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July? Nada!

woahh,July dah habis do.Mr Nathan ckp bila dah smpai July,August "you feel time is moving so fast!".tp belum rasa pape lagi.Ilya said she felt it already.but me?nooo.i talk, eat, social, study, tuition, walk faster than time.who the hell can beat that?no one ok?,i repeat,no one.

ok,dah merapu pagi pagi buta ni.anyway,study is still not my daily activity,so thats why maybe my time is still at slow pace.not good.i want to get out of here as soon as possible

haih,bila ana dah post gambar Alex Watson ni mcm tkboleh kalah laa.nk post jugak :p haha.


p/s : dah pukul 5pagi ni ttbe boleh buat plan dgn Hani nk dtg rumah dia pulak nnt.hmmm,harap harap boleh bngn and jumpa dia.rasa lama gila tkjumpa!*excited.haha
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Andddd, They Will Go Down With Us

*mama telling bedtime stories last week

Mama : and her sick daughter did not go to school today because the teacher doesn't mind.if she goes to school,the teacher would say "don't come to school!later,i'll get infected.go and infect your family instead"
Me : eish,mama,mengarut gila -.-'

and now you know what happen?my mum is sick.and it was like mine,batuk tkhabis habis.memang berjangkit aa.sorry ma x( kesian tngk mama sakit :s well,actually i pass around my virus to nearly my whole family.my sister is already sick la
st weekend.my dad had a fever,a while.and noww,my mum.i spread virus faster than doing my Add Maths paper.

anywayy,last Saturday,i bought this :

and guess what?tkbaca lagi.i really really am trying to refrain myself from reading it.kalau tkk,memang la tkberhenti.but,i could really finish the book in one day,but the problem is,i CAN'T SPARE MYSELF A DAY.

but,i can't take it anymore.right now it's nearly 1AM.after i'm done with my Komsas, Rumusan, Comprehension and Summary,i'll start right away,tonight/this morning(whichever).it's distracting me badly :(
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Out Of The Ordinary

finally,after 5 days of being sick,dpt jugak dtg sklh hr ni :) tu pun cm still batuk batuk,tp it's okay.at least skrg batuk tkde aa sakit badan dah (Y).anyway,i seem to be lost in my thoughts a lot today.i would just sit and hear everyone mumbling and talking about something.

for the first period today,we had Chemistry.and Zaki asked me "afiqah,nk tdo lagi ke waktu Maths hari ni?" and i looked at him and laugh.last week,i broke my own record of sleeping in class.3 solid period + recess.i slept the whole way,2 hours mann.i was fasting that day,so my tummy was rumbling like mad and i decided to shut my eyes for a few minutes during Pn Siaw's lesson.and i did plan on going down to the canteen during recess just for the sake of catching up with the girls,but when i woke up,the class was empty except for Zaki,who was also sleeping next to me,Farid,at the front of the class,also sleeping and Faris doing only God knows what.so waking up to an empty class lead me to more sleeping.sampailah waktu Physics (Y)

so,in class,i am known for a heavy sleeper.tp kar kei tdo tgh tgh blaja Add Maths tkde sapa bising pun -.-' hari tu dlm Physics lab nk tarik kerusi sikit je Majid tanya "Afiqah,nk tdo ke?" ayoo,i might as well just put a day bed in the class.habis cerita,tkpyh susun kerusi ye tak? (Y)

anyway,just now,after doing a bit of AddMaths,i slept for a few hours and woke up.went down and watched TV with my dad.went back upstairs,resume watching TV and when i checked my laptop,Aswad is online.sent a few messages and he didn't reply.it was around 1AM already.i was just about to sleep for real and suddenly,Aswad reply jugakk.turns out he tried sending me messages since 12.30AM but none of it reached me.and we shall put the blame on this damned Celcom broadband.so bila dah boleh cakap,mmg tkkn tdo awal la kan?haha

tgh tgh mlm main emoticon amende ni?lifeless sial.haha
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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining :D

ok,after shower this evening,my temperature rise until i don't know what degree cause i'm to tired to get the thermometer in my mum's room.so,chances are,maybe i won't be going to school again tomorrow,bugger.i already miss the girls.

anyway,for my 2nd day of absence in school today,i,woke up at 10.15AM,showered and went down for breakfast.onlined for a long few hours,ate lunch and watched tv for the whole evening.andd,(my lucky day),they're showing Titanic at Star Movies!i love Titanic and everytime dia tunjuk part sinking tu,i would imagine myself in their shoes.Ya Allah,takut gila :s harap harap tkmati mcm tu.Aminnn.

anddd to think i would ignore that Leonardo DiCaprio was a real eye candy?NEVER! :D

handsome GILA GILA babi okayyy ;)
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Gets Me Everytime

have you guys ever watched this movie?sedih gilaa ok.i've watched this 3 times,3 kali nangis,no kid.best gilaa movie ni.and don't give me whatever shit that cartoons can't make you cry.watch this it'll prove you wrong.

and yes,if i really do have to admit,i still watch cartoons (Y).usually,in the evenings when i was still in BU,i would watch Disney and Nickelodeon everyday.dah tngk smue episode Totally Spies dgn Fairy Odd Parents :$ hehe.and td pun bila tkpergi sekolah dpt duduk rumah ptg ptg and dpt tngk tv.ishh,rindunyaa :'(
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Listen Up

soo,i 'lompat sekolah' (skip school) today because of my terribly heavy coughing.started coughing during tuition,tu pun control sikit sbb malu batuk dpn org ramai,esp ____ hehehehe.

anywayyy,i can't stand my coughs x( sakit badan everytime batuk.rasa mcm nk lompat lg esok.buttt,we'll see.

p/s : Mr Nathan is still sick :( now i really really miss him.get well soon teacherrr.
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Funny Bones In Action

some of the most funniest things in my life

Scene 1 : Ana was trying to get her contacts out.mind you,it's her first time wearing them,so we all had to bear with her say "OMG,takut nya.aku pakai benda ni je 1 jam tau takk" "weii,canne nk keluarkan lagi satuu?"

Me :
Ana,dpt tkkeluarkan?
Ana :
Me :
meh la afqh tolong *gets up,goes to Ana* Ana jgn pejam mata tau
Ana :
Me : *baru nk pegang mata Ana*
Ana : *terkentut*
Me : *terdiam*
Ana :
ok,Ana baru kentut,tapi whatever la,takut sgt ni.Affiiqahhh.canne nk keluarkann?
Me :

Scene 2 : Atin's recent bbq.we were all playing bunga api.there was a pelita right next to a plant and Jaa being surprisingly stupid and blur,accidently puts one of the plants to flame.

Eleena : "
Jaa,api Jaa.api!"
Jaa : looks down,stares at it
Me and Sha : *
in our minds "omg,api.nnt mesti spread smpai rumah terbakar and we'll be running for our lives.cool gak"* just stood there,looking at the fire
Asiyah : "
omg,atin!API API!"
Jaa : looking around."
sapa sapa boleh kasi aku suratkhabar?" stares back at the fire
Me : stares at the fire *
nak buat apa eh?*
Everyone behind us : "API!API API!"
Me : "
eh,tarik la hose kat blkg tu"
Syakir,Odeng and Bob : walks to Jaa "
Odeng : "
Jaa!haa!selipar selipar!"
Jaa : looks down and turns around "
suratkhabar mana?suratkhabar?"
Me : *
apa Jaa bodoh sgt?nnt terbakar la suratkhabar tu -.-'* walks over to Jaa
Jaa : "
air?ha!air.aku ada air!" takes out a bottle of mineral water from her bag.
Odeng : ketuk api pakai selipar

Me : "
Jaa : "
tak,aku nmpk api tu.tp aku tktau nk buat apa.aku nk pijak,tp aku takut kaki aku terbakar"
Me : "
HAHAHAHA,then asal kau mintak suratkhabar?"
Jaa : "
aku nk ketuk la api tu!"
Me : "
api tu tkde la kecik do -.-' nnt terbakar la suratkhabar!"
Jaa : "
wei,aku tktau do.Eleena pun sama.dia yg first jerit kat aku 'Jaa api Jaa api!' tapi,lepas dia dah jerit dia duduk balik and pandang je"

hahaha,omg,korang kne tngk muka Jaa waktu dia pandang je api tu and mintak suratkhabar!sumpah lawak gila

Scene 3 : my mum always has this funny addiction to telling me and my little sister some funny made up bed time stories.

Mama :
Once upon a time,there was a mother and her 2 daughters.the little one looks like a chinese,the elder one looks like a malay and the mother looks like a princess
Me :
ya Allah *gesture puke
Mama :
and the elder daughter vomits cause she's jealous her mother looks like a princess
Me :
eeeii,mama.tolong aa
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To Be Able To Nag

this week was a combination of both fun and boring.the trip Karangkraf was greatt.i love these kind of trips.mmg best dpt keluar sklh dgn dierang smue :')

but,that was the only fun part this week.yg lain smue ... blah.boring gila dtg sklh everyday,mcm tkde benda pun nk buat.Pn Siaw lama tkmasuk kelas (Y),budak seni smue turun bengkel nk siapkan folio,kdng kdng budak IT pergi lab.so our class kdng kdng kosong -.-'

anyway,td tngk Harry Potter.i forgot how the book goes,so,i'll just take whatever i see at the screen.kalau ingt smue benda,mann,i'm sure i have A LOT to argue with.but,if i had to say,the movie wasn't all that bad.it was higher than my expectations,well,abit.so i am amazingly impressed.

krng tau tkk,Mr Nathan was admitted into a hospitall :'( omgg,it's almost like 2 weeks since we last saw him and heard him say 'concentrateeee'.get well soon Mr Nathan!and well,honestly,i'm not looking forward for the next series of class replacement.i mean,we're gonna have a 3 hours tuition for the next few weeks.gilaa!

andd,last but not leastt,esok bbq kat rumah atin korangg ;) can't wait can't wait.its been such a long time since we last hung out with atin included in the picture.so,cheers for that.see you guys tmrrw :D that is,if im going haha.nk kena fikir transport ni.
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In Your Dreams

Thanks San Jose. Except for this one girl that asked me who was on my shirt and it was clearly Michael Jackson. She has no cool points

damnn girl.u got rejected by Kris Allen.and now we know we can never talk bad about MJ infront of him eh?
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Pyjama Party In The Afternoon

you can always ask for Lana's help if you want someone to do something embarassing.HAHA

p/s : jgn tngk videos ni dgn earphones,everyone ;) lagi bestt

tngk aa smue still pkai seluar tdo.Ra dlm 2nd video starting betulkn kain dia -.-' haha.then ada Ilya salah lyrics and all waktu lagu Kau Ilhamku.layangggg haha

p/ss : more pictures on facebook k?
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Golden Night was greatt.well,it was great cause behind our table was the Sigma's.so,we all sat together after dinner and watched the performances together.Nash's performance was honestly the best.bukan best sbb dia best.best sbb kterang jerit mcm org gila.i mean,who Nash?i don't even know that guy.ada org ckp dia rapper lagi -.- haha,pelik.

well,unlike Odeng,we don't know any of his songs,at all.and everytime Odeng would sing we would cheer for him,and org lain ingt we cheered for Nash and they would join cheering.haha.our table was crazy smpai "ABG NASH,SINI SINI!" when he got off the stage.haha.

dinner ended around 12AM,and as for us (Me Ana Ann Jaa) we're having a sleepover at Raa's.after having our sweet time taking pictures infront of the Community Hall,we walked back to Raa's place.dragged a few boys over with us.Firdaus was the first cause me and Ann forced him to carry the hamper back (Y) and a few rest like Buj Daniel Majid and sapa sapa la lagi just followed us.

at first,we decided to have a drink at Mohsin or something but Raa's dad was watching from inside so change of plans,we just hung out at Raa's place.suddenly,a lot of people came.there was Me Ana Ann Raa Jaa Syaqeel Buj Odeng Firdaus Ahlami Haziq Khairul Shiraq Syafiq Majid Daniel Hidung Abe Bob Fikri and a few others i don't remember who.

everything ended around 2.30AM when Techno songs almost woken up the whole Taman Tun (sapa yg ada je fhm.sorry korang,sumpah lupa nk remind diri sendiri tu kawasan perumahan).so,the boys had to leave and they went to Mohsin while the girls stayed over and washed up.around 4AM,smua dah tdo.


Raa woke us up around 8AM and with the clothes on our back (well,i changed) we went to Mohsin to have our breakfast.Ilya Sha and Wa joined us.Raa dgn Ann pakai kain batik pergi Mohsin!haha

around 10AM,lana joined us and we decided to hang out at somewhere.Me Ann Ana and Raa left earlier cause we had to walk cause all of us couldn't possibly fit in Ilya's car.went to Athinahapan and it was hot.so instead,we hung out at Raa's.

everyone was in the mood,so,my camera was passed around to take pictures and Raa took out the guitar and sooo,2 videos was produced!haha,it was soo damn funny.satu tu Raa betulkn kain right infront of the camera.

after Jaa left,we just sat around,singing and talking.around 12PM,we had to leave cause we have Nathan's class at 2.30PM,bugger.tp bila smpai je rumah Ilya,Nathan msg ckp dia sakit.Me and Sha danced all the way upstairs in joy.get well soon Nathan.and one week tkjumpa dia.boleh rindu gak aa.haha.and because of Nathan's absence,we paused our thoughts of having our first shower for the day (Y)

so,we spend time at Ilya's crib and around 6PM i had to leave.dropped by at Raa's place cause i left my books and ckp bye for one last time :'( rasa sedih gila.take care baby!jumpa lagi time SPM!
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Two in One

Raa,why mahu pindahh? ;'( a few months je lagi.rasa lain aa dtg sklh nnt tkde org nk kasi candy everytime perhimpunannn.
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Justin Panjang

have always liked him in the first place.and after watching He's Just Not That Into You,lagiii menggila.
JUSTIN LONG,i love you :$ hahahaha
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Reality Check

i've just watched Micheal Jackson's Videoscope for the fourth time O.o
ayooo mapachaaa*hehehehe,cuba tanya aswad apa maksud mapacha!hahahaha
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When You Have A Soap and A Brain On The Other Hand

i am completely brainwashed with M.J.'s songs.why?cause i watched Videoscope of M.J. three times in less than 24 hours.freaaakyhh.but surprisingly,i just can't say no whenever i hear Michael Jackson's songs on tv.and then,my eyes will be fixed on the tv for the next few other videos of him.but,it does ticks me off everytime they would repeat the same lyrics over and over again just to finish the scene.i mean,hello?pause the music for a while will ya?

somehow,it was cute when he found out she asked him to marry her.haha
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ishh,kenapa la tkkeluar kat Malaysiaa?!i have to watch this.i don't care.
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Do I Really Have To Admit She's My Friend?

haha,check comp lab form 2,pc 19.haha

you know how my day started? Pn Hazlin spotted my purple socks.well she spotted it weeks ago,so cm lawak aa fikir balik.haha

during Agama,Ustazah was teaching about perkahwinan.and suddenly,Alana has this really really weird,awkward yet,funny imagination.

afiqah,kau kisah ke nk poligami?
uhh,tktau aa.asal?kau?
hmm,bila kau fikir blk,best gak kalau madu kau tu kawan.kalau g holiday terbaik punya!
haha,agak aa.aku tkkisah aa kalau nk share johnny depp dgn kau kannn *kening*
aaaa *gelak,tutup muka.goes silent,suddenly* cuba kan,kau bayangkan,kterang kahwin dgn ______
aku mcm boleh bygkn dia ckp "afiqah,lana meh bersanding" *buat gestures*
HAHAHAHA,bodoh sial kauu
iye weiii.*giggles uncontrollably* pastu,aku boleh bygkn family portrait doo. *angkat tangan* aku kiri,kau kanan. hahahahha
HAHAHAHA,pastu pastu *buat gestures* anak aku kat sini,sana anak kau
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Jumpin' July


mmg susah pun :s
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When people ask for my help,I'll help and only asking they would do the same in return.When people help others willingly eventhough they didn't ask for it,don't expect anything in return.

Pernah dgr phrase buat baik berpada pada?Kecik kecik tkfhm la,tkkn nk buat baik pun kne fikir 2 3 kali?Sekarang dah fhm.

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