This Will Never Die first post for December okay!December!cepat gila babs!k,before emotional about time moving so fast like i always do lately (which bugs me) this is something for your laughs.Jaa baru upload like 3 or 4 days ago.haha

pemenang exicited

I'm Solicitious | MySpace Video

dah penat menang

I'm Solicitious | MySpace Video

hahahahaha omg rindu okay tngk background Khairul :') rindu gila pantai!rindu Cherating with them :') first video tu pasal kterang menang the first game.Khairul tah pape,dia yg last sekali smpai,konon bnyk lemak aa,wtv sial mamat tu.Azim dah smpai terduduk,dia je yg diri lagi,nmpk sgt tkbuat pape -.-' haha and the second one was about he won tarik tali -.- im sure he didn't made any impact on the team,tp sbb team dia menang,dia pun tumpang glamour la dikatakan!

:') :') :')


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