I Screaaamm for Ice Creaaaaammm!

So, I've been ranting about Fesko a few times before. It's actually short for Festival Kolej and it's super duper important if you want a place for a college next sem. It wasn't all that hoo-haa for most of us Chemical student because we had our workshop and our family day on the same weekend -_-' Crap. Tp tkpergi pun family day tu haha. So memang betul lah tu alasan semata mata haha

What I really loved about Fesko was it had Uncle Bob! Omg, sumpah aku cm obsessed dgn mknn tu ke hapa wei haha. Sedap! Haha and also, during the second night, I was chilling with Aini when Hakim suddenly called

"Akak awesome! Ada mana?" (HAHA, he really called me that, as long as it's awesome I have no problem yehuu)
"Ada kt Fesko aa tepi ni"
"Makan ice cream jom"
"Serious aa?"
"Jom ah, Faeez ada skali ni. Makan bnyk bnyk jom"

The reason why they invited me is because they've witness my love for food and they thought I would contribute in the 'Makan Ice Cream paling banyak' competition. WTH?! hahaha

You are given an ice cream. Yg biasa beli kt supermarket pastu main share share kt rumah dgn family tu, yes that one, 2 actually and you have to finish it in 5 mins. They will give you 10 slice of bread, finish them up too while eating your ice cream.

Tadaaa. Ice cream!

My team was Hakim, Faeez and Syed. And Aini was by our side, cheering haha. We were faced with 3 problems : 1) It was night time, suddenly it felt really cold 2) The ice cream is hard as rock and cold as an iceberg 3) EVEN IF I EAT A LOT, I WON'T EAT A MUCH AS THESE BOYS EAT

When the timer starts, everyone was completely digging into the ice cream. Tapi omg, sumpah tk tipu, Ice cream tu sejuk gila it felt like my fingers got frost bite!! Tu baru pegang and I have sensitive teeth wei! Syed sumpah mcm kopek durian time nk belah ice cream tu and I kept shoving him my bread because I can't finish mine. Seriously, again, AKU MKN BNYK PUN, TP KALAU NK COMPARE DGN BUDAK LAKI MMG NOTHING MAN! SERIOUSLY!!

I was laughing all the way, Faeez even gelak time makan lepas tu tersembur -___-' naise Faeez and I kept shouting "Jariii akuuu sejukkkk" hahaha we didn't get to finish it on time, of course. But it was seriously funny. I did the best I could. Haha and we get to keep the other ice cream! Yes!

This is Syed. Nmpk mcm mkn durian kan! Haha

Hakim pun cm tkda aa membantu sgt actually -_-' Haha

Faeez cm biasa ah, bunyi je lebih

And me, more to laughing at ze boys haha

It was funny, at least dpt aa merit yayy! haha Later that night I met up with Hafizul and was all geared up and ready to tell him everything until Faeez was "Afiqah tak makan bnyk pun! Banyak jerit jari dia sejuk ada ah!" Geez, let it go old man. haha

P/s: Don't ask me why the pictures are like that. Tktau aa lately bila upload gambar kt blogger semua cm cacat sikit :/


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