First For Form 5

first day was so-so.i wasnt all that great and oh ya!the fact that i accidently touched lipas punya telur thingy and decided to shout really loud and everyone goes "ASAL?ASAL?" eee,geli sial.

it was great news at first,hearing we wont be taking EST for SPM.buttt,EST got replaced by Civic.damn,no wonder last year those Alpha students took that folio thingy seriously while Gama doesnt have any damn idea whats the big deal about it.and i take it back,i would prefer taking EST paper rather than least EST would be just about transferring information,cant be that hard (but i got C for last year's tu pun sbb tkcukup masa :s)

the teachers are all the same.the slight diffrence is our PJK teacher (and well,we couldnt care less) and our AddMaths teacher (but i guess Mrs Afizah will be great :D) and +, she's our class teacher.thank God,i need someone nice to confront my dad during Hari Terbuka haha

well,Pn Siaw took the chance to teach us Maths too!(LOUD groan).everyone thought she was going to teach us Physics when she entered the class,but instead,she took out a Maths book.and everyone started mumbling about how they would fall asleep in less than half an hour.and what joy!we had Physics today too during the 6th and 7th period.4 periods with her in one day.oh mannnnn.but at least it was separated by Sejarah and recess hehe

so,there goes my final first day for high will be my first first day on college!wow,just thinking of it makes me feel glad im one day closer to it.

oh the joyyy!(not sarcastic)


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