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Bye 2011

Last post for 2011! I can't believe I only have this much ----> posts (33 including this one) for 2011. What happened to blogging? I donch have many many time to belog. Sadd, really.

I guess I get busier and it gets harder to start a blog post.

Anyw, have you guys (whoever is reading this) ever watched Epic Meal Time? It's disgusting. It's fattening. It's crap. But sometimes at the same time, looks tempting to eat. But mostly it's just disgusting. And most of it, the main ingredient is Becon or Pork. So .. eh. I watched it because my cousin showed it to me and being a normal guy he is, he gets tempted to eat some of it. BOYS.

How can something so big fit so much in their stomach? And ni bukan satu je video dierang okay!

So nigahiga did a parody of Epic Meal Time haha

Hahah thanks to my little sister, I found nigahiga. His videos are so funny. So if you really need a good laugh, watch his videos!

And after watching nigahiga's version of Epic Meal Time, the real Epic Meal Time is not that scary anymore haha.

OH AND YES, lets give 2012 a big warm welcome shall we? I'm finally 20! Before this I use to think that sucks, but now I can't wait to be a little more older :D

So tolong lah rakan-rakan, jadi lebih bertanggungjawab dan lebih mature. Jangan buat benda-benda bodoh lepas tu kasi lagi alasan-alasan bodoh. Kita kan dah 20 :)
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Mid-Term Break


Yes, I am back blogging at Bukit Jelutong. Yezzuh! So anyways, my family and I just got back from Vietnam. And it was so-so. Not exactly exciting. Nothing fun actually. Unless you just like to shop. But other than that, eh.

I mean, Cu Chi Tunnel was something. I even had a chance to fire a gun which was awesome. Mula mula cm takut sbb the gun recoils so I was afraid if I shoot so hard, the momentum would be so big, the gun would recoil and I would be thrown back. Haha so many calculation was going through my head that time. Tapi bila dah tembak, tknk berhenti. Dude, might as well gimme a machine gun, I can handle it :B haha

But that was it. We went down the tunnel which after that scream thigh cramps because we had to bend down to go through it and when it was too tiring, we just crawled our way out. Also very tiring. Damn Vietnam people are so small and skinny.

And the rest of the trip was shops, shops and more shops. My mum suggested Mekong River but her friend told her not to, and she would explain why when we get back. Which multiplies the creepiness in that never-been-heard story.

The upside of the trip was I found a USD10 Aldo shoe. Bought it because its too cheap. Bought a full DVD set of Scrubs. Which I will bring along with me back to Dungun for the next torturing 13 weeks of not coming home. Anddd, my sister and I got ourselves a traditional Vietnam clothes! Yayy.

I'm still upset I only get two days at home for my holiday. Last Friday I met up with Fahmi ♥ Yayy, dia dtg Shah Alam :D and we went out with Jaa and Farisha :B and for tomorrow I'm still not sure how I'm gonna spend my day while the day after, I'll be on my way back to Dungun because I have class on Saturday AND Sunday. *Screams*

Not getting any assignments done this holiday, fo' sho.
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Hey Life

Its currently 2:55AM and I've just finished my Process Chemistry's tutorial. As usual, bila class tkstart pukul 8 boleh tidur lmbt lmbt and right now I just feel like pouring some things off my mind. But where do I start?

First, my classes are a mess. I am constantly lost in both Chemistry subjects; which is bad. I just took 2 days off from my classes and now, I'm totally lost. Thats 2 days I'm never getting back and making me think twice (or maybe not thinking of it ever would make it better) before I skip any classes.

Two, my Organic Chemistry lecturer keeps cancelling our classes! She canceled 3 weeks of lectures. Seriously. If its English, I don't give any hoots.

Three, I kinda just a little wee bit hate my English classes.

Four, not actually homesick, but I can't wait for next week so that I can hop on the plane and get my ass back in Shah Alam. And yes, it would be pretty hilarious if I did literally 'hop-on the plane'. Will try to do that. Will update on that next week. Haha

Five, whenever I'm at Dungun, I really still do miss my Pilah friends. This place is great, no doubt. Its just that, I would really enjoy it better when they're around ;/ :''/ I would pick up the phone, dial up Nadhrah and Wa and talk to them non-stop. AND DUA DUA CELCOM WHICH IS ANNOYING. Haih, I just really miss you guys :'(

That's about it. For now.
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Why I ♥ My Friends ;)

Yes, this is a bit overdue. But, I took pictures and said "Cepat cepat, nk masuk blog ni!" hahaha who says that anymore? (I do). Whaat? I like keeping memories aloiveee haha Lame.

So yes! The other day, I was not suppose to leave my beloved Dungun (as if), but I had to, cause I couldn't possibly do any work without my Chemistry textbook considering I have both Organic Chemistry and Process Chemistry this sem. Joyful.

So, I went back. Told Fahmi and he kept saying "Oh rindu mama eh?" "Bukann, nk amik buku lah" "Oh, fhm fhm. Rindu baba kan?" hahaha. And I got really lucky! Why? Because Raa decided to cook dinner for us for the second time! YAY!

Have a look at our 2 cooks :

Ann & Raa ;)

I swear Sha wasn't just posing. Nice cooking experience eh Sha?

Foods cooked by our favourite future Chef, Nur Sarah :')

Foods on mah plate

Raa's meatballs was d'bomb. And mashed potatoes. *thumbs up*

I say food and good company is really the best combination of all time. But, too bad, most of our friends couldn't be there. For girls it was just Me, Ann, Raa, Sha and Diey. Boys outnumbered us again as usual, so naming them right now is a challenge. Jaa and Farisha dropped by. Met Danial too!! LAMA GILA TKJUMPA? and they even put Syakir on Skype while us girls are washing the dishes ;)

Yay, looking forward till the next time Raa put on a dinner again for us! :)

p/s: The pictures are not Picasso level, yes. Didn't had a proper camera haha this or nothing mann.

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