"Geth Geth"

oh my!today we (Me,Ilya,Ann and Ana) had our Chemistry tuition class which was really really funny.finally!he asked me my name and said "Afiqah" really like tkdgr sgt.tu pun dia ckp skali je and i can bet you,mesti punya,he forgot my name again.confirm!and Ana mcm tahan gelak cause last week he kept calling me Arafah.wtf?ahahaha he finally got Syazana right and Ilya right.but after a while,he got back calling Ilya 'Ili' which caused me to laugh really hard while covering my face behind my test pad.

i kept shoving Ilya's feet away from my spot and she ended up pinching me with her toes and that hurts!Mr Nathan talks so fast I was really off track.i was trying to register what he's talking about but at the same time,trying to be aware what he's gonna say next which is really really confusing.and by the looks of Ilya and Ana's laughing face infront of me,I'm guessing my confused face is really really clear to them.but when he finally stopped talking(when he asked us to jolt down the notes)everything entered my tiny brain perfectly.i understand everything he said before and i've come to a conclusion that if he could just stop talking for a merely 5 seconds,i could understand everything right there and than,seriously.its only confusing cause he keeps saying one thing after another without a break.haha

then,Mr Nathan said "geth".i was like "whaa?" and he said "geth geth" and i said "what's that?get?" "aah yeah,geth geth" and Ilya suddenly covered her face behind her hair and starts laughing.i got half a mind to leave the table and laugh behind ther counter,no kid.that hilarious hahaha.

but wtv it is,thanks to Mr Nathan,i finally have interest in Chemistry and i understand it.one hella miracle!i almost thought of dropping Chemistry but im sure my dad wont let me since its his fav subject -.-'

ni dah bukan anak ikut bapak ni.


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