You Stop That and I'll Stop This

last Saturday before attending little Danish and Fatini's small birthday party at my granparents' house,me and my family ate dinner at Tupai Tupai.pelik nama mmg tkpyh ckp aa.i thought we were really gonna eat squirrels -.-

its a buffet steamboat restaurant.which is soo fun to just pick up a plate and stuff everything on brother keeps on saying "ni dah amik belum?yang ni?ha!amik yg pulak!" hak ela,amik aa penyepit sendiri.haha.

truthfully,all the male customers are so eye catching.haha.i mean,the way they talk and socialize and i dont knowww,but i guess it's something good,dont you think so? ;) but this one dude really really caught my eyes.he looked like this one guy i've met last year and well,carelessly,fallen for him.which is silly and not to mention stupid.

and suddenly i was back on memory lane,and i felt a lot of emotions going in and out and back in and out in my head.boohoo!

just a few more days and i can finally talk to you not sure if thats what i want but,i just have to keep all this curiosity locked up for good.



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