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i just left this out of yesterday.teringat pulak bila baca bvlog sha.anyw,after schl yesterday,me and Lana,it was our usual Wednesday weekly routine,went to the library straight after school.and biasa la,duduk surau nk dekat 1 jam,baring,tdo kejap (well,not Lana) haha.

and so,well,nothing particular happened at library.
grabbed a seat at Bob and Khidhir's table.cina cina SMKBUD tu annoying gila ok.ni dah tkkisah la post kat public.bukan racist,tp cm serious aa,perangai tkboleh nk jaga.bising gila!

and after a few hours doing AddMaths and Chemistry,it was finally time to leave.Jeng Jeng Jeng

we were all standing outside of the library.tktau la kenapa.smua mcm diri je,ckp ckp.ttbe nmpk Firdaus tgh nk jln kat kereta dia.said bye to Lana when i suddenly saw Firdaus running.and dlm otak fikir satu je,sumpah,satu je! "aku nk duduk depan(!)" and suddenly,i was running after him.

i saw the others walking slowly,so carefree k.haha and while running towards the car,i knew Firdaus will lock the car if i don't reach there on time.so lari full speed aa ni.when i finally reached the car,Firdaus mcm "ala!wei,cepat masuk,cepat cepat!
" and by the time the others reached the car,he locked it.there was obviously loud bangings on the window and Firdaus tried to drive away but Syakir was sitting on the hood -.- haha

at first,i was not even sure why i followed Firdaus.i didn't even know they was going to eat.tau nk duduk depan je.HAHA.now you know how determined i am to get the front seat.

me and Firdaus was already comfortable in the front seat when the others squeezed in at the back.Khidhir on top of Syakir,Sha on top of Ana and Waa on top of Dayana.nasib la Sha dgn Waa ringan kan,tp Khidhir tktau la.haha.then jokes was thrown around in the car.jokes bodoh bodoh Firdaus tkkn lepas la kan.then Sha shouted "Afiqah lek je kat d
epan do!" and Khidhir mcm "mmg la,bersungguh sungguh lari!she deserves it" hahahaha

went to Mohsin and Ana finally took the stand to not talk to Firdaus.haha funny shit.and all the time i was like "AYOO Firdaus,Ana dah emo dgn kau!padan muka" Ana siap tukar tempat dgn Khidhir lagi bila Firdaus duduk sebelah dia :') so proud of Ana.i wouldn't last long when i do that to Firdaus esp bila keluar ayat dia yg "alolololo,merajuk,hodohnya" HAHA tp this time,Firdaus finally caved in and said sorry to Ana countlessly.so funny!

there was this one time,we were all eating away (lapar tkingt dunia) when Ana looked up and shouted "OMG OMG OMG!WEI!JATUH WEI!JATUH!" everyone looked up and i thought a kid fell down the hill and some car was driving fast towards him (i know,wild imagination) and i looked around for a sign of a kid when i finally noticed
Ana was looking at some thrash bin rolling down the hill.hahahahaha lawak gila ok!we were all laughing sbb reaction Ana lawak gila.and so,everyone assumed it was the wind,when after 10 minutes or so,when i looked up,i saw 3 kids trying to push the trash bin up the hill again and i laughed like crazy.haha,so it was the kids who pushed the trash bin down.lawak gila :') haha.dah la ni yg trash bin yg DBKL yg besar tu,and the kids was sooo small okay!haha

so,we hung out at Mohsin and by 6.15pm we had to leave cause me Ana and Ilya have tuition at 6.30pm.Ana won't go to tuition with Firdaus,so she followed Ilya.i had to got with Firdaus cause we left all out stuffs in his car.haha Ana emo terbaik punya la (Y) haha

and bila smpai tution,kterang cm excited gila bgtau Mr Cheen Ana merajuk dgn Firdaus.then cikgu tanya la asal and when we told him what Firdaus said to Ana dia gelak gila ok!gila yg mcm tkberhenti hahaha.then dia ckp nnt dia nk kena kan Firdaus :') haha

eventho lepak dgn dierang not even a merely 1 and 1/2 hours,i already have my laughing supply for the whole week :') *Ana in the background saying "Sweet sangat!" haha

p/s : Ana shifts from Ruiz to Majid so faassstttt!haha


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