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Bid Farewell, Adieu, Goodbye!

I can't believe 2010 is coming to an end! and Thank God, I'm super duper relieved it's ending!

2010 has been one of my worst year ever. i repeat, WORST.YEAR.EVER. even until the end, even on the last night before NY. macaaamm palaaatt. I've never felt so rejected, never felt so stupid, never felt more clumsy, heartless, careless and whatever bad traits there is for me.

But then again, I have never ever seen my family happier than ever (Alhamdulillah), I would never met these beautiful people and I would have never ever made the sweetest memory ever with my roommates, housemates and classmates ♥

You know what they say, you win some, you lose some. But for me, I have never felt so lost this year. Tengok lah blog post kat tepi pun sgt sgt kurang -----> hahahaha

Gain : some of the most amazing people in such short notice and I (almost!) lost my bestfriend. Gila 2010 was effin challenging for both of us. masuk masuk Jan 2010 gaduh, sampai Dec 2010 pun gaduh jugak. gaduh stock smpai menangis. TKPERCAYA?! sumpah penat :'( But, kawan smpai mati kan? InsyaAllah. so semua boleh settle baik punya (Y) and I'm proud of us :D

Early 2010 felt like the longest time of my life. I have never been so impatient with my life, trust me. Tunggu result SPM keluar, tunggu result UPU keluar, tunggu rayuan UPU keluar. Tp lepas masuk UiTM, sumpah tkde masa langsung, sedar sedar dah habis satu sem :'(

Seriously, 2010, not my best year. So I'm literally aching to type the number after 2010! Come onnn, next post! :B
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"now clap!" hahahaha hot damnn, i need to learn this song from Daniel Radcliffe ♥

and this is soo funny. hahahaha i have to watch Inception (!!)
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Can Ya Feel The Heat?!

I'm so freaking out right now. The other day, Wa called me up and said "aku tkboleh lah Iqa (yes, she gets away by calling me Iqa), setiap kali aku bukak Facebook aku tngk reminder sebelah kanan tu je aku cuak"

I didn't notice it until she said it! WHAT THE HELL. tk pernah pandang pun sebelah kanan tu birthdays, events or whatever. tp since dia ckp, bukak bukak FB je mesti pandang benda tu! nice move lah Wa thenks!

To some people, first sem results are just, whatever. But I'm unlike those people. My first sem results is gonna effect my next sem like crazily. Do I go to second sem or jump up to the next first sem?! Aaaaaaa stress stress :@ susah betul jadi budak kurang pandai ni. haiyaaaaa
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It's Gonna Get Uglay!

I know Harry Potter movies just gets from good to bad and to worse and the next thing we know is worst. But come on, it's Harry Potter dammit!

I'm stoked!
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This Is Getting On My Nerves

Hi hey, hello.

Its been a freaking while since I last updated my blog with any contents that are worth reading whatsoever.

This is super duper late, but my raya was a whole lot better than last year, trust me. And while everyone in this whole wide world (except for me!) think its impossible, but i get to meet almost all of my friends especially the Gamas during my 2 weeks break! Gila lah time open house Hasif, it felt so good to be surrounded by all the same familiar faces :')

But I think I'm getting attached to the people here at UiTM too. 2 weeks also did felt long, eventho it was a great holiday.

Now, I'm blogging from Melang, back to being busy and crazy with all these new people that I find it really really easy to click.

Finals are coming in less than a month and tomorrow is our IID competition! Pergh, nervous bai. Also excited. Money have been splurged on our project, not to mention time and all the late nights.

Gila kau aku penat yg teramat. I barely have the time to pick up the phone and make some time to call people up like how I use to do. Niat nk call mmg lah ada tp balik class petang tidur. Bangun pergi class malam pulak. Lepas class malam meeting IID lepas tu balik rumah siap kan any kerja yg ada and poof.

And lately, my mornings are very stressful. Susah lah nyah aku nk bangun pagi. Masuk 2 minggu ni lepas cuti raya dah 2 kali kterang tertinggal bas -.-' dgn segala jenis test and quiz.

ESOK LEPAS IID ADA TEST BIO, NIGHT CLASS. WTH. ye ke nk blajar time jaga booth?! Gila, niat kena ada. InsyaAllah. hahaha. tp best dpt surat pelepasan :D hehehe Lab Bio and lecture Bio boleh skip. Riang ria gembira lah bai.

Wow, i miss this. Blogging, I meant. Okay, I should pamper myself with Glee right now and we still have to finish up our project for tomorrow. Wish us all luck! xx
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Ever Get Tired Of Laughing?

Hi! So to share this with everyone in the world

this is mostly who i hang out with at my house. People from my room, room C and Widad. gila setiap malam bilik A (my room) and bilik C mesti lah yg paling gelak kuat. satu rumah boleh dengar O.O hahaha

and these people, are my roommates :) all 5 of em! i really couldn't ask for more. the best roommate i could have ever ask for (Y)

and time ni first time class malam kat Beting. tengok kat belakang, cara budak budak Melang tunggu bas (Y) and kalau nk smpai rumah awal first and foremost rule utk naik bas is : "TOLAK TOLAK! HOI CEPAT AA MASUK BAS" kalau tk jerit mcm tu mmg lah bukan budak Melang. tengok aa Lana dgn Nadhrah. baik sgt naik bas selalu kena naik 2nd bus. kena ikut cara Wa dgn Widad aa. champion naik bas.

the people i hang out with during class. yes, the same people. + the one behind lens : Alana.

my friends here are very beautiful inside and out. I'm not gonna lie when i say this cause they are the kindest people I have ever ever met. mcm nk tolong benda yg paling susah aku nk mintak tolong pun no hal lah and I'm thankful for that, truly :')

bak kata trending topic kat twitter #happyfriendshipday!
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Ben 10

the other day, Faeez went to Seremban with his friends doing God knows what. tapi on Monday, he came to class with a brand new watch! jam apa tau? *drum rolls* BEN 10!

yg ni boleh main tembak tembak org!

yg ni sumpah paling cool aa! the coolest of em all. dia boleh project gambar! WTH for rm 10!

yg ni pulak keluar lampu lampu!

cool gila gila k! nnt everyday dia tukar nk match dgn baju dia and dia mesti dtg tunjuk sbb dia tau aku paling excited bila nmpk jam Ben 10 baru! ada video yg dia project dari jam yg second tu, tp tkboleh upload :'( nnt aa try lagi haha

ni lah dia pelajar cemerlang. weekend boring pergi Seremban Parade beli jam pelik pelik. satu gang dia beli pulak tu, then tukar tukar. Okay Faeez -__-' hahaha
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All The Time, Please!

"cepat lah mail! kau nk tangkap gambar tk?"

"tangkap gambar buat muka cepat"
"muka apa?"
"aku semua muka boleh buat"

(gambar atas : dlm process membincang nk buat muka apa)

"okay Nadhrah kau kena tangkap cepat. aku nk tergelak ni"

"ALAMAK AFIQAH! muka kau busuk lah!"
"babi! kau yg suruh!"

siapa lah yg belum curi lagi sticker hak uitm ni? haha

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This Is My Second Chance

today shall be noted. i get to meet Lana Jaa Aswad Ana Haris Syaqeel Sha Odeng Firdaus Kamar Izzud!
(bolds are the rare! and italics are umm jumpa kat campus Melang okay? hahaha)

thank God dah jumpa Ann semalam kalau tk mmg nk menangis and she will always be the first person i'll see :') thanks penanananananana

and yes, i'm going back to Melang tomorrow. mesti lah. and i'm gonna miss my dear babies!

last week rasa rindu nk tengok kasut bila Nadhrah bwk pergi Seremban je amik kau! melayang duit beli kasut. lepas tu skrg duit terus kering.

okay nk kena fikir apa nk kena bwk balik esok. and tambah lagi baju kurung nk bwk pergi sana okay bye!
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Hello, World!

minggu MDS mmg mcm si- boring gila nk mampus. benci sial orientationnnnn

bila dah lama lama sgt ceramah apa jadi? tidur lah! so ni je sempat tangkap gambar Wa tgh tidur hehehehe gambar tidur yg bahaya semua kat phone Ina. kalau jual mmg manyakkk untung ni haa

ini dia roommate time kat campus Beting. skrg kat Melang dia jadi housemate je. ini diaaaaa Ina. phone dia lah ada semua gambar kterang tgh tidur. gila babi lawak

time shopping kat Econsave. gilaaaa tmpt shopping baru lah bro! penuh dgn makanan je. tamak haloba semua

lepas tu! dengan geng baru kterang semua pergi Ulu Bendul! whazzzattt best gila babs! air sejuk rasa mcm nk buat ice pack and bwk balik rumah!

and and AND, last but not least. ni dah janji kat Nadhrah. sbb dia post kat blog dia aku suka makan (which is true. ignore the true fact pls) so aku dpt tangkap gambar dia jadi bibik rumah! OHYEAH

Nadhrah and Alana sebagai agency pencuci rumah yg berjaya dah berpangkat tinggi

Terima Kasih
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this is how i update my blog without really updating
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hahahahahahaha wowwww firdaus boleh berlakon?! so proud of him! :') dah tkpyh dah nk jadi model Rolex, go pursue your dream in acting! hahahaha
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The Truth Never Set Me Free

i like the bridge part (2:41 - :46) and tolong lah. korang tngk dia shake shake rambut dia ending tu tkde ke terasa nk tarik rambut dia ke apa? well, i do.

22 tahun dammit, she should be my sister. nnt dia tulis kat album dia "Afiqah- you can read now! You're a princess!" i want to be called a princess by her! k dah masuk freak mode. but yes, she really wrote that (substitute my name with McKayla) in Brand New Eyes. along ada ke nk buat album and tulis mcm tu pasal uda? <( i don't think so!
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dah bukak semua file kat laptop ni, theres no picture of just me and my little sister. dgn kakak kita banyak lah tapi dgn budak kecik ni .. nada

OKAY, she's not exactly my favourite person in the world. tapi bak kata mama dia lah room mate sejati kita. tk de pilihan pun kan? welll anyway, she should feel special on this day, that's why i'm letting her slip with her DS for tonight. baik kn uda?

LAGI SATU, a few weeks back, i met Esyraf yg sekarang dah jadi org Shah Alam yg sekarang RUMAH DIA DAH DEKAT DGN RUMAH AKU?! ADA KAWAN OHYEAH. k, so lepas tu entah mcm mana boleh terkeluar nama adik aku and dia cm "OH! adik kau yg suka Eijas tu kan?!"

awww, cinta monyet sweet sgt. even when i've let that thing slipped through my mind somehow mesti ada seorang yg mcm "adik kau yg suka Eijas tu kn?" hahahaha haih memory form 2 *lap air mata* k dah

ANYWAY, have an excellent birthday baby!

from your awesome most awesome awesome awesome awesome sister xx
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Tumpang Lalu

writer's block. happens to every blog writer.
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Animated MJ

HAHAHAHAHA BANGANG GILA.lawak sial pikachu menari Thriller hahaha

Yusof posted this at FB.
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Damn These Alarms!

not a fan of Vampire Weekend or anything that has the word vampire in it (dont ask me why haha) but tktahan tngk video ni. Joe Jonas lawak gila hahaha and Jake Gyllenhaal is too good to be true (gaga) waktu dia jatuh tu ingt lagi along ckp "alahai jatuh mcm perempuan" haha and i think this video is funny.

The Lonely Island's Boombox video clip is out! i first heard that song last year and last month baru keluar video clip dia. and i find it disgusting. old people french kissing is just ew. but Julian's red and blue streak on his hair is just awesomeeee and that peacock feather is whurddd. i like (Y)

BTW, hahahaha this will sound very silly. trust me. FINALLY, i met Julian Casablancas in my dreams! like LITERALLY. and it was right after i tweeted " I wish I could hang out with The Strokes :'( " so lesson dia kalau nk mimpi something pergi lah tweet the night before k. agak agak nk kahwin dgn anak sultan tp tau tkboleh g aa mimpi pun jadi lah kan.

hahahahahahaha bodoh gila aa bangun bangun puas hati gila wtf sounds wrong tp best gila aa tp frust sbb terbangun tidur! he was there, sitting right infront of me. a dream come true! not the come true part, but a dream! ok dah lah bunyi cam sangap gila -.-' hahahaha

k dah lah tu bye!
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Forget The Past

so this is what the 20's fashion looks like O.O exactly how Sophie Kinsella described it. dress semua nmpk sama je cuma colour je lain haha. what i don't get is, the difference in males fashion. mcm tkde beza. but i bet the 5 gays from Queer Eye For The Straight Guy can tell the difference!

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Come On, Vogue

"Will Schuester I hate you"

i love Kurt in this episode :'( i love him in that video, i love him in his Cheerios outfit and most of it, i love his voice in Like A Prayer. SEDAP GILA CM APA MASALAH?! Eventho his part is just a small part, his solo is my fav part in that song ♥

other than that i love What It Feels Like For A Girl (Y) Artie's voice is sooooo damn lah. ze besttt.
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Breakfast Anyone?

first I saw this video and I was like "is BK admitting McD is better than them? O.O" hahaha 'Its not that original but it's super affordable' cracks me up. BK is saying they copied McD's recipe and they still don't give a damn. dah lah. pergi BK lah sekarang hahaha
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TONIGHT (according to US timing) would be Glee's #15 Episode and it's The Power of Madonna! jangan lah miss this pls pls pls! said to be one of Glee's best episode does pumps me up! (note to self : avoid reading comments on Facebook. Spoiler GILA LAH) and i hope it would be better than last week's -.-' GERAM SIAL TNGK HELL-O !@#$%^&*()

no baby no!don't lose the mohawk!

i don't care what everyone says. Rachel is still my favorite ♥ come on lah, her voice trumps her dramatic character okay!

Have a look at this picture hahahaha comel gila!

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Tell Me Where's Your Hiding Place?

hahahaha first time i saw this video it was on MTV.it doesn't make me go "OMG KAU TNGK TK VIDEO ____" of course not.dah mcm ni je video dia -.-' but boy, Alex Turner has an ass! thats the only point i'm making here fullstop

but i swear,this second video i'm sharing is not as uh .. empty? as the one above.

i got this one a looooooooonnnnnnggggg time ago.i think it was last year?i love Ashton Kutcher's tweets!video dia link semua best best (Y) and that is why i have his application on my iPod!hahaha tkde kerja aa tngk video for hours kdng kdng

Get a life, Afiqah.
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Flower Power

went out with the girls today and did a lot of catching up over Ra and Diey's lunch.last time jumpa ramai time Raidah's BBQ and it was more to making fun of Atin than to actually sit and update about ourselves.t'was nice and we went to Secret Garden after that

ni mmg sah,tak lain dan tkbukan idea Ra lah ni. "jom pose mcm laki yg main bola sepak" hahah

and this one is a million thanks to Alana's 7 year old sister.haha

terbaik bukan?
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Black Sheep of The Family


thanks to FB for reminding me today is his birthday,kalau tk mesti terlepas lagi -__-'
i mean,i know his birthday is on the 10th,but i keeping forgetting what day is the 10th geddit?!
one of these days,i need to get a huge ass calendar to remind me today's date.i've been wasting my days till i don't even know what day it is (!)

anyhoooooo,Hilmi and I went back all the way from Form 1.i remember in Edison,he was the only one with the liquid roller.so smua pinjam dia punya je haha
and he was bloody hell annoying with his imagination guns and wars.he kept using his ruler to shoot his imaginary friend infront of the class.
masa tu sumpah nk jerit kat dia "GROW UP PLS?" tp baru umur 13,lek aa haha

buttt,we finally get along when we're in 3 Edison (Y) he's on the row beside me and we keep on talking and talking.kita ni mmg Edison punya gang lah.
everytime music class gelabah semua keluarkn homework tksiap and everytime je mesti tiru Lana/Farisha
and form 3 was our final year sharing the same class :'( ni sedih lah sbb well,its Hilmi!he was one of the first guys who corrupted my mind with his dirty talks haha
and we've been in the same class for 3 years in a row.rindu lah dia dlm kelas of course ♥

last but not least, last year he joined our Physics tuition.gila lah,ni paling rindu!
i miss joking with Mr Koo while me and him laughed harder cause there was more to the joke *wink hahaha
i miss him grabbing my iPod with Farisha and they would endlessly play Tap Tap Revenge (Y)
i miss him praise Alana's maid for her food
and i miss him lah.lepas SPM dah sempat nk jumpa dia langsung :'(

anyway baby,i wish you well and all the best.among our friends,you have the coolest job k.Chef kat Dome wazzup lah man!tp dah stop -.- haha k,HAPPY 18TH AGAIN HILMI.LOVE YOU LOADS :')
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Oh, That Snapped

"Holding anger is poison. It eats you from inside. We think that hating is a weapon that attacks the person who harmed us. But hatred is a curved blade. And the harm we do, we do to ourselves. Forgive, Edward. Forgive. Do you remember the lightness you felt when you first arrived in heaven?"

Eddie did. Where is my pain?

"That's because no one is born with anger. And when we die, the soul is freed of it. But now, here, in order to move on, you must understand why you felt what you did, and why you no longer need to feel it. You need to forgive your father."

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Speech Bubble #1

dance routines like this makes me go O.O (note : from Areena's) Ashleigh tu mmg lawa gila kan? and my personal favorite would be 1:31 - 1:34 hip hop dance mmg paling hebat lah ♥

so,i'm pretttttyy sure everyone got a letter from Colleges bla bla bla.ni nk bwk mulut ni hahaha from KTAC or UPM,whichever lah kan.dia punya promote nk suruh blaja sana tk nk kalah.takat kasi pamphlet setebal kertas jawapan AddMaths aku dah lah.ni mcm kasi magazine Metrojaya.rasa mcm bila baca pamphlet *cough*buku*cough* rasa mcm nk mintak mama barang as per usual.bila nmpk barang kat magazine mesti cm "ma nk ni ma?" mcm tu lah.tp iye lah,ada lah tertarik and terpegun pegang bendalah tu kan.

hehehe lepas tu,dia nk tunjuk how easy life is if you study at KTAC *suara promoter*


gila aaaaaa,bunyi mcm satu hari boleh habis kn?senang hidup mama and baba tkpyh fikir bnyk bnyk. "BA,uda nk blaja kat KTAC lah mcm ni!" mesti dierang nk reaction kterang mcm ni kan?dia tksmbung pulak belakang kahwin tu " -> dpt anak -> anak belajar -> anak habis SPM -> ulang rutin pertama" lepas tu buat cycle dlm bentuk bulatan ala ala reduce, reuse, recycle? hahaha gua tknk lah belajar takat diploma je :'( kalau mampu smpai Master nak.kalau ada lebih rezeki smpai PhD pun nk.tkpyh kerja pun tkpe,belajar je.I is the don't mind la k.haha

tp lu jgn lurus bendul nk ckp KTAC carikan suami atau kahwin kn utk korang lah.berapa nk bayar KATC kalau mcm ni?!buat promotion RM40k cari suami + pelamin free hahaha buat lawak sorang sorang mmg best.korang tknk try ke?

******ni kena notify ni.and this is where i say don't get mixed signals about this post.not to make KTAC look bad,just some random thoughts lah kan.i DID say i was quite impressed with the pamphlet *cough*magazine*cough* and the life chain they did really make it sound so easy.nnt jgn time register "bukan afiqah *cough*awesome*cough* ada ckp pasal KTAC ke kat blog dia?" terus tknk register hahaha.nnt tiba tiba aku pulak masuk KTAC and jadi promoter menjerit jerit "PROMOSI KAHWIN!KAHWIN?" nnt nmpk Ana yg first beratur HAHAHAHAHA

have fun applying for colleges/universities everyone ;)
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I'd Come a-Running

last Friday buat BBQ party for Raidah's birthday.it was just us girls since it was held at PG's place.i know we always say how boys outnumbered us girls when we always hang out,but whatever it is,i only need the girls to take down the world.siapa lagi nk buat drama kalau bukan muka muka kat atas ni?sbb kterang lah cerita smua nk bomb je kan :') i can never ever EVER live without ma girlzzzz ♥ + i never knew Ann was strong enough to lift me! Ann + excitement = STRENGTH *claps*

and and and! last Thursday we went for ice skatingggg.best gilaaaa.dulu tksuka aa ice skating sbb kerja jatuh je kan,but now (Y) shall do this again next time with Ann.kesian emo sorang kat rumah tkboleh ikut kan? :'( butttt,after ice skating jumpa SHAZNI!OMG,ni mmg literally,tktipu 3 tahun tkjumpa.and not exaggerating!tkde dlm 3 tahun tu,terserempak tepi jalan tgh beli pisang goreng atau nmpk dia lepak dgn kawan kawan dia.mmg solid 3 years! (okay maybe 2 years nk masuk 3 years,but heck) and nothing beats the fun of seeing a friend.even if we did something thats once in a life time thing,seeing a friend was totally the highlight of the day :')

SO WHAZZAT WHAZZAT (teringin nk rap sekali kala)

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