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This Is Getting On My Nerves

Hi hey, hello.

Its been a freaking while since I last updated my blog with any contents that are worth reading whatsoever.

This is super duper late, but my raya was a whole lot better than last year, trust me. And while everyone in this whole wide world (except for me!) think its impossible, but i get to meet almost all of my friends especially the Gamas during my 2 weeks break! Gila lah time open house Hasif, it felt so good to be surrounded by all the same familiar faces :')

But I think I'm getting attached to the people here at UiTM too. 2 weeks also did felt long, eventho it was a great holiday.

Now, I'm blogging from Melang, back to being busy and crazy with all these new people that I find it really really easy to click.

Finals are coming in less than a month and tomorrow is our IID competition! Pergh, nervous bai. Also excited. Money have been splurged on our project, not to mention time and all the late nights.

Gila kau aku penat yg teramat. I barely have the time to pick up the phone and make some time to call people up like how I use to do. Niat nk call mmg lah ada tp balik class petang tidur. Bangun pergi class malam pulak. Lepas class malam meeting IID lepas tu balik rumah siap kan any kerja yg ada and poof.

And lately, my mornings are very stressful. Susah lah nyah aku nk bangun pagi. Masuk 2 minggu ni lepas cuti raya dah 2 kali kterang tertinggal bas -.-' dgn segala jenis test and quiz.

ESOK LEPAS IID ADA TEST BIO, NIGHT CLASS. WTH. ye ke nk blajar time jaga booth?! Gila, niat kena ada. InsyaAllah. hahaha. tp best dpt surat pelepasan :D hehehe Lab Bio and lecture Bio boleh skip. Riang ria gembira lah bai.

Wow, i miss this. Blogging, I meant. Okay, I should pamper myself with Glee right now and we still have to finish up our project for tomorrow. Wish us all luck! xx
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