Mixture of A Lot of Things

somehow,i'm just excited for raya this year.last year mcm boring sikit nk tunggu raya,this year is a bit different.maybe its because during Ramadhan i had my trials and i just can't wait for it to be over and just have fun during Raya.

anyway,it feels so different this year.i feel like it's gonna be a long week.i know i'm gonna miss my friends.they're like what i see everyday,literally.even on weekends.hari ni pun rasa lain tkbuat apa apa kat rumah.it feels weird waking up late on weekdays.

anyway,highlight for this month is obviously the end of our trials.it's what all the form 5s are talking about the whole month.what i've been talking about the whole month.when we passed up our Add Maths paper,it was,God,lega gila sialll (Y) and baru je trials -.-' i just can't wait for the excitement when SPM is over.mesti lagi best dr feeling hbs trials!

i screwed my Chemistry paper the most.i knew i can answer most of it,but serious mcm babi.paper 3 was the worst.jawab calculations,JE.and satu calculation tu salah.i knew the definition,but i didn't realize they asked the definition.i didn't read all the questions throughly.

Physics was a hell lot better than Chemistry.and i definitely did better for Add Maths while the rest tu,i just hope i improve.they'll be comparing our Diagnostics and Trials.i want to see my graph going up this once.

yesterday,we went to Pavilion.me and Lana was really hooked up with Crying Lightning and Alive.and bila masuk kedai dengar lagu tu Lana mcm super excited.haha.ok,i was excited tp mann,you should see Lana!

Me : *otp with my mum*
Lana : *running towards me* AFIQAH!LAGU LAGU!
Me : ha wei wei,tunggu jap *signaling to the phone*
Ana/Ann (tkingt) : kau lari kat afiqah nk bgtau tu je?sbb lagu je?dah la aku tgh ckp dgn kau!

and for the rest of the song,Lana played air guitar and buat this one stunt from Crying Lightning's video clip.lawak gila.main guitar then ttbe jatuh hahahaha

anyway,Ramadhan is coming to an end.i'll miss alot of things about it.like how we don't have to waste money on lunchs (save bnyk gila duit ok) and somehow,the foods and buka puasa at Mr Cheen's.haha boleh rindu ok,everyweek menjerit excited bila dgr azan (Y) haha.and he still haven't bought his mooncake :'( cikgu tipu.


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