important if you want a place for a college next sem. It wasn't all that hoo-haa for most of us Chemical student because we had our workshop and our family day on the same weekend -_-' Crap. Tp tkpergi pun family day tu haha. So memang betul lah tu alasan semata mata haha

What I really loved about Fesko was it had Uncle Bob! Omg, sumpah aku cm obsessed dgn mknn tu ke hapa wei haha. Sedap! Haha and also, during the second night, I was chilling with Aini when Hakim suddenly called

"Akak awesome! Ada mana?" (HAHA, he really called me that, as long as it's awesome I have no problem yehuu)
"Ada kt Fesko aa tepi ni"
"Makan ice cream jom"
"Serious aa?"
"Jom ah, Faeez ada skali ni. Makan bnyk bnyk jom"

The reason why they invited me is because they've witness my love for food and they thought I would contribute in the 'Makan Ice Cream paling banyak' competition. WTH?! hahaha

You are given an ice cream. Yg biasa beli kt supermarket pastu main share share kt rumah dgn family tu, yes that one, 2 actually and you have to finish it in 5 mins. They will give you 10 slice of bread, finish them up too while eating your ice cream.

Tadaaa. Ice cream!

My team was Hakim, Faeez and Syed. And Aini was by our side, cheering haha. We were faced with 3 problems : 1) It was night time, suddenly it felt really cold 2) The ice cream is hard as rock and cold as an iceberg 3) EVEN IF I EAT A LOT, I WON'T EAT A MUCH AS THESE BOYS EAT

When the timer starts, everyone was completely digging into the ice cream. Tapi omg, sumpah tk tipu, Ice cream tu sejuk gila it felt like my fingers got frost bite!! Tu baru pegang and I have sensitive teeth wei! Syed sumpah mcm kopek durian time nk belah ice cream tu and I kept shoving him my bread because I can't finish mine. Seriously, again, AKU MKN BNYK PUN, TP KALAU NK COMPARE DGN BUDAK LAKI MMG NOTHING MAN! SERIOUSLY!!

I was laughing all the way, Faeez even gelak time makan lepas tu tersembur -___-' naise Faeez and I kept shouting "Jariii akuuu sejukkkk" hahaha we didn't get to finish it on time, of course. But it was seriously funny. I did the best I could. Haha and we get to keep the other ice cream! Yes!

This is Syed. Nmpk mcm mkn durian kan! Haha

Hakim pun cm tkda aa membantu sgt actually -_-' Haha

Faeez cm biasa ah, bunyi je lebih

And me, more to laughing at ze boys haha

It was funny, at least dpt aa merit yayy! haha Later that night I met up with Hafizul and was all geared up and ready to tell him everything until Faeez was "Afiqah tak makan bnyk pun! Banyak jerit jari dia sejuk ada ah!" Geez, let it go old man. haha

P/s: Don't ask me why the pictures are like that. Tktau aa lately bila upload gambar kt blogger semua cm cacat sikit :/

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