Lets Cut To The Chase

a) Diey ajak pergi Johor this weekend
b) Raa ajak pergi Melaka this weekend
c) Nak pergi Singapore dgn kakak kita next weekend
d) Atin ajak pergi Pulau Tioman one of the weekends
e) Jaa pulak plan nk pergi ATV


banyak lah duit aku nk pergi smua tempat.lagi banyak lah pulak masa nk pergi smua tempat kan.so this weekend tktau lah pulak apa plan?haiyalamak!hehe suka haiyalamak.macam cina + india.

say,why don't we clear the air?i don't know how many times i've stated this,but it seems like you need to be reminded.okay,sometimes,i don't even realize what expression is stuck on my face.bila aku rasa aku buat muka biasa,org baca expression aku expression yg paling menyampah dlm dunia,bila aku tksenyum atau tkpandang org ckp aku buat muka -.-' pastu bila org ckp aku terus "sejak bila pulak? O.O" bro,kalau aku buat muka,mmg tksorok aa.kalau boleh nk satu dunia nmpk and hell yeah,it will be obvious.

what i'm trying to say is,please don't make a statement of "oh,dia tksuka aku" or something like that by my expressions.i mean,if its true i'm giving you 'the face' i'll stare at you for as long as i can until you're uncomfortable.serious tktipu.don't jump to conclusions.it's one of the things i practice myself not to do,and i really do expect i get the same treatment.ni tkckp apa,tiba tiba diam and complain ckp aku buat muka wtf?ramai sial org ckp aku buat mcm tu


k dah puas membebel?btw,ada formspring.me kat tepi ni and it's screaming "ASK ME ANYTHING" hehehe ---->


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