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Gotta Love This

Jeju Island, South Korea / Corea del Sud

Starry night? What do you think? / Notte stellata? Cosa ne pensate?

Rivers of sand on border between Libya, Egypt and Sudan

Rio ParanĂ¡, Argentina

Great Barrier Reef / Grande Barriera Corallina, Australia

Juan de Nova Island, Madagascar

and the last one is seriously my favourite. the sea actually looks like a jellyfish which is you gotta admit, weird but also the most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my life. and i advice you guys to click on his flickr link (of his last picture) and see it full size. MasyaAllah

now i feel like changing my career path, i want to be an Astronaut! I'm serious! :| i mean, this dude has got to be the luckiest person to witness all this creation of Allah. i mean, i look at the pictures and i go (breathless) then if i were to see it with my own eyes?! i will never get tired of it.

I followed @astro_paolo because he was featured in Twitter's video. krng pernah tngk tk the second time twitter changed their login page then ada video kat bwh login box tu? and Paolo was featured. he talked to the camera lps tu dia pegang camera tu and he showed his surrounding, which was outer space which is VERY COOL

so if you guys really need to be reminded of all this wonderful creation by Allah, you should really follow him on twitter! @astro_paolo follow him, FOLLOW HIM!

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Done With This Chapter

I can't believe it's already four months and its the end of my 2nd semester! Okay, its actually Graduation Goggles with me (pls watch HIMYM haha) I mean, can't wait for the end of the sem but in the end, its sad, really.

I hate studying in Kuala Pilah and i can't wait to go to a better campus, i swear. It's so small and nothing good ever happens in there. Nak buat big events pun cm "uhh nk buat mana? Anjung? muat ke?" yes, seriously.

The few things i appreciate throughout my whole 2nd sem is:

1) My Physics lecturer is the.best.Physics.lecturer.EVER. and now thanks to her, my Physics is better than ever
2) Nasi Ayam and Kenyal-kenyal. Nasi Ayam paling sedap dlm dunia and Kenyal-kenyal is actually seafood tofu, sedappp!
3) My friends
4) My best friends and by that i mean Nadhrah, Wa, Widad, Ayu, Faeez and Hafiz

So, there's not much to like about Beting (OR Parit Tinggi) but, i will really really really miss number 4 :''''( literally spent the whole 4 months with them. LITERALLY. Ayu was a rare case because she was in a different class but the other 5? haha we breathe the same air all the time

I'll miss being in the same class as them, putting tables together with them so we can have lunch with all 6 of us together, studying and arguing about Maths solution, betting on test marks to see who gets to treat who for lunch, walking back from class, birthday celebrations, outings, everyythinggg.

Wish Muin would have stayed longer cause then i would appreciate him better? haha but a few months with him was also great cause he was with us the whole time too.

But, yeah, those are the few things I'll miss from my 2 semester at Kuala Pilah and I have to say 2nd sem is definitely better than my first ;) Wish all of us luck and pray for us! :B
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Hop On Plane, C'mon !!

if you guys would notice (maybe you would) or remember (maybe you won't) i tweeted about this event a year ago! i specifically said i was gonna catch a plane to California just because The Strokes was playing one of the headlines and they haven't performed in ages! maybe they did in Lollapalooza, but this was even bigger.

look at the line-up. its one of the best line-up i've ever seen. like seriously?! they have Kings of Leon, Cold War Kids, Flogging Molly (!!), Arcade Fire, Mumford & Sons, The Kills, Erykah Badu, Scissors Sisters, Cage the Elephant, Duran Duran, Ratatat (!!!), Neon Trees, Jack's Mannequin, The Strokes (!!!!!!). and some others i won't bother mentioning because the ones i mentioned is already worth the flight ticket, festival ticket (for all 3 days!) and all other expenses.

i mean, yes, i think its worth the money, but only if i have money to spend hahaha. but seriously, i looked up on this shit like a bad ass. i mean you can rent a tent, you can camp there, car camping whatever. they are really putting this out. can Malaysia do this? o.o i'm rooting for it haha

but you know, my biggest thanks to Gum 5 and Youtube for streaming this festival online. #CoachellaLive was d'bomb. and i'll say it again D'BOMB. watched it for the whole 3 days, and got excited infront of the laptop and people can go "whurddd" if they saw me. haha tp malang ye, sungguh sungguh malang sbb when The Strokes was performing i was already back in Beting and the connection was a bit sloww :'( but my favourite was Kings Of Leon and Arcade Fire. Aweesomee gilaaaaa

and haha i'm really sorry for people who followed me on twitter for spamming your timeline with #TheStrokes and #CoachellaLive. i was getting really obsessed when The Strokes performed. and i still wish i could marry Julian

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Its Already Time?!


I cannot believe my final exam starts in a few days. LIKE SERIOUSLY?!


haih, apart from finals that are coming up (OMG, FINALS!) i'm really not doing a good job concentrating on it. tau gelabah je lebih tp still tkleh nk react towards that gelabah-ness. terbodoh je selalu. what i'm trying to point out here is, i have a lot on my mind. and i think the amount of concern i put it in is equal to my finals (btw, exaggerate, its not equal to my finals. should be less)(btw, OMG FINALS!!)

but still, i keep replaying my mistakes over and over again in my head. its haunting me like mad and i could just feel this heavy load on my shoulders. crap crap crap

anyw, wish me luck and pray for my finals (OMG FINALS!!!) i really need to score this sem badly. p/s : i wish he could wish me luck sincerely, he has always been my drive to do better :'(
You know that. but neah, i don't think he will, not in this condition.

ANDDD YES, i always post videos ;)

As Told By Ginger has always been one the best cartoons on Nickelodeon. And i love the intro, so i'm sharing this hehe

Someone once told me the grass is much greener
On the other side

From where I'm standing
My grass is green

haha i miss this. A lot.
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Andddd Swallow!

i think i heard this song way back from Ilya's room (trust me, it was wayy wayyy back to form 4 or form 5)
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Yes, Still

I wish I'm still seventeen
I wish it was still 2009

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