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Money Crisis


on the plus side,i just bought Beautiful Disaster:)
but i still want these :

Private Novels :
#10 : Suspicion. date of release : not confirm

Privilege Novels :
#3 Perfect Match. date of release : not confirm

The It Girl Novels :
#7 : Infamous. date of release : Nov 3, 2008
#8 : Adored. date of release : June 1, 2009
#9: Devious. date of release : not confirm

Jodi Picolt : Vanishing Acts

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Even a One Letter Word Can Change Perceptions

this morning,my dad asked me to accompany him to my sister's Open Day at SKBJ.

arrived there,waited for a while and when it was my dad's turn,he talked to the teacher and tksmpai 2 minute dah hbs dah.gilaa cepat!

Ba,cepat gila baba ckp dgn ckgu adik
Iye la,dah tkde apa nk ckp
Tapi dgn ckgu uda bnyk gila baba ckp!
Mmg la,adik tkada G,uda ada G!bnyk pulak tu!
Hello?adik ada C ok!
Ha,adik punya markah pun teruk
Then?asal tkckp bnyk bnyk?

haha.i don't know what's my deal,but,i want to know what my dad and a teacher would talk about when i'm not the subject.*sigh
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Open Day?

Ye aa,aku siku Ra sikit je dia dah pukul pukul aku,malas aku,aku siku je la Khidhir!
Ha,ha'ah,Khidhir kata Firdaus dgn kau dua dua siku dia.Afiqah ni pulak,dah la gelak kuat,pastu ckp ckp pulak tu
Eh,mengarut,manade aku gelak kuat gila!and aku ckp apa je?
Ala kau,aku dgr kau ckp ckp dgn Ann,malu aku duduk dgn kau gelak kuat kuat
Hahaha,bodoh aa,bla aa kau

haih,buat malu je masuk movies dgn laki banyak banyak.dah tu pulak,boleh kutuk depan depan -.-' haha

so,today's open day was surprisingly not killing me,getit?i mean,i didn't get nervous,at all.so,it was kinda okay.spent most of time with some of the Sigma boys,Ana and Ann.

when my dad arrived and talked to Mrs Afizah,he didn't even talked bad about me (i.e. tell Mrs Afizah that i'm lazy at home,tkblaja and bla bla,typical parents) and he didn't even freaked out about my marks.tkmarah pun.he just told me to put in more effort,sacrifice a bit of this and that (yet,i'm still blogging) and a total millions of love and thanks to Mrs Afizah for totally going slow and nice to my dad :)

andd,mmg thank God gila,cikgu tkletak makah Intervensi 2 and compare it with Diagnostics.my marks really really went down.so mcm,not goood.

but today,it was okay.Now,my final,last Open Day is finished.no more Open Days.
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Agree or Die

TRANSFORMERS was really really awesome,serious shit,tak tipu,rasa mcm nk tngk lagi 99999999999 + 1 kali lagi.best best best,sumpah best,and u really really can't take your eyes off the screen,no kid.awesome gila siall :D
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Take Off My Brain,The World Needs It

OMG,yesterday was super duper tiring.well,typically,my day started off with school.boring,boring.dapat tau Hari Terbuka Jumaat ni!ok then,somehow,around the 8th period,i left my phone on the table to sit with Areena.we talked talked talked,and when the bell rang,i packed my bag and straightly went downstairs.this time i was going to Alana's place.and since no one could pick her up,we have to walk back to BU.

i decided to buy a Slurpee (using Lana's and Fiza's money,i left mine at homeee thanks guys!haha) and when we arrived 7-E,paid for the slurpee,i checked my phone and found out i left it at school!i told Lana and she said "jom patah balik amik phone kau" Fiza macam boleh menjerit (ok,exaggerate) but,Lana insisted we turn back to get my phone.

and so we walked back to school,in search for Haris cause Lana told him to keep my phone while i was talking to Areena.so,with one large Slurpee for the three of us (yes,smua org pokai) we managed to get to school in one piece.Alana rushed upstairs and ran to the Teachers' Lounge.found Haris and he told Lana he passed the phone to Ilya. *menjerit*

we walked to Ilya's house and finally,i got my phone back.thank Godddd.chilled at Ilya's crib to watch her soak her feet and hands in salt water (blame her darn allergys),and by 3.15pm we walked back to Alana's house,through the damned highway!bapak panas aaa!had a fun time laughing with Alana with her slang (Y) and ble smpai OU je,mmg lega tkterhingga aa!dapat aircond,boleh tidurrr

arrived at Alana's house safely around 3.35pm and menjerit jerit kat maid dia ckp penat.nasib Kak Isma boleh layan haha.dapat tidur for a few minutes and Alana and Fiza woke me up to eat lunch with them.

and as for today,me,Lana,Ilya and Wa skipped school and our whole day was spend at the library for some major revision.my brain is rusting and i need some Chemistry and History oil to get it back working as usual.

i finally finished my chapter 1 for Chemistry,baru chapter one,tau,but it's a start kan?so wish me luck in every other 8 subjects people!
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u ckp dgn i ke Afiqah Ismail?sbb kdng kdng ble u buat blog pasal afiqah ismail,i terperasan kejap.kejap,tklama ok!and i pun cm wondering gak,bila masa waktu merentas desa i lari dgn u?rupa rupanya afiqah lainn ;p so skrg bila u ckp hi,i tktau la,i perasan lagi ni.so ye aa,i mmg suka perasan,especially bila i tau u minat i punya **** kan?eheheheh :)
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Ear Lender!

aswaddd,aku pun rasa mcm banyak benda nk merapu / dgr kau merapu pagi pagi buta ni!
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Not A Fan Of Dramas

and,a week of school passed by.cepat gila O:

on Monday,i already have the idea to skip Pn Siaw's class. *sigh*,somehow,i already forgot how Pn Norani's style of teaching the class and i forgot how it feels like to be in a class,not to mention i despise walking back and forth from the lab to class.

Tuesday was totally not a productive day,at all.i spend the first two period arranging the chairs at the back and sleep.the whole day,all i could hear is the things Alana and Haris talk about but i couldnt concentrate cause i was trying to finish my book ASAP.

Wednesday.Mrs Afizah entered the class with such bad temper.takut.she was so dissapointed with our paper.which scares us a little.went back to Ann's place and had lunch at Ikea.aah,heaven sioot (Y) best makan

i skipped school on Thursday to follow my mum to the airport to fetch my uncle,aunty and grandma.i love airports,KLIA to be precise.i love the smell,the vibe and even the bloody floor.

Meanwhile,as for today,i was really really glad i talked to Alana about a few things.somehow,i got this really heavy invisible imaginary load off my back and had a few loud laughs with her.Damnn,it felt goood (Y)

Ilya was absent since Tuesday because of her fever.get well soon babe :( and as for this week,i do realise i was being totally unfriendly most of the time.something is getting on my nerve,and i just feel soo bloody ***.tak suka org sbb dia bad mood je nk lepas kat kawan sendiri,tak suka org sbb dia emo je semua kena lari dekat dia,tak suka org jumpa jumpa je nak marah marah lepas tu blame ***,tak suka orang yang boleh sakit kan telinga sebab asyik asyik nk menjerit,esok esok nanti,aku takkan suka kau.

i've made and lost a few friends in my 5 years of high school.and because of my this huge ego i take everywhere,i don't care losing any friends.and i don't mind adding one up if i still can't keep up with you.i know one day,i'll look back on this and regret,but,right now,i can't stand with you.i can't stand your stares,your rantings,the way you block out my other friends.i'm being a bad friend by leaving you alone,tapi kau kan kawan dgn smue org,cuma kau tak boleh pilih je sapa kawan kau.

it's not that i like to see you hanging,but you have to look into everyone's feeling too.

haih what to do,what to do?doa je la and hope for the best from all of this.
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Hey There Mr Charming (;

scratch everyone else in the world and tell me Gabriel Macht has the most charming smile ever. *drools*

p/s:baru hbs tngk 'Because I Said So',and tgh cair gila babi niiii.
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Walau Dunia Tak Seindah Syurga

apa ni Azim?tukar sides!

Aizat pun sama

Azim berlagak macho dan Khairul sebaliknya

semua suka kacau Khairol (Y)

Alana in action

Jaa and her new best friend

Jaa tamak

i dared Alana to take a picture with him.pak cik tu sendiri yg nk pose dgn perang!

runner up best dress

Farhan as best dress male,bagus betul kakak dgn adik (Y)

as Johan would say,it hooked

Damn bahaya aa.

Champion tknk lepas trophy

Jaa menyebarkan muka hina nya

asal pnggil Khairul 'Champion'?because he refuses to answer to Khairul.

Ilya : wei Khairul Khairul
Khairol : apa Khairul Khairul?panggil aku schhmpion! *dgn slang yg lain macam bunyinya*

why?because we won for treasure hunt and he won for tarik tali.ego la kata kannn 8)
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Forever I'll Be Missing This

Day 1
me,fiza and lana arrived at KD about 7am,we waited for the bus and went to Kepong to pick up some Canadian peoples.we arrived there about 1pm.had lunch with Qis Lana Fiza Jaa Farhan Azim Khairul and Aizat.only some of us eat while the others just chat around and tease Khairul cause he slept for 4 hours but he felt like he slept for 30 minutes only -.-

checked in the apartment and it was like crap.the aircond was really slow and everything else was average.we unpacked and everyone was looking forward to eat the foods Qis and Lana bought (everyone who entered our apartment was really amazed by the amount of food we bought haha) that evening,we played games.and after the games finished,we went to the beach.

that night the 8 of us (minus Farhan) went for dinner at some restaurant.the boys was really sleepy cause they didn't eat since lunch.they even slept on the table while us girls was really noisy.i ordered a lot,mmg banyak gila.when the foods arrive,the boys were still sleepy and after they finished their food pun,they continued sleeping -.-

after dinner,we went to the beach.at first it was only the girls and Aizat (tktau canne dia boleh sesat kat sana dulu) and then later Azim and Khairul joined us.it was really really fun.the sand was cold,the wind breeze was perfect and everyone was having a good time (Y) we took pictures and went back to our rooms around 12.30am.

Qis and Jaa hung out by the pool with Ariff and his friends,Lana and Fiza was being noisy in the room while i was lying on the daybed infront of the tv,half asleep.when Lana and Fiza found that i was asleep,they slept and Qis and Jaa was back into the room.

Day 2
woke up late the next morning.Lana bengang sebab tksempat nk swim.dia frust gila haha.me Qis Lana Fiza and Jaa had breakfast and Ariff joined us.after that we went to this Kampung Life thingy.it was soo hot and it didn't really caught our attention because the heat was getting on to us.Jaa and the boys was really caught up with this one monkey name Salleh.haha.we even saw him pee.haha.later,we went to that anyaman thingy and all of us couldn't wait to get into the bus cause it was super duper hot.

we went back to our apartments,chilled and went to the boys' place cause Qis was tempted to play their PS2.we chilled there for a while and go down to the pool.after that,the 7 of us (minus Jaa) and Ariff went to lunch.Qis tumpahkan air Azim and i was the victim.Damnnn,rasa macam air kencing sejuk sialll.after lunch,we went back to our apartment and hung out while eating our junk foods (Y)

the evening,we went to the turtle sanctuary and each of us released one baby turtle.comel gilaaa.and the person in charge was speaking weird English!sumpah lawak gila.me and Fiza kept repeating what he said haha.later,we went to dinner.Khairul was really surprised i eat a bit cause he just couldn't believe the way i eat after the night before.hahaha.

we got back to the apartment and get ready for the party.the games was really funny and Jaa won for best dress for female while her brother won for male.after the games,they played some music and everyone danced like crazy shits.Azim and Khairul keep on taking short breaks cause they were too exhausted.Jaa was going mad with the Canadians,dancing with them and sumpah minah tu boleh tahan sial g clubbing haha

Night 2/Day 3
it was really hot in the hall,so all of us decided to go to the beach again.and again,the place was like freaking paradise.i really really don't want to end the night.it was super perfect cause the 8 of us was there laughing and chatting around.after a while,we could all feel the rain dripping.and we decided to go back to up and hung up by the pool.on the way to the pool while i was walking with Fiza and Khairul:

Khairul : korang nk dgr aku buat show ta-
Me : tak
Khairul : ish,awal awal lagi kena reject
Me : haha
Fiza : nak,nak
Khairul : korang ni!nk tk dgr aku buat show?
Me : ei,bising la!iye la
Fiza : eh!aku ckp nak kan?!
Khairul : ok ok, *fikir lagu* Cindai la man-
Me : KHAIRUL,BABI KAU,BABI! *runs away as fast as i can*
Fiza : KHAIRUL,JGN LA NYANYI!BERHENTI,BERHENTI *follows me running away*

hahahaha,kakak Qis yg dah jauh ke depan pun dah berlari pergi kat pool.punya la kuat mamat tu nyanyi.dah la kterang tgh jalan through all the coconut trees and all.it was damn scaryy.

we sat by the pool and Khairul insisted me and Fiza tell him whats wrong with the song.we kept calling him stupid,bangang,bodoh and all.haha.i was about to tell him whats up with the song when Ilya (bulat) and Itasya came and joined us.

Khairul : wei,asal dgn lagu tu?
Me : Cindai tu org cakap pontianak.
Ilya : kenapa ni?
Fiza : mamat ni,bangang sgt,waktu kterang tgh jalan kat situ *points at the coconut trees* dia nyanyi lagu tu
Khairul : itu la pasal,bila aku nyanyi je smue org lari.dalam otak aku dah seribu soalan dah kenapa dierang lari.

haha,it was so funny.and tell me,what vacation with friends would be perfect without a ghost story session?ended up with 5 of us telling ghost stories and the teachers came and asked us to go back to our rooms.Khairul still want to hear ghost stories and said

"ala,cerita la lagi,kalau korang takut nnt aku hntr blk pergi bilik korang"

so we went to our room and Qis Lana and Azim followed us.so there was me Jaa Fiza Qis Lana Itasya Ilya Azim and Khairul in our living room.at first all of us sat straight and talked.everyone was freaked out with Ilya's ghost stories around her old asrama.kakak Qis was the first to sleep on the floor,followed by Azim.but around 4am,kakak Qis woke up again

bila everyone was already in the mood to our ghost stories Khairul said

"aku tknk balik bilik,aku nk duduk sini smpai matahari terbit"

soo much of sending us back to our rooms,dia yang pengecut lebih -.- hahahaha.our whole night was filled pack with ghost stories.everytime tukar cerita pasal lelaki hot (a.k.a. Edward Cullen sbb dia vampire,see the connection with ghost stories?) Khairul will cut us halfway and ask us to continue our ghost stories.so,we can't really change the topic.haha.and Lana even asked Jaa to company her shower in the toilet.lawak gila.

by 4.30am,everyone was already lying on the floor and matress,but still talking,especially Itasya with her maximum volume of laughter.haha.Lana tried to sleep now and then and after a while,tktidur lagi dah.Azim woke up 3 times dgn expression muka terkejut stuck on his face.it was really really funny tiba tiba nmpk dia terbangun mcm tu and everyone will go "shh shh,perlahan sikit,nnt Azim terbangun" hahaha.

me Ilya and Lana all have our own style of telling stories.Ilya's style was filled with facts behind her ghost stories.i super super love her story about Ruby around her asrama campus.Lana's was because her expressions while telling ghost stories,mmg mahal gila.hahaha and mine,everyone said,the opening,the climax was great,tapi bila smpai je ending,i will say "dia bla aa" "dia lari aa" "dah aa,habis aa" hahaha

Me : then benda tu ketuk ketuk pintu cm org gila
Everyone else : ...
Me : ...
Itasya : lepas tu?
Me : haha,dia bla aa!
Itasya : hahaha tu yg aku tunggu tu!
Everyone : hahahahahaha

at 5am,Aizat called Azim and Qis picked up.he said he'll be coming to our room.all of us thought that he wanted to join us telling ghost stories,tapi bila dia smpai je,BOOM,terus baring and tidur.just like that,in less than 2 minutes,dia dah tidur.

and so,with everyone in our living room,squeezing on the matress (except for Azim,he's on the floor),they continued their stories and i fell asleep once a while,tapi sekejap je.Itasya laughed really loud and she was on the daybed with me,and i tickled her with my toes when she laughed hard.i even touched her face.haha.but i didn't get to sleep properly,i hear them talking and laughing.the ones who didn't sleep at ALL was Jaa Fiza Ilya Itasya and Khairul.Khairul was quiet but everyone know he's not sleeping cause everyone was disturbing him haha.then i woke up,tried to sleep in the room but,tak jadi.

and so,it was already 6.30am and it was already our last day.all of us wanted to go down to the beach.Lana and Jaa was already there and the rest of us have to wake Aizat up.iye la,tkkn nk tinggalkan dia in a girl's room kan?later our 2 other roommates (tkkenal) wake up to see a short indian (Aizat) sleeping in the living room.haha.

so we just HAVE to wake him up.it was really REALLY hard.ni mmg term 'tidur mati' sbb Ilya dah sepak sepak dia pun dia still tknk bngn.dia even slept in a sujud pose.Khairul awal awal dah diri luar bilik tknk layan and so,Azim had to pull him up and helped him to the door.sumpah,dia jalan,boleh kalah org mabuk!lawak gila.

we went to the beach,at first it was only the girls cause they have to take Aizat back to the room,we went into the sea,SUMPAH SEJUK.and the boys joined us.Khairul mengigil mcm org gila,Azim pun sama and Aizat took a while to enter the sea.he sat down by the beach then he entered the sea.Azim and Itasya went really deep into the sea.Qis and Lana went out first and went to the pool instead.me and Fiza went straight back to our apartment to shower,Jaa joining us shortly,while the rest joined Qis and Lana.

had breakfast with 3 separate tables : me Qis Lana Fiza Azim and Ariff, Itasya Ilya Khairul and Johan, while Aizat sat with the teachers.Jaa was still getting ready in our apartment.after Qis Lana Azim and Ariff left,Farhan and Jaa joined us.i got bored and sat with Itasya Ilya Khairul and Johan.after Itasya and Ilya left for more swimming,Fiza and Jaa joined us.so,yeah,we shift places a lot.had a good time recalling about our night and teased one another.

we left the café and went back to our apartments.i slept again.Fiza too.and when i wake up,i found Itasya and Ilya on the daybed sleeping.Lana woke me up to start packing.we have to leave the apartment at 12pm.while packing we all said how sad it was to leave this place.

we made a stop at this one mall in Kuantan to have our lunch.me and Khairul was busy talking to our tummys so that we'll make it to Pizza Hut in one piece,lapar gilaa.had lunch with Lana Azim Ariff Qis Fiza and Khairul while Johan Jaa Ilya and Itasya went to Johnny's and Aizat went to the foodcourt,emoshitting.haha.

walked around the mall.Khairul bising gila and i gave him Kinder Bueno and dia terus diam (Y) haha.and we went back to the bus,made a stop again at this one keropok place and went straight to KL.

in the bus,Jaa and Johan was the only ones laughing while the rest are all watching Death Race and Spiderman.haha.after toilet break,i sat with Jaa and Johan was seriously entertaining.mmg lawak gila dia buat muka ******.the three of us laughed so hard and we caught everyone's attention.Farhan and Itasya joined us shortly after that.it was really really fun.

send the Canadians back to Kepong and bila dah dekat dgn KD,i saw the similar building i see every week.rasa macam boleh nangis,i don't want to go back just yet.i was totally having fun,i don't want to study,go for tuitions,go back to school.i just want to drag all my friends back to Cherating and have fun.

i'm gonna miss everything,everyone.and i really really don't want to end it.tadi pun mimpi lepak dgn dierang balik :'(

p/s : wow,this is a long post!sapa yg baca tu mmg aa semangat betul!
p/ss : i had to refer Ilya Qistina to Qis cause ada Ilya bulat hahaha.
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Mamma Mia

on 9th June,it was my Mom's birthday!

mama dah 50 nnt naik lrt boleh dapat half price!tak suka ke ma?haha

i love you mama :)

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I Love,I Miss

i know its been only a few hours,but i already miss Cherating ;(
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Not Happening

i might have a major minor tiny tiny feelings left for you.tell me this ain't happening :(
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I Must Not Tell Lies

If you turned around just now and found Johnny Depp standing there, what would you do?
i would scream and beg him to marry me HAHA

its the truth,you know.

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