Can Ya Feel The Heat?!

I'm so freaking out right now. The other day, Wa called me up and said "aku tkboleh lah Iqa (yes, she gets away by calling me Iqa), setiap kali aku bukak Facebook aku tngk reminder sebelah kanan tu je aku cuak"

I didn't notice it until she said it! WHAT THE HELL. tk pernah pandang pun sebelah kanan tu birthdays, events or whatever. tp since dia ckp, bukak bukak FB je mesti pandang benda tu! nice move lah Wa thenks!

To some people, first sem results are just, whatever. But I'm unlike those people. My first sem results is gonna effect my next sem like crazily. Do I go to second sem or jump up to the next first sem?! Aaaaaaa stress stress :@ susah betul jadi budak kurang pandai ni. haiyaaaaa


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