Food Fiesta!

and so,today,Ahlami declared that tomorrow,the whole class shall bring some form of edible food.nothing expired (this is pointed out directly to Ahlami himself).we'll have our own potluck session (Y) bagus,save la duit makan esok.hahaha

then after school,pergi makan ikea pulak.wah wah wah,my tummy will scream in joy.literally.i craved for meatball and daim cake for first it was a plan between me and Lana only.ended up inviting Majid, Ahlami and Bujur.and Majid will bring along Farid, Izzud and Syaqeel -.- haha serupa ajak satu kelas je (Y)

and thenn,me and Lana will grab Choc Chip Cookie Dough at Baskin Robin.sumpah layan gila esok!


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