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Turn Over A New Book? ..

so,i just got back from Melacca.and im really really tired.yesterday,me and kak Nad planned to watch CJ7 since my sister said it was good movie and it was showing on AXN.so,while watching it,the little cousins ended up watching with us,followed by aunts and uncles and grandmas.well,basically everyone watched it.

i cried watching CJ7.sedih gila ok.and even ending dia happy,i cried jugak,sbb well,dia happy.haha,tears of happiness la ala ala.conclusion:CJ7 must watch.haha.after that,everyone,all 3 families went out for lunch.we ate at Jusco since theres a foodcourt there and from there, theres a party in everyones tummy.hehe

we finished our lunchs and we decided to go DP (Dataran Pahlawan).i think,DP is now the new attraction.i know MP is just across DP tp cm,DP have better shops.when we arrived,i saw this one banner "BOOK SALE" and bla di bla.i saw that and instantly,i have the dread to go there.but my sister was heading to MNG and she's taking my mum with her.so,instead,i followed them.

we met up with Kak Nad and the others(we split up a little while ago,cause we couldnt possibly fit in one car) and finally Kak Nad said "eh,kak Nad nk tngk buku la.jom".finally!someone understood me!and there were this one long,like very long lane of books books and more books.and cheap!

i went crazy and get a hold on every book i touched.from the thousands of books,i managed to pick 4 and paid for the price RM46.babi murah kann?!

and i loved every book.
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Mr Razak?


oh,ingat betul baba tkikut balik kampung"
haha,tkde aa.tipu je"
tolong aa.dulu waktu kenduri arwah atuk yg disember tu dia duduk rumah sorang dia takut kan?last last tdo depan tv dgn kucing HAHA"
ha'ah,lampu semua bukak.pastu last last dia tidur Kampung Pandan (my grandma's house).and the night before dia ajak kawan dia tidur rumah.tu kan 'party bujang' dia tu"

badan je besar.hahahaha
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i love you very very much and i cant wait to trash your house in the days to come!
have a great 17th celebration anddd
im so sorry i cnt come :(

balik kampung ooo oo oo balik kampung! :'(

again,i love you babe.fffffffffffforrrreveeeeerr!
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An Ol' Friend :)


and this one,i just plainly dont have a picture with her! haha

anywhoo,hope our friendship lasts forever and ever,keding!
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A is for Alana!

the other day,me and Lana planned to go to the library.so i msg-ed her for details.

Me : "oh,aku fikir kau nk tukar hr g library,tp tkjd eh?"
Lana : "tak aa.asal aku nk tuka hp pulak?"

(i thought Lana,by writing 'hp' was just a typo.so,i ignored that)

Me : "oh,tk.aku fikir je."
Lana : "aku tkde duit aa.aku tau aa hp aku korok haha"
Me : "Bodoh,aku ckp hp ke?aku ckp hr la bodoh!haha kau baca blk msg aku!"
Lana : "Lalalala (tklayan) oh,kau nk tukar hr ke?"
Me : "Ahahahaha, ****(tau malu)!"

Alana,aku rasa lawak bodoh kau boleh kalah kn hingus aku -.- HAHA
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Kak Nad :)

dear Kakak Nadia,

HAPPY 26TH(i think) BIRTHDAY! :)

hope you'll have a great 26th kak Nad! <3

(again,i cant find any pictures,i know theres some during Raya!haha)

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Happy 49th!


i would really like to insert a picture,but i can't remember where i store them.
dammit,it have to be in one of the files.
all i know is,i have toooo many picture files in my My Pictures.

anyhoo,we all love you Ba :)
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"I Don't Know"

I am really scared as to what I might be facing from now onwards.I don't know what I want to do with this world and what I'm asking back in return.I don't have the slightest idea what I'm going to do for living and what I'm gonna study when I finish high school.

I keep on saying "I don't know,I don't know" everytime someone,anyone ask me what I want to be.my mind is filled with doubts and curiosity.how will I see myself in 8-10 years time,how much I've change.

I don't want to regret my whole life for just some little mistake I've done.I mean,now,I'm just thinking really hard of which paper I should drop or I should add up to my SPM examination.I mean,God,I DON'T KNOW.

I am always looking forward for the day I will finally leave this horrible horrible place.call me coward or a loser for running away.but at least I know where my mistakes are.and no,although I don't intend on fixing them,I do plan on living alongside with them.

truthfully, I don't even know what I want.Whether it's to dispose all of my problems away or to deal with.A few years back,it seemed like I have the perfect life.friends I can look up to,family I can always rely on and well,nothing to be thinking about,really.

but the universe just loves to prove me wrong.everything is topsy turvy.family are still reliable,but only on certain occasions.for those I thought who could guide me,well,they're not so guideable(HAHA) themselves.

as for right now,my brain is clogged.and I don't know whats the point for this post,really.

TALK ABOUT SHITS,this one really is!
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I Could Get Use To This

A Private Novel Spin-Off : #1 Privilege. date of release : Dec 30, 2008
#2 Beautiful Disaster. date of release : not confirm

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"Geth Geth"

oh my!today we (Me,Ilya,Ann and Ana) had our Chemistry tuition class which was really really funny.finally!he asked me my name and said "Afiqah" really like tkdgr sgt.tu pun dia ckp skali je and i can bet you,mesti punya,he forgot my name again.confirm!and Ana mcm tahan gelak cause last week he kept calling me Arafah.wtf?ahahaha he finally got Syazana right and Ilya right.but after a while,he got back calling Ilya 'Ili' which caused me to laugh really hard while covering my face behind my test pad.

i kept shoving Ilya's feet away from my spot and she ended up pinching me with her toes and that hurts!Mr Nathan talks so fast I was really off track.i was trying to register what he's talking about but at the same time,trying to be aware what he's gonna say next which is really really confusing.and by the looks of Ilya and Ana's laughing face infront of me,I'm guessing my confused face is really really clear to them.but when he finally stopped talking(when he asked us to jolt down the notes)everything entered my tiny brain perfectly.i understand everything he said before and i've come to a conclusion that if he could just stop talking for a merely 5 seconds,i could understand everything right there and than,seriously.its only confusing cause he keeps saying one thing after another without a break.haha

then,Mr Nathan said "geth".i was like "whaa?" and he said "geth geth" and i said "what's that?get?" "aah yeah,geth geth" and Ilya suddenly covered her face behind her hair and starts laughing.i got half a mind to leave the table and laugh behind ther counter,no kid.that hilarious hahaha.

but wtv it is,thanks to Mr Nathan,i finally have interest in Chemistry and i understand it.one hella miracle!i almost thought of dropping Chemistry but im sure my dad wont let me since its his fav subject -.-'

ni dah bukan anak ikut bapak ni.
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Happy Birthday Prondek!


hope you'll have a great 17th birthday,Hina!
may God bless you always and I will always pray for you health.
wishing I will always be a part of your future as I always see you in mine :)
babe,always remember to pray to Allah and thanks for your sympathy ears and not to mention your endless advice and support ever since we first started friends in '05.
you've helped me through a lot and I hope I could always do the same for you
cheers for the many days for us to spend later on(esp jalan jalan kat KD before or after tuition!HAHA)
anddd last but not least,aku sayaaaaaaaaaaang kau,Pun***!<3

sincerely from,
your killer partner,Afiqah :D
(sorry aku tkchop lipstick mcm kau buat kat kad aku!HAHA)

p/s:sorry wei,delay kejap aa hadiah.kau tau aa betapa pokai and tingginya hutang aku wei :'(
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" says:
aku cam nak nangis doh
bcse it means tht frndship ktorg, she takes it lightly tau"

Ciggies FIRST,bestfriends come in second.bet that's her new motto.

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You Stop That and I'll Stop This

last Saturday before attending little Danish and Fatini's small birthday party at my granparents' house,me and my family ate dinner at Tupai Tupai.pelik nama mmg tkpyh ckp aa.i thought we were really gonna eat squirrels -.-

its a buffet steamboat restaurant.which is soo fun to just pick up a plate and stuff everything on it.my brother keeps on saying "ni dah amik belum?yang ni?ha!amik yg ni.ni pulak!" hak ela,amik aa penyepit sendiri.haha.

truthfully,all the male customers are so eye catching.haha.i mean,the way they talk and socialize and i dont knowww,but i guess it's something good,dont you think so? ;) but this one dude really really caught my eyes.he looked like this one guy i've met last year and well,carelessly,fallen for him.which is silly and not to mention stupid.

and suddenly i was back on memory lane,and i felt a lot of emotions going in and out and back in and out in my head.boohoo!

just a few more days and i can finally talk to you again.im not sure if thats what i want but,i just have to keep all this curiosity locked up for good.

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Catchy and Pop-y!

during our Permantapan Displin a few days ago,Ilya was recalling all the songs from 90's.she kept on singing Nsync songs then shifted to The Moffats and later on some 98 Degrees and then to O-Town,Westlife,Backstreet Boys and Destiny Child too.we (me,Farisha,Lana and Jaa) too,tried to trigger our memory for the lyrics and the beats.

and thennn,somehow,this came up. Me,Lana,Ilya,Jaa

"oh Lance tu gay kan?"
*farisha nods
"haih,sedih betul"
"tu la,selalu hndsme hnsme jadi gay"
"ha,same aa dgn Nicky Westlife tu"
"agak aa"
"whattt?serious dia gay jugak?"
"yeah,baru tau ke?"
"one member from The Moffats pun gay and all this while we thought BSB were the gay ones"

you have no idea how much i agree with you ilya.but,i still think BSB is gay.haha
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Plan Ahead!

2 days ago,my cat puked on my bed.so my mum washed my bed sheets and just now,i put 'em back on.it smells nice,at first.after a while smelling it for 1 or 2 hours non stop,i feel nauseous and now,i feel like puking.the smell is so strong and so i decided to sit on the floor while online-ing.

so tomorrow!like any other year,the first week of school,on Saturday,we'll be decorating the class.well,we skipped last year because none of us could care less and as a result,we got announced by Pn Siaw during assembly sebagai salah satu contoh tidak membersihkan/menghias kelas.

Farisha told us to be at school by 8.Aswad groans sbb ckp tksmpat nk breakfast and all.i told him to just eat breakfast at school but he disagree.but,i told him he have to be here by 8 and he was like "kau?mcm la kau dtg pkl 8" ahh,i see,everyone seems to notice i am very very VERY unpunctual."kalau aku dtg pkl 8?" "kau?pukul 8?hebat aa" ok, note to self : be early.
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First For Form 5

first day was so-so.i wasnt all that great and oh ya!the fact that i accidently touched lipas punya telur thingy and decided to shout really loud and everyone goes "ASAL?ASAL?" eee,geli sial.

it was great news at first,hearing we wont be taking EST for SPM.buttt,EST got replaced by Civic.damn,no wonder last year those Alpha students took that folio thingy seriously while Gama doesnt have any damn idea whats the big deal about it.and i take it back,i would prefer taking EST paper rather than Civic.at least EST would be just about transferring information,cant be that hard (but i got C for last year's EST.tp tu pun sbb tkcukup masa :s)

the teachers are all the same.the slight diffrence is our PJK teacher (and well,we couldnt care less) and our AddMaths teacher (but i guess Mrs Afizah will be great :D) and +, she's our class teacher.thank God,i need someone nice to confront my dad during Hari Terbuka haha

well,Pn Siaw took the chance to teach us Maths too!(LOUD groan).everyone thought she was going to teach us Physics when she entered the class,but instead,she took out a Maths book.and everyone started mumbling about how they would fall asleep in less than half an hour.and what joy!we had Physics today too during the 6th and 7th period.4 periods with her in one day.oh mannnnn.but at least it was separated by Sejarah and recess hehe

so,there goes my final first day for high school.next will be my first first day on college!wow,just thinking of it makes me feel glad im one day closer to it.

oh the joyyy!(not sarcastic)
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Lets Greet 'Hello!' To Uniforms & Heavy Bags

school is re-opening tomorrow.i still dont think i can call it 'senior year',i mean,God.i still feel young HA-HA.but seriously,i dont think i want this year to be called 'senior year'.why not call it 'last year' (ok,lame) or maybe 'final year' or maybe 'the most asshole year?'

ok,we still dont know who'll be teaching us for our most asshole year (haha),but i wish we have the same AddMaths, Chemistry (eventho i dont really care,but she's nice! :D) teacher.and we know fo'sho,we'll be having Pn Siaw as our Physics teacher (groans).but i still think she's very dedicated.

well,let's see how this so call 'Senior Year' will treat us all like.
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A Good New '09

i guess its already 2009.and everything i did from early 2008 is still fresh in mind.no,i didnt celebrate new year because well,i promised myself i would read Quran on New Years Eve and plus,my cousin is staying at my house.

so,experienced from a few years back,all my resolutions went down the drain and they were NEVER close to happening,trust me.so 2/3 years ago,i stopped making New Years Resolutions.but this year,its back.and before that,my first and foremost resolution for 2009 is :


yeahhh :D so here goes :
  • i hope i can focus on my studies
  • i hope i can reduce the amount of cutting class
  • i hope i can be more responsible
  • i hope i can be a little less fragile
  • i hope i can pay all my debts before SPM
  • i hope i can reduce lies lies and more lies
tough luck.Pray for me will ya?

oh ya!before i forget,

cheers for "A HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR!"

hope its a wondrous 2009 waiting for us.have a good year guys :)

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