Even a One Letter Word Can Change Perceptions

this morning,my dad asked me to accompany him to my sister's Open Day at SKBJ.

arrived there,waited for a while and when it was my dad's turn,he talked to the teacher and tksmpai 2 minute dah hbs dah.gilaa cepat!

Ba,cepat gila baba ckp dgn ckgu adik
Iye la,dah tkde apa nk ckp
Tapi dgn ckgu uda bnyk gila baba ckp!
Mmg la,adik tkada G,uda ada G!bnyk pulak tu!
Hello?adik ada C ok!
Ha,adik punya markah pun teruk
Then?asal tkckp bnyk bnyk?

haha.i don't know what's my deal,but,i want to know what my dad and a teacher would talk about when i'm not the subject.*sigh


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