Slow Down and THINK

ok,so the week passed by with lots of memorable events.KH club's activities was successful.including the RobotKit competition and cooking competition.

for cooking competition,me,Aswad and Raihan got to be the judges!best gila ok,see them cooking and you get to eat it.sedappp.

Pn Nik Azizon was really really satisfied with the form 4's and their sales :D she felt really proud with their big hit and all the fortune.everything went smoothly and not being in class for another whole week paid off,finally :D

the week ended with our Tassawur paper on was okay.on Thursday,i can't study a thing.i tried stealing a few moments in the Bengkel KH to study for Tassawur and going to the Library after school,but i can't memorize everything properly.

i was getting major headaches.and i don't get headaches,i swear.hello?i used to sleep at 4.30AM and wake up at 6AM everyday,and i still don't get headaches.skrg ttbe you can guess how exhausted i not physically tired,im just mentally tired.i can't focus and my head is really really dizzy. so cm ye aa.

anyway,enjoy this video :D

this was while doing Biru's Banner.i was too bored that time,i just had to entertain myself.haha


hny abbas | May 13, 2009 at 10:31 AM

what on earth are you trying to do ?? kausorang nampak mcm abnormal oh.siaooo.that's my girl!

Afqh | May 14, 2009 at 9:05 AM

damn,of courseeee,dah nama pun related kan?aku dpt buat bende bende canni dr tunjuk ajar kau la tu!

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