Hop On Plane, C'mon !!

if you guys would notice (maybe you would) or remember (maybe you won't) i tweeted about this event a year ago! i specifically said i was gonna catch a plane to California just because The Strokes was playing one of the headlines and they haven't performed in ages! maybe they did in Lollapalooza, but this was even bigger.

look at the line-up. its one of the best line-up i've ever seen. like seriously?! they have Kings of Leon, Cold War Kids, Flogging Molly (!!), Arcade Fire, Mumford & Sons, The Kills, Erykah Badu, Scissors Sisters, Cage the Elephant, Duran Duran, Ratatat (!!!), Neon Trees, Jack's Mannequin, The Strokes (!!!!!!). and some others i won't bother mentioning because the ones i mentioned is already worth the flight ticket, festival ticket (for all 3 days!) and all other expenses.

i mean, yes, i think its worth the money, but only if i have money to spend hahaha. but seriously, i looked up on this shit like a bad ass. i mean you can rent a tent, you can camp there, car camping whatever. they are really putting this out. can Malaysia do this? o.o i'm rooting for it haha

but you know, my biggest thanks to Gum 5 and Youtube for streaming this festival online. #CoachellaLive was d'bomb. and i'll say it again D'BOMB. watched it for the whole 3 days, and got excited infront of the laptop and people can go "whurddd" if they saw me. haha tp malang ye, sungguh sungguh malang sbb when The Strokes was performing i was already back in Beting and the connection was a bit sloww :'( but my favourite was Kings Of Leon and Arcade Fire. Aweesomee gilaaaaa

and haha i'm really sorry for people who followed me on twitter for spamming your timeline with #TheStrokes and #CoachellaLive. i was getting really obsessed when The Strokes performed. and i still wish i could marry Julian



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