Jigly Saw

Hi hi hi, Assalamualaikum!

This is a feeling I hate : when I came home from after weeks of being stuck in Dungun, a new jigsaw puzzle has just been done!!! Adik, Y U NO TUNGGU ME MEH??!

And that was a few months ago and finally I get the chance to complete one because my mum bought me one!! Was really excited because I can't remember when was the last time I did jigsaw puzzles and didn't really recall jigsaw puzzles are actually quite expensive 😅

So yeah, I was actually hoping we could finish a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle in just one night... Hahaha. Yeah right. Took us 3/4 nights with lots of shouting and arguing and the usual sister-bonding things. And yes! Finally

I cannot believe it's done!! Still excited about it till now muahaha. Everytime someone enters my room, "Cuba tutup lampu!!! Benda ni glow in the dark!!!" (Jakun nk mampus) and it was so cooollll!! Biasa nmpk dlm kedai je, now it's in my room! Hahaha

Well, just something to share about =)


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