Open Day?

Ye aa,aku siku Ra sikit je dia dah pukul pukul aku,malas aku,aku siku je la Khidhir!
Ha,ha'ah,Khidhir kata Firdaus dgn kau dua dua siku dia.Afiqah ni pulak,dah la gelak kuat,pastu ckp ckp pulak tu
Eh,mengarut,manade aku gelak kuat gila!and aku ckp apa je?
Ala kau,aku dgr kau ckp ckp dgn Ann,malu aku duduk dgn kau gelak kuat kuat
Hahaha,bodoh aa,bla aa kau

haih,buat malu je masuk movies dgn laki banyak banyak.dah tu pulak,boleh kutuk depan depan -.-' haha

so,today's open day was surprisingly not killing me,getit?i mean,i didn't get nervous,at,it was kinda okay.spent most of time with some of the Sigma boys,Ana and Ann.

when my dad arrived and talked to Mrs Afizah,he didn't even talked bad about me (i.e. tell Mrs Afizah that i'm lazy at home,tkblaja and bla bla,typical parents) and he didn't even freaked out about my marks.tkmarah pun.he just told me to put in more effort,sacrifice a bit of this and that (yet,i'm still blogging) and a total millions of love and thanks to Mrs Afizah for totally going slow and nice to my dad :)

andd,mmg thank God gila,cikgu tkletak makah Intervensi 2 and compare it with marks really really went mcm,not goood.

but today,it was okay.Now,my final,last Open Day is more Open Days.


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