Unforgettable,Baby! :)

(haha bujur marah pegang banner kuning.dia kata pengkhianat.HAHA)

SMKTTDI's Sports Day for 2009 was awesome :D

in the morning,at the stadium:i helped rumah Merah in getting ready for kawad.siap tampalkan cellotape kat smue org lagi.damn,they owe me.haha

i spent the whole day shouting and jumping for the Greens and Yellows (eventho i did insult Yellow while i'm in the Yellow territory and semua org pandang!haha)

my voice is not coming out at all right now,no kid.nk croak and nk cough pun tkboleh!on the way back to school,in bus,my throat berdenyut.sakit gila babi.but it was all worth it.

eventho Green did not win,i didnt think all the hardwork went down the drain.we definitely did something (im not sure what,but i hope we really did something) and i hope that something did some effect on everyone so that they won't forget us :')

Penyampaian Hadiah was making everyone breath-takingly nervous.the results was really unexpected anddd guess what?Biru is back in their glory days.congrats guys :) korang td dah menjerit lompat lompat serious tkingt dunia langsung.i observed every one of you guys,sumpah smua dah gila.haha

we arrived school lmbt gila,cam 4.30PM.i went back to Jawahir's house,slept for 2 hours and ate a bit and my dad arrived.and right now,i'm still tired and i'm completely mute,literally!tkde suara keluar langsung!no matter how hard i try,it hurtssssss.

now,the day i've been waiting for from the starting of the year came,and now it's over.this will be my last Sports Day,ever.(sedih) it was really really fun while it lasted,from the start,in between the process of making all of this happen and everything till the end.i'll never ever forget this and i love you guys smuaaa (those who i spend the week with) :D

Odeng : Afiqah,thanks tau
Me : ha?thanks utk apa?
Odeng : sbb kau tolong rumah biru
Me : awww,oh welcome :)

see?when he said that,it was alll totally worth it,running back to back from helping the Greens and the Blues :) and i hafta admit,it was kinda sweet of him to thank me :D

all's well,ends well<3


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