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I just had one of the best weekends ever at Dungun. Seriously. Why? Wa and Nolly came to visit us here :') Ya Allah, I miss them like crazy. Since my weekend is Friday and Saturday, it has always been a problem for us to visit each other. So on 31st August, they had a public holiday and we're on our weekend break. Perfect isn't it? :D Wa planned this trip since start of the sem so yes, 31st August was something I really look forward to in hopes everyone could come. But the others had their appropriate reason not to join us, so there was only Wa and Nolly. Hihi exxxxxcited.

Sucks that I got sick when I got back to Dungun and it was still bearable during the weekdays, but when I hung out with them, we talked and laughed so much that my throat swelled up and by the second day, I lost my voice, until now. It was so funny when they make jokes and I just had to laugh big but instead this croaky toad laugh came out with "HA! HA! HA! HA!" hahahaha

This was when they arrived at 4.50AM. I slept at 4 AM and woke up 40 mins later to fetch them. Nap is more like the word for it.
At Kuantan :D We watched Premium Rush and hell yes, Joseph Gordon-Levitt   
Day 2

Gambar Hindustan dgn Hafizul gitewww

Overseas bai

Tktau mcm mana Wa boleh bukak mata besau padahal panas gila masa tu.

Ye, bnyk gambar time day 2 tu je sbb Wa terlupa dia bwk camera -___-' haha sengal punya budak.

It was a very familiar heart warming feeling whenever I get to hang out with them. I miss those days at Pilah with them. And when I'm with them, only they understand how I feel about being left out in my studies. Only we understand each other about the pressure of being left behind for a year to get our diplomas. We came from bad SPM results to this. Nothing much to be proud of, but we're thankful for where we are now. I feel most comfortable talking about my studies and my future with them and we will always have each other's back. Alhamdulillah :')

Eventho we were only classmates for a year (less, even) and studied at Pilah together for two semesters only, yet, we're still close like this, going a few extra mile to see and hang out with each other ♥ 

I foresee a lot more of this, InsyaAllah :D


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